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Hello Everyone, this new post I want to introduce about a very interesting and good project that is BECENT, and for more details, let's just go to the following discussion:
What is Becent?
Platform that aims to provide safe and reliable services for our users. Our core members have great technical strength, and our team shares years of experience in controlling financial risk. so Becent is a platform that provides services for a comprehensive range of digital assets.
Achieving Becent as a "digital asset service platform". The main target is to create an ecological block chain circle.
And hopes to provide a safer, fairer and more open service platform for all fans of digital technology and to develop more application scenarios.
All of his hard work is based on the strength of the global all-star team and works closely with investors and an excellent consultant team, so that our goals are achieved by utilizing our exceptional core matching technology, mature products that pass market testing and all available resources .
All users can receive appropriate BCT prizes from their active platform activity participation (new user registration, friend invitation, trans-cost mining, dividend allocation, et al.).
What is BCT?
BCT, is the only official sign with an official appointment by Becent's digital asset service platform.
Not only can customers do standard BCT trading pairs, but they can also receive dividends in accordance with the percentage of their corresponding proportions which will be calculated proportionally to the number of BCT through BCT statistics on a regular basis, and enjoy new candy pool earnings with participation in the issue of selecting new projects on the platform .
Becent is equipped with various features such as:
Stable + Very Guaranteed Trade Service
Technology Architecture - High Concurrency, High Scalability, High Stability and Safe Oriented.
Safeguard - Skynet Defense System, a professional security protection team, skilled protection architecture, rich actual defense experience, providing multi-level protection for the platform.
Trans-cost mining
In the trans-cost mining zone, transaction fees will be 100% returned to users as BCT.
Every hour, transaction costs that occur in the last hour will be calculated and converted to BCT, and then 100% is returned to the user account.
This BCT section is produced through "mining prizes". The daily mining limit will be calculated at 0:00 based on total circulation, the total amount mined, and the amount mined the previous day. The BCT price is calculated according to the current value at the point of completion.
Dividends for BCT Deposits
As a community-based trading platform, Becent hopes that each user can become a partner and platform owner. We will provide dividends to users who are willing to grow on the platform.
80% of the total exchange income on the previous trading day will return to the BCT depositors. Dividends will be calculated according to the proportion of BCT that the user pays to the total BCT stored on the platform. The more deposits, the more dividends.
Becent APP /Convenient, fast and safe
Issue way Trading fee return pattern
Main sources of acquiring BCT acquiring compass the following channels:
  1. New user register and friend invitation for receiving BCT reward
  2. Get awarded BCT mining settlement by participating in trade mining activities
  3. Strategic partners acquire equal value BCT by joining the Token Exchange Plan
  4. Participate other operating activities rewards within the platform of Becent
Issue Plan And rounds of fundraising
A total of ten billion BCT will be issued, and allocated as following rate
Release Plan
For ensure the interest of platform users and pertain the BCT price stable,the BCT hold by management team and strategic partners will be locked, and perform release in batches step by step. The following is the plan in details:
  • First Month Release 20%
  • Fourth Month Release 40%
  • Sixth Month Release 40%
Resources Allocation
All asset acquired from strategy cooperative partner-Token will satisfy the main missions for platform future development and will be allocated as following proportion
Platform Development Route
Core Member
  1. Alex - CEO
  2. Andrew - CTO
  3. Sina - CMO
  4. Hans-Peter
  5. Xuemin Bai -Ph.D
  6. Alan
About BCT:
BCT is the official digital asset applied by a currency platform. BCT is not an investment organization. We are unable to guarantee that BCT will definitely enhance value. In some cases, there is also the possibility of an abase in value. Those who do not use their BCT correctly may lose the action authorization and even the whole ownership of their BCT. BCT is not a class of ownership or control.
Controlling BCT does not represent ownership of the currency or currency application. Unless the currency platform explicitly assigns authorization, BCT does not grant any rights related to participation, control, and decision making associated with BCT.
To get more relevant details from the BECENT project or join social media and sales crowds, please follow some sources for the following references:
Author: SanZoldyck
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