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EVOAI ICO - The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence (Arbitrage)

Hi friends If you are interested in joining the EVOAI project, you should read reviews that can help you get information that can help you see their vision and mission. Here's the review:
What is EVOAI?
EVOAI is the next generation trading engine that will empower users of all experience levels to earn income from the blockchain. The platform will do this by offering users the opportunity to invest in a multitude of trading systems, from passive-income automated arbitrage pools to AI powered signals and advanced manual trading bots.
The EVOAI ecosystem comprises of multiple specialized interconnected systems working together to locate, analyse, execute and report various trades across the cryptocurrency exchanges.
The heart of the system, the Trading Engine is responsible for calculating real-time trading opportunities and from the data collection system and connects the EVOAI system to the associated external crypto currency accounts, enabling instant cross-exchange trades. This system also stores all current exchange-relevant data such as trading fees, payout options and payout fees for accurate profit calculation. Separating the trading engine from the trading bots allows a central system to submit all Exchange API requests and makes the bots as lean and flexible as possible for optimal performance.
The bots are responsible for executing the trades via a coordinated network of API calls from the trading engine. EVOAI consists of three bots - an automated arbitrage bot (EVABOT), a manual trading bot (EVOBOT) and an AI-based trading bot (EVEBOT). The entire EVABOT trading protocol is recorded in the block chain to ensure maximum transparency.
The Dashboard allows users to connect via their MetaMask Wallets and perform various actions. First, users can interact with the bots via the native EVOT token to participate in financing pools or gain access to sophisticated manual trading bots. The EVOT token is available for purchase or sale on the internal EVOAI exchange and will be available on selected external exchanges shortly after launch.
APRIL 2018 - Research cryptocurrency markets and exchanges (completed).
MAY 2018 - Design concept of EVOAI (completed).
JUNE 2018 - Build team of web, API and blockchain specialists (complete).
JULY 2018 - Develop EVABOT alpha proof-of-concept (completed).
AUGUST 2018 - Launch EVOAI live ICO webpage (completed).
SEPTEMBER 2018 - Private Sale.
OCTOBER 2018 - Frontend 1.0 development.
NOVEMBER 2018 - EVABOT 0.9 closed beta test.
- EVABOT 1.0 launch.
- Begin EVOBOT development.
- EVOBOT closed beta for users to test and give feedback.
- Get EVOT listed on external exchanges.
- Launch the EVOAI platform with User Interface 2.0 with internal exchange.
- Launch academy for tutorials for EVABOT/EVOBOT.
- Launch EVOBOT basic trading tools.
MARCH 2019
- Launch EVOAI User Interface v2.0.
- Begin EVE development.
APRIL 2019
- Create custom wallet to hold and facilitate atomic-swap/exchange EVOT tokens.
- Launch EVOBOT advanced trading tools and EVOCHARTS.
MAY 2019
- Deploy EVE A.I. and begin testing phase.
JULY 2019
- Launch EVE system.
AUGUST 2019 - Develop EVE modules and API.
Our Team
  1. Nick Tacminzis - EVOAI CEO
  2. Rostyslav Bortman - Senior Blockchain Software Developer
  3. Bharat Chhabra - Senior Javascript Engineer
  4. Om Prakash Verma - Blockchain and front-end dev
  5. Otmane Daugmouchi - Senior Front-end and UI/UX dev
  6. Mehroz Anwer - Head of Creative and Graphics
  7. Richard Nacht - Legal counsel
  8. Taiki Shino - Blockchain consultant
  9. Bianca Ruiz - Graphic Designer
To find more relevant details please follow several sources for the following references:
Author: SanZoldyck
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