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EOSBet.io ICO - Licensed Decentralized Platform [PASSIVE INCOME]

In the recent years, blockchain technology has been successfully implemented in a wide range of industries. Online gambling is not an exception. While being a promising industry, which, according to the forecasts, is likely to be valued at $525 billion by 2023, global online gambling sector demonstrates really high stakes.
However, there are many barriers preventing the mass-adoption breakout phase of blockchain technologies. Areas such as compliance, regulation and real-world application are all presently having degrees of effect on industry growth.
EOSBet, an online casino built of the EOS blockchain, announced on December 2018 that it had received a gaming license from Curaçao eGaming regulators.
Curacao eGaming is an island based regulatory body, and it is among the only four Curacaon companies that have been issued with the Master Gambling License that is received from the State Ministry of Justice. With this, it has granted Curacao eGaming the powers of sub-licensing to the other gaming platforms in the market.

EOSBet Decentralized Betting Platform

EOSBet is a decentralized betting platform based on EOS’s blockchain which enables users to enjoy their favorite casino games via a fair ecosystem and claims to be the ‘first open-source casino to obtain an online gambling license’. The platform has announced its official certification in Willemstad, Curacao. Notably, the license makes EOSBet the first open-source dApp on the EOS network to receive regulatory approval from a recognized licensing body.
EOSBet allows for instant and free betting via the EOS.io blockchain and has already won the title of ‘the world’s largest decentralized application by volume and transactions.’ The platform is based on a third-generation blockchain network and offers its users the chance to bet EOS tokens on either throwing game or a unique baccarat game.
With these unique features, the platform is able to offer its users makes it the top-rated dApp that is currently on the EOS network. A platform that has been able to gunner over $5 million in betting volume.
According to its developers, the platform was initially designed as a solution to three major problems of traditional centralized gambling platforms:
  1. Low speed of gameplay.
  2. Expensive fees.
  3. Unfair house advantage.
The company has ensured it has leveraged the EOS.IO blockchain technology so that it is able to offer their various users the efficiency of instant transaction times, zero fees in the transactions they carry out plus a near-zero latency. 

Withdrawals and Payments

Before you can place a bet on EOSBet, you will need to set up your EOS account first. Afterward, you will have to download Scatter, a Google Chrome plugin that will connect your wallet and account to the EOS main blockchain.
When you already have an EOS account and Scatter, you can then set your BET amount. This is the number of EOS coins that you will bet. Each time you win, the payout is directly sent to your wallet.
EOSBet does not have a minimum and maximum limit for deposits and withdrawals. But you can always check your balance in the Roll Dice section.

Crypto Currencies Accepted

EOSBet has its own native token called BET token. For you to have this token, you need to deposit EOS to your account. If you do not have EOS yet, you can easily convert your funds to this altcoin through EOS-friendly exchanges.

Instant Dividend

Holders of the platform’s native BET utility token receive instant dividends in EOS, with these dividends collected from all profits made on EOSBet. The payouts are calculated and shared out according to the number of BET a token holder owns. 

Referral Scheme

To incentivize the growth of the user base, EOSBet is running a friend referral scheme by which players earn 0.5% of their referral’s bets and the referred friend is paid a 0.5% bonus on their winnings. 


EOSBet hаѕ еxраndеd іtѕ tеаm, соmрlеtеd structuring аnd lісеnѕіng, аnd fоrmеd ѕtrоng аnd mеаnіngful раrtnеrѕhірѕ thаt аrе іn lіnе wіth thе EOSBеt'ѕ lоng-tеrm vіѕіоn.  
Website: https://eosbet.io/ 
Author: SanZoldyck
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