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EXCLUSIVE PLATFORM ICO - A platform as a service for blockchain project

Hello Golos Community, I will introduce the project about Exclusive Platform. If you are interested in joining the Exclusive Platform project, let's look at the following review 
What is Exclusive Platform ?
The Exclusive Platform is a blockchain based project created to bring solution to project developers. It has been discovered  that  there  are  still  vast  ideas  yet  to  be  logged  on  the  time  stamp of blockchain, through this platform we are giving new  and existing blockchain project developers, blockchain users  the opportunity to get connected to the right channel using a  standard medium as delivery.
Though  lots  of  ideas  are  floating  but  majority  of  the  minds  holding the idea conceptualization do not know about what  to  do  and  how  to  go  about  it  which  has  led  to  various  projects  with  great  ideas  and  innovation  being  abandoned  after going through the wrong path such as:
  • Building wrong  audience
  • Excessive time  building community
  • Technical challenges
  • Asset distribution
Platform Objectives
Productivity We’ve done boring stuffs you need to startup. You can focus on your main product development.
Technical Challenges Anyone can start a project without worrying about technical knowledge and funds required to build the required audience.
Right Audience
Connect your project with the right audience. Our community consists of crypto enthusiasts with minimum of 100 real Twitter followers.
Data Security
Your data is safe with us. You control your data, no third party access and we’ll never share your project private data with third parties.
The  Exclusive  Platform  became  established  when  it  was  discovered  that  the  growing  need  for  the  true  delivery  of  blockchain based products is now demanded than just mere  whitepaper contents, designs and advertisements. It is being  proposed that with the exclusive platform the speedy delivery  of projects at just a single click is possible.
To adequately solve the problems faced by blockchain project  developers,  we  have  dutifully  outlined  various  solutions  which  will  be  delivered  by  the  platform  to  support  any  blockchain  based  idea.  Hence  the  features  which  will  be  available  on  the  platform  include  bot  creation  in  seconds,  automated  reward  distribution,  snapshot,  bounty/airdrop  hosting and REST API.
Bot in Seconds
A Telegram bot can be created in a matter of seconds on the  Exclusive Platform. We have already designed referral and  non­referral bot. Ability to select custom functions will be  possible in the future.
To create a bot, a Telegram bot API token is required to be  submitted in the bot configuration form. Currently available functions are:
  • Ability to select a referral or non­referral bot
  • Ability to manage participants list (edit and delete  participant information
  • Ability to send a broadcast message to all  users/participants
  • Export list of participants to spreadsheet
Future functions
  • Implementation of other bot such as Twitter, Facebook,  Discord and Slack.
  • Ability to select a custom bot functions.
A Stateless Application Programming Interface will be available for interacting with the Exclusive Platform.
 Proposed features of our API include:
  • Bot management
  • Bounty/Airdrop management
  • Publishing
  • Advertising

XPL Token

XPL token is a utility token in the Exclusive Platform ecosystem.Contract Address: 0x138E326c28114f65202b4Ed82A1eeCDF81451E09
Name: Exclusive Platform
Ticker: XPL
Total Supply:
Contract Address: 0x138E326c28114f65202b4Ed82A1eeCDF81451E09
Platform: Ethereum
Softcap: 740 ETH
Hardcap: 2312 ETH
Funds Allocation 
Q3 - Q4 2018
  • Idea Development
  • Platform paper work, design & analysis
  • Team build up
  • Platform development begins 
  • Beta release, Crowdsale begins
Q1 - Q2 2019
  • More pre-design bot and custom build integration
  • Exchange listing & DApp for tasking
  • Feature request survey
  • DApp for tasking on ETC
  • API v1 release
Q3 - Q4 2019
  • Partnership Announcements
  • More features roll out
  • DApp for tasking on EOS
  • Outsourcing integration
  • DApp for tasking on NEO
Q1 2020
  • Continuous Development - New roadmap
For more information, please visit the following link:
 Author: SanZoldyck
Telegram Username: @SanZoldyck
My ETH: 0xc57F5E28B98a12c8f4cC3f4C02d8B77546deF545 

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