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CryptoCircleX ICO - The Most Advanced Crypto Exchange

Hello Everyone, this new post I want to introduce about a very interesting and good project that is CCX, and for more details, let's just go to the following discussion:
About Cryptocircle Excange (CCX)
What the Cryptocircle Excange (CCX) Platform offers is a safe, secure and feature-rich alternative that no other exchange has. And the CCX Platform aims to make each of these individuals find a place to trade digital currencies without fear of market manipulation, pumps and dumps, ineffective customer support, and other factors that make trading undesirable.
What is Cryptocircle Excange (CCX)?
CryptoCircle eXchange is a customer-oriented cryptocurrency exchange dedicated to enhancing the customer's trading experience.
And also as a platform that will help facilitate simple and more successful trading through easy-to-use tools. The exchange platform will create a friendly environment for beginner investors, learning while trading using fundamental analysis, technical and analytical charts, bot trading, and copy trading.
Our Vision
We see ourselves as being one of the pioneers in the world of cryptocurrency where customer service is concerned. With our CryptoCircle eXchange, our goal here is to provide our customers a unique platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. With a platform that will educate new investors, and also make seasoned professional as well as institutional investors comfortable to trade without issues. This is the unique and exciting proposition available to those who invest in CryptoCircle eXchange’s token sale.
Presently, the cryptocurrency market has around 25 million bitcoin wallets from which we can surmise that there are roughly 20 million people worldwide, active or passive, into cryptocurrency.
Affiliate System
CryptoCircle eXchange has a referral bonus program and how this works is; when you invite your friends, you will earn 20% of the commissions on their exchange transactions every time they make a trade.
If you hold 600 CCX or more the percentage of commission will increase to 35% of the friends exchange transaction fee completed. It will be necessary to copy the personal referral link from CryptoCircle eXchange and send it to a friend(s).
They will need to register with the use of the referral link or referral ID. Each referral will be effective for 1 year starting from the first completed transaction of your friend on the exchange. The more traders you have register with your referral link or referral ID, the money you will be able to receive.
Token Sales Details
The following will cover the entirety of all CCX tokens from the amounts down to the usage of each token
  • Soft Cap: 55,600,000 CCX Tokens
  • Hard Cap: 223,000,000 CCX Tokens
  • Venture Capital or Pool Groups are entitled to the same bonuses as the ones given during the Private Sale.
  • In the Private Sale there will be a bonus of 15% for all tokens that are purchased.
  • The Pre-Sale will have a 7% bonus for all tokens sold during this time.
  • These bonus tokens are part of the 450,000,000 tokens available for sale.
  • There is also a High Volumes sales bonus chart that runs in tandem with the Stage Bonuses.
Token Distribution
In this section we talk about how we have grouped off the entire CCX token created and how we plan to make use of them.
Token Allocation
We plan on taking the funds that are raised from this ICO and putting them towards the following areas.
10% of the funds will be used to pay for any licensing and legal fees that may be incurred over the normal course of business.
30% of the funds will be used for team recruiting, training, office space and equipment, salaries of all employees and any other expense related to the day to day operations of all the offices and customer support centers.
30% of the funds will be used on branding and marketing on a global scale, including continuous promotion through the internet as well as written and broadcast means (audio and visual). This budget is needed to attract customers and investors alike to the platform on a continual basis over the years to support the exchange monetarily.
30% of the funds will be allocated to the research and development of the CryptoCircle eXchange platform, as well as performing upgrades to the system and other development related expenditures such as future roll outs of features.
To find more relevant details please follow several sources for the following references:
Author: SanZoldyck
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