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CryptoProfile - Empowering a blockchain revolution

Hi friends If you are interested in joining the CryptoProfile project, you should read reviews that can help you get information that can help you see their vision and mission. Here's the review:
About CryptoProfile
CryptoProfile seeks to solve this by providing investors with access to legitimate ICOs that they can invest in without any fear of being swindled. We will conduct thorough due diligence on any ICO projects that want to be listed on our platform.
We will then accept them as clients in our ICO marketing service. They will be required to pay $100k in CP token for marketing of the tokens. The CP tokens returned will be locked in a smart contract for six months until the client is listed on an exchange. 10 percent of the ICO’s tokens will be airdropped to investors who will be holding the CP tokens. 
The model is a win-win because investors holding CP tokens will be able to get airdrops from the best ICO prospects while the ICO startups will get a crypto profile stamp of authenticity
when taken as clients. Investors on our platform will provide the first initial interest and participation required to make their ICO a success.
Bounty hunters and writers on the platform will also benefit. CryptoProfile will be the first line in eliminating scams in the ICO niche in the market by ensuring only viable ICOs are taken in as clients. It also makes it easy to invest in ICOs by simply holding on to the CP token to receive airdrops of the best ICOs in the market. 
How Does This Work?
CP believes in the importance of credible ICO projects. All ICO Projects will be check and research thoroughly before we accept them as our client. We offer our clients 100% return of all profits through marketing and also a 6-month return on the original value of tokens invested through a smart contract (T&Cs apply). Moreover, token holders are guaranteed maximum value through airdrop marketing.
To further illustrate the mechanics of the ICO Ecosystem let’s take this example:
ICO Projects onboarded by CryptoProfile will pay USD100k for marketing. CryptoProfile will return USD100k value of CP tokens.
The CP tokens returned will be locked up in a smart contract for a period of six months and released when onboarded client are listed on an exchange.
Onboarded client will have to give 10% of their ICO token to Cryptoprofile which then takes 100% from that token pool and airdrop to CP Holders to further stimulate interest and participation from this massive crypto community.
All CP token holders will keep getting airdrops every time Cryptoprofile accepts ICO Projects for Marketing.
CP Token Holders on ERC20 blockchain can also make bonus traceable investments with our clients.
The CryptoProfile platform will have some endearing features that make it an attractive option for cryptocurrency investors.
The speed of the platform
In order to support fast air drops, the platform will be developed using the latest algorithms that ensure transactions are done in real-time. The speed will ensure that any investor purchases are recorded instantaneously.
Security of the platform
CryptoProfile is protected using cutting-edge blockchain technology that protects the platform from hackers who may want to steal money. The platform is also protected from Sybil attacks that are commonly used to target blockchains.
Sensitive investor information is protected from nefarious individuals using the decentralized blockchain with user encryption. The users are assigned pseudonyms to ensure that third parties can not track the transactions on the platform.
No fee charged
CryptoProfile will have no transaction costs for our customers. Most of the earnings will be generated from ICO marketing through appreciation of CryptoProfile tokens and payments done received through our client’s respective project tokens. Thus, having such a feature allows our company to take our service provision with utmost effectiveness as their success is
equivalent to our success. The benefit is that the investors will have the best due diligence on ICOs at an affordable cost.
CryptoProfile ICO ratings
Cryptoprofile provides ratings on different ICOs. This provides our users with a sense of whether the ICO has a likelihood of success. The aim is to provide users with a sense of the best ICOs to get airdrops from.
The token sale aims to raise the funds that are required to develop the platform and provide adequate marketing and operational costs. The total token supply is 753,471,015 CP tokens. The token sale will have a soft cap and a hard cap of $1,162,556 and $30,463,808 respectively. Token allocation involves 17.7 % in private sales, 17.7 % in the pre-sale and 23.4 % in the ICO. An additional 10 % will be reserved, 17.7 % will be seed 2 money, 2 % will be seed 1 money, 6.5 will be reserved for the team while 5 % will be used for the bounty campaign. 
Road Map
In 2019, CryptoProfile will upgrade to a higher detection point for timelier buying, selling or holding strategies with Elliot waves (which have previously been used in forex and stock markets before they had proper financial valuations). Our foray into patenting is also potentially a possibility.
3RD Q 2016 ​ - Building community from WhatsApp​ and Pool Funding
4TH Q 2016 ​ - Started educating on how to buy/sell coins​
1ST & 2ND Q 2017 ​ - Started educating how to buy ICO​
3RD & 4TH Q 2017 ​ - Build website for beginners​
1ST Q 2018 ​
Coin description & tooltip
Getting started​
Walk the ground
2ND Q 2018 ​
New Website layout
Payment gateway
1 tier subscription​
Test run marketing
3RD Q 2018 ​
ICO List
New mobile view for website​
Test run meet the VCs
4TH Q 2018 ​
Blockchain development & integration with website
News update​
ICO Private Sale
Possible monthly airdrop of other projects
1ST Q 2019 ​
Launch Test Net
ICO Pre-Sale
2ND Q 2019
Mining Rig​
3RD Q 2019 - Forum
4TH Q 2019 - Compliance
1ST & 2ND Q 2020​
Market/Exchange API 
sourcing & integration​
3RD & 4TH Q 2020​ ​ - Mobile Application​
You can join or participate in the CryptoProfile sales crowd through the following links:
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