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VENOTY [VNTY] ICO - Children Development Through Creativity.

Hi friends If you are interested in joining the Venoty project, you should read reviews that can help you get information that can help you see their vision and mission. Here's the review:
About Venoty
Venoty is designed for responsible parents who want to educate their children in creative ways and provide them with correct, balanced and well-structured information according to their needs from birth.
The Venoty platform is tailored to the needs of the child, with its own content, and created by education and IT specialists. Venoty will be, in time, the perfect tool to guide children into their own personal development process.
The Venoty Ecosystem was built to develop applications for developing children through creativity with markets, which have many variations of books and audio content. This is designed to look very simple when in very complex circumstances, with a high level of security without advertising with your own special content.
Teachers, psychologists, actors, theater, graphic designers and the best developers with access to various cultural fields will be involved in this project.
Following one of the basic principles of market meaning, "All humans win," we invite you to come and share with us the knowledge needed to help children.
The main Features of the Venoty platform:
  • Venoty address assignment.
  • Free application without ads.
  • Original content.
  • Content in several international languages.
  • Online child protection system.
  • Venoty rewards generated in the application.
  • Advice on weekly family activities.
What parents (administrators) can do on the Venoty platform:
  • Create, edit and manage multiple profiles.
  • Manage content based on age.
  • Report the time spent in the application.
  • Have parental control.
  • Embed password on administrator account.
  • Send invitations.
  • Access to the Venoty market.
  • See balance information.
  • Acquire historical acquisitions.
  • Receive notifications.
  • Use venoty currencies according to your preferences.
  • Key application.
What are Venoty Coins?
Venoty coins are digital currencies that allow instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world and use peer-to-peer technology to operate without central authority
Venoty is launched using the Scrypt algorithm that we value as the most suitable algorithm currently available that is in line with our goals. It stands out due to the fact that it is more energy efficient compared to other algorithms.
Scrypt allows almost anyone with CPU / GPU capabilities to mine Venoty, the algorithm is ASIC that is resistant and uses Dark Gravity Wave V3. Dark Gravity Wave (DGW) is an open source adjustment algorithm for Bitcoin-based cryptocurrency.
PREMINAL Distribution And Use Of Funds
Token Details
  • Coin Name: Venoty
  • Ticker: VNT
  • Algorithm: Scrypt
  • Type: Proof of work
  • Total Emissions: 94,000,000 VNT
  • Premine: 10,000,000 VNT
  • Main Distribution: ICO
Q2 2017
Based on our experience with the crypto world, mining, exchanging and working with various projects on the blockchain, we began to develop new coin ideas based on the Scrypt algorithm, wizards aimed at supporting platforms for the stage of child development. . This is the origin of the Venoty platform idea. We created the infrastructure to maintain the Venoty blockchain platform.
Q4 2017
Development of business concepts and plans. Engage with advisors and prepare financial studies, marketing and social research.
Q2 2018
We started developing Venoty coins including wallets for linux, windows and macos, bundle software, block explorer, paper wallets and started stress testing.
Q1 2019
We launched a pre-prize campaign and released the Venoty white book. Launched the Venoty ICO campaign. Coins will be sent to the owner at the end of the ICO campaign to prevent mining before the official release
Q2 2019
Releasing the main website, Venoty coins with block explorer, wallet and official collection. Initial coin distribution. Get ready to open discussions for exchange markets and payment gateways.
Q3 2019
Continue to develop the Venoty platform and market. Secure Venoty networks by encouraging users to mine and make their wallets. Increase and maintain the Venoty core. Develop and release wallets for web and cellular. Continue to improve functionality and improve hardware.
Q1 2020
Release the Venoty platform and market in a closed beta, and open registration for 2000 users for testing and debugging. Follow us on the telegram channel for upcoming registrations for near beta.
Q4 2020
Final release for the Venoty platform and market.
The focus is on bringing the best products possible to our community, which means that we are in the process of perfecting the technology for creating content for them, whether in Brazil or on the other side of the world like Japan.
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Solarex (SRX Token) ICO: Powering Africa Project

Africa’s energy systems face an enormous challenge. The region currently generates the lowest amount of electricity in the world and experiences the most acute forms of energy poverty. Numerous Africa people live without reliable access to electricity, and others are forced to rely on solid biomass to cook their food and heat their homes. The results are deprivation, pollution, environmental damage, drudgery, and forgone economic opportunity. Compounding these challenges is Africa’s vulnerability to climate change, which means that traditional pathways to increasing energy supply, based on the burning of fossil fuels, will become increasingly enviable.
Generally, Africa's energy system challenges, as it found at, are include in:
> Minor of grid power
> Poor capacity utilization
> Erratic power supply due to grid instability
> Very high cost of electricity.
> Very low installed capacity
> Excessive CO2 emission
> Lack of transparency and security in power transactions
> Corruption across the power value chain
> Sabotage/destruction of power installation facilities by vandals
> Monopoly market
In fact, renewable energy resources are plentiful in Africa, including solar, wind, biomass, geothermal and hydro. These resources are spread across the continent and could provide affordable and secure supplies of energy where they are in high demand. Renewable could help diversify energy supply and contribute to universal and sustainable energy access. Markets for renewable energy are growing fast in some countries in Africa and that trend is spreading. A long-term vision to support effective investment in renewable is crucial to ensure the best use of available regional resources by countries and regional groups.
In the first decade of the twenty-first century, solar energy emerged from the shadows and the gloomy picture of Africa’s geological environment to become not only a major source of power but also a platform on which new businesses and opportunities flourish. Globally, there are around 1.4 billion people without access to grid electricity but who enjoy sunlight most days of the year. Harnessing solar power is fundamental not only to poverty alleviation but also to economic development. If Africa ever hopes to combat this problem, the African energy sector must depend greatly on solar power.
The emergence of Bitcoin in 2009 introduced the world to the blockchain concept and its ability to revolutionize the payment system. Over time, many have realized that the blockchain can be applied to many different industries, including the energy sector.
Blockchain technology reduces transaction costs: recording every transaction, it can be identified on the public record by all parties of the transaction. Blockchain allows consumers to produce energy, and to trade it directly with other consumers in a peer-to-peer network.
Therefore, also in the energy sector, blockchain technology has the potential to play a significant and potentially game-changing role:
> It may lead to reduced costs of utility bills and/or reduced transactions costs in wholesale market for gas or electricity limiting the need for working capital.
> Game-changing will be the impact of blockchain technology on the communication possibilities among energy devices (water heaters, electric vehicles, batteries, solar PV installations, etc.) and with the grid operator (smart grids).
> Lowering costs are also expected due to more information for utilities and grid operators for the integration of volatile renewable energy capacity into the grid.
> The source of electricity can be identified; for example, with blockchain technology it can be possible to identify whether the kWh a consumer currently uses has been produced via renewable energy systems or via traditional ones.
> Like for many “new” technologies, people are overestimating the impact in the short run, but underestimating it in the long-run! Many use cases will come up in the future and in remote areas.
Solarex Powering Africa Project is a blockchain based energy solution designed to offer sustainable and efficient energy by providing energy at a low and affordable price for all, thanks to its high tech solar energy solutions. The company aims to achieve this goal by using the Blockchain technology.
Solarex energy solution is looking to become the largest, most efficient and sustainable solar energy provider in Africa by offering energy at a cheap and affordable price for all while setting a new standard for energy consumption and relentlessly focusing on customer satisfaction ( The company has put itself in the right position with its Powering Africa Project.
The solar solution will be developed on blockchain technology with decentralized ledger for greater flexibility of customers who can transact in power with the company and within the peer community in a secure and transparent manner.
Solarex is going to develop the Solarex App for both iOS and Android. Solarex will also distribute Smart Meters to all their customers which will come with a display screen with real-time data on how much energy is being produced and consumed in SRX.
Solarex model offers a clean, cleaner and cheaper renewable source of energy solution for retail customers based on blockchain technology with simple financing options and investment opportunity via Solarex token. The Solarex ICO where the SRX Utility Token will be sold is designed to raise and guarantee funds for the Powering Africa project.
The SRX Utility Token is purpose-backed hence, tends to appreciate in value in a relatively short while especially as it will be running low very fast. This is particularly true as the project will be affecting millions of lives in Africa and the rest of the world, providing a long-term solution to one of the biggest problems in the region.
In addition to being a great contribution to solving a major problem in Africa, the token has also been described as “the investors’ ultimate choice” due to its unique features and investment prospects.
General Information:
Category: Energy Industry
Country: UK
Website: Visit
Whitepaper: Read
Bounty: Active
**Token Information: **
Token: SRX
Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20
Total Amount Tokens for sale: 1,800,000,000
> Pre-ICO: 1,000,000,000
> ICO stage 1: 6,000,000,000
> ICO stage 2: 5,000,000,000
> ICO stage 3: 4,000,000,000
> ICO stage 4: 2,000,000,000
Token Price:
> Pre-ICO: 0.05 USD
> ICO stage 1: 0.06 USD
> ICO stage 2: 0.07 USD
> ICO stage 3: 0.08 USD
> ICO stage 4: 0.09 USD
Investment Information:
Accepting: BTC, ETH, LTC
Distributed in ICO: 75%
Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 120,000,000 USD
Token Distribution
Use of Proceeds
Solarex team will work very hard to ensure that the road map milestones are achieved accordingly.
2017 Q1 - Q4
Concept Formulation
Market Research
Business Model Initiated
Team Building
Technical Feasibility Assessment
2018 Q1 - Q2
Whitepaper Writing
Marketing Campaign
PreICO Initiated
PreICO Suspended
2018 Q3
Introduction of Top-rated Advisors
Product Review and Updates
Community Building
Whitepaper Updates
PFP Demo Development
2018 Q4
Private Sale
Whitepaper Updated and Published
ICO Website Redesign and Published
Private Sale
MVP Development Commences
Exchange Listing Negotiation
2019 Q1
Token Sale & Listing
P2P Energy Trading MVP Launched
ICO (Stage1 - Stage3)
Partnership Development
Token Listed in Exchanges
PFP Plateform Development
Mobile Application Development
Solarex Energy Website Development
2019 Q2
infrastructure Development
Acquisition of Farmland for Solarfarm
Application for IPP License
Design and Manufacture of Soolarex Products
Solar Farm Equipment Arrives in Nigeria
2019 Q3
Product Launching
Solarex Lease PV goes Live
Solarex Outright Sale PV goes Live
Installagion of Solar Farm
Solar Farm Testing
Smart Meter testing
Blockchain Integration
Smart Microgrid Testing
2019 Q4
Launching of Solar Farm
Complete Ecosystem Pilot Test in Nigeria
Marketing Team Expansion
Solarex Energy Goes Live
P2p Energy Trading Platform Goes Live
2020 Q1
Launching of More Ecosystem
Expansion of Marketing Team
Collaboration With Nigeria Government
2020 Q2 - Q4
Market Expansion
Market Expansion All Over Nigeria
Rual and Urban Penetration
Solarex Penetration in Ghana, South Africa,
Republic of Benin, Gambia, Togo, Pakistan, and Nepal Commences
2021 - 2025
More Operational
Rapid Deployment and Expansion
Deployment and Expansion through out Africa
Deployment In Asia
Deployment In North America
Global Deployment
To find more relevant details please follow several sources for the following references:
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PhoenEx ICO - Taking Cryptocurrency Exchange to a new Height

Hello Everyone, this new post I want to introduce about a very interesting and good project that is PhoenEx, and for more details, let's just go to the following discussion:
PHOENEX is a hybrid-decentralized exchange built for real-time, trustless, high-speed trading experience with integrated blockchain settlement features. 
Users login using their email address or phone number and added layer of security, with deposits and withdrawals done through the blockchain without limit, while a centralized layer enables users to trade at high speeds without waiting for transactions to mine, create multiple orders and cancel orders instantly without gas costs. It is both a cryptocurrency exchange and a portfolio tracker, combined into one superior platform.
Challenges faced by existing exchanges today
1. Suboptimal Architecture
​Many of the existing cryptocurrency exchanges today are built on the fly without much of careful planning. They often take the simplest approach to get the system up and running, without taking into consideration the compounding load as traffic grows. 
Furthermore, layers of security that some exchanges integrate in the system add to the complexity resulting to slower trade speeds and delays in relaying information to the user interface. The flaws in the system create a ripple effect which ultimately leads to poor customer experience.
For a cryptocurrency exchange to have a long-term success, it must be built with end users in mind, taking into account the right level of security, speed, efficiency, and scalability.
2. Lacks Portfolio Tracker
All cryptocurrency exchanges today have one thing in common: they all lack the option where users can see their buy price alongside the current price. Our team believes this is one critical aspect that every exchange must have. This becomes especially handy for long term hodlers. Using this view, they can quickly check how much they gained or lost in just a quick glance without having to move from one tab to another just to compare their buy price and the current price.
3. Poor Customer Service Quality
​A comprehensive understanding of investors and traders’ wants and needs is paramount in running a successful exchange. Their time and money are at stake and slight delays in attending to customer incidents can be very costly for both parties.
PHOENEX Exchange is built with end users in mind. In line with this, incidents raised by users will be handled promptly by people who have first-hand knowledge about the system and excellent customer service skills.
4. Expensive Fees
​Exchange fees can be very expensive, from trading fees to withdrawal fees, especially to small investors and traders who only wish to get some returns on their investment. Moreover, some established cryptocurrency exchanges can charge ridiculous amount in order for a token to be listed in their system. 
All of these seems widely accepted in the cryptocurrency space and it seems reasonable too. After all, running an exchange is expensive and ICOs can be immensely profitable. 
However, we believe that charging high exchange fees and listing fees has the tendency to scare away investors and traders, and high-quality, bootstrapped projects and at the same time arouses temptation to list low-quality projects in the desire for more revenue.
5. Complex Listing Process
​Listing requirements and process of many well-known exchanges are often tedious and despicably difficult to accomplish. The process can take weeks or months without guarantee of actually getting listed. Unfortunately, project developers and owners have no control over it and they are at the whim of the exchange. 
PHOENEX transforms this process and only requires vital information from the project team. Service level agreements will be signed off to maintain quality and timely engagement between our exchange and project team.
Vision and Mission
An ancient mythical creature, the Phoenix rises from the ashes of its predecessors. Likewise, PhoenEx will rise among its competitors with all the best functionalities of established trading platforms and the convenience of a portfolio tracker, combined into one superior platform.
Token AllotmentInformation on the sale of Tokens
  • Tokens for Sale: 75%
  • Founders: 14%
  • Bounty: 5%
  • Exchange Listing: 3%
  • Developers: 2%
  • Advisors: 1%
Token Name: Phoenex
Token Symbol: PHNEX
Contract Address: 0x0811803D9B6EDF3C42AD0615756669F53a240fba
Token Standard: Ethereum ERC-20
Total Supply: 500,000,000
Decimals: 8
Soft Cap: 500 ETH
Hard Cap: 1000 ETH
Unsold Tokens: To be Burned
Token Presale Period: Feb 12, 2019 – Mar 15, 2019
1 ETH = 400,000 PHNEX
Payment accepted: Ethereum only
Min/Max Personal Cap: 0.01 ETH / no limit
Token Sale Distribution Method: Automatic/Selfdrop
Limited Supply of Tokens
The total number of PHOENEX tokens is 500 million PHOENEX Tokens with no functionality to mint more tokens. All unsold tokens will be burned. Tokens allocated to founders, developers, and advisors are locked in for 6 months.
Know Your Customer (KYC): None
May 2019
Development of PHOENEX Exchange with a semi-decentralized architectural design and consists of Ethereum smart contract with integrated centralized matching engine and transaction layer.
July 2019
User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and final revisions
September 2019
PHOENEX Exchange launch on the mainnet.
October 2019
Start accepting token listings in the PHOENEX Exchange
November 2019
Continuous improvements to PHOENEX protocol and integration of new blockchain developments.
To find more relevant details please follow several sources for the following references:
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DigitalBits ICO - An Economy Reimagined

Hello Golos Community, this new post I want to introduce about a very interesting and good project that is Digitalbits, and for more details, let's just go to the following discussion:
About DigitalBits
The DigitalBits Project is focused on driving mass market adoption of blockchain technology. It’s time to bring cryptocurrencies to the masses.
Enabling mass market adoption of blockchain
What it's DigitalBits?
DigitalBits is a protocol layer Blockchain designed to help facilitate mass market liquidity of various digital assets and integrate with existing apps to drive mass market adoption of Blockchain technology
It's Built: Already-developed Blockchain protocol that can support high throughput, transfer and trading on-chain
It's Liquid: Multi-hop transfer of assets (up to 6 hops apart) to help provide higher liquidity to tokens even if no direct market exists
It's Integration Ready: Integrates with existing consumer applications to drive new users into the blockchain ecosystem
In the Pockets of Millions: A go-to-market strategy that tokenizes an enterprise program’s existing digital assets.
Enterprise-grade blockchain for mass market
DigitalBits is a next-generation project that’s tackling the challenges of usability and mainstream adoption. By bringing together technology, team and enterprise-grade execution, we’re bringing cryptocurrencies to the masses.
Inside the pockets of millions
DigitalBits is the killer application designed to pull millions of users into crypto.
  • DigitalBits Blockchain
  • UP TO 10K TPS
To get more relevant details from the Digitalbits project or join social media and sales crowds, please follow some sources for the following references:
Author: SanZoldyck
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