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Wellmee - Rewarding People for Their Wellbeing

Wellmee may be a mobile application that completely serves its users in varied significant ways that. From mentoring, advising, engaging, diverting to relaxation. Its essence is to contribute to users´ successfulness. (See additional on successfulness see in three.3.1) It helps individuals to feel higher and additional consummated in their lives.
By victimization the Wellmee application its users ar perpetually enhancing their successfulness. The study done by CAGE analysis centre found that happy staff ar up to twenty additional productive than sad staff.1 whereas happiness may be stricken by desoxyribonucleic acid and life circumstances, professor, at University of Calif. Riverside, Sonja Lyubomirsky suggests in her bestseller The however of Happiness that we have a tendency to still management roughly four-hundredth of our happiness.” a pair of this can be the operating ground for the Wellmee application.
Since happier individuals ar additional productive it’s conjointly employers United Nations agency can enjoy Wellmee usage outcome. supported a posh formula and therefore the metrics behind the appliance, employers are going to be able to see however economical the usage of the appliance has been by their staff and supported this they’ll be able to reward their staff with Wellmee tokens – e.g. on a yearly basis.
Wellmee application is only non-public. it’s solely the user United Nations agency experiences the content of the app. What happens in Wellmee stays in Wellmee. Employers are going to be solely capable to induce extracted knowledge of trailing the progress of usage – the content of however and by what was the progress created won’t be transferred to alternative parties by any manner.
That is why the connection between the user and his Wellmee application is build upon trust.
The app may be utilized by each smartphone holder victimization either iOS or mechanical man operational system.
There area unit lots of relevant studies that describes the problem with low productivity in work because of the shortage of worker happiness and disengagement. for example, in keeping with yank world performance-management firm Gallup, sad staff price the U.S. itself between $450 and $550 billion in lost productivity every year7
Another analysis shows that eighty seven of C-Suite executives acknowledge that disengaged staff is one in every of the largest threats to their business.8
One half that Wellmee is close to cowl is relaxation/meditation. mental state disorders price the worldwide economy $1 trillion in lost productivity a year, with depression being the leading explanation for pathological state and incapacity, in keeping with the globe Health Organization.
At Wellmee we have a tendency to aren’t reinventing the wheel. we have a tendency to rest on the foremost findings of latest decades on the topics of positive scientific discipline, wellbeing, happiness and a flourishing life. Combining it with provenly effective technology solutions to form actually useful application.
We take the basics of many worthy world psychologists as for example pH scale.D. Martin Seligman and his Well-Being Theory10 wherever he explains however upbeat is measured and wherever he articulates the account of PERMA (Positive feeling, Engagement, Relationships, that means and Accomplishment), (more on our approach in following chapter three.3.1). Another approach of our interest comes from the work of Dr. Ellen Langer World Health Organization uses the word form GLADO to explain that upbeat could be a results of being Generous, Loving, Authentic, Direct and Open11 within the chapter zero we have a tendency to address our competitors that ar additional or less productive within the field of “mindfulness-based” application so as to point out there’s still presently an enormous house within the world welfare market.
All the on top of mentioned is in compliance with the result of the project of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland office of Science that in 2008 discharged a report on Mental Capital and upbeat. This study brings five ways that to mental upbeat. All of them to be lined, promoted and inspired by the Wellmee application These are:
  1. Connect,
  2. Be active,
  3. notice,
  4. continue learning,
  5. Give. Moreover, enhancing
wellbeing of people can cause enhancing upbeat in society. “It is projected that achieving atiny low modification within the average level of upbeat across the population would turn out an outsized decrease within the share with folie, and additionally within the share World Health Organization have sub-clinical disorder.
The purpose of the Wellmee application isn’t to form the person use it for hours and hours day by day. Since humans can’t be separated from reality, the digital life through the appliance can serve solely as. More detail information visit here
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