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Greencoin ICO Solving real problems in the world, using Blockchain

We've all heard about the fact that our planet comes global warming. This phenomenon is formed more than a dozen years and the culprit is a man. People in favor of their selfish principles often turn a blind eye to what they do with the surrounding nature and its environment. People think only about the profit with the help of which they will be able to consolidate a certain status of power and its further influence.
It is sad to realize this, but it is the reality of our everyday life. Every day around the world in the atmosphere emitted just tens of millions of cubic meters of harmful substances that adversely affect not only our nature, but also the health of the person. And all this happens because humanity does not use environmentally friendly and renewable energy sources. Instead of using the energy of the sun, wind and water, people are actively using non-renewable energy sources, the processing of which adversely affects all of us.
Dozens of companies and projects whose mission is to protect our environment and restore the balance between nature and human life seek to break this vicious circle. But, despite all their attempts, they do not have enough strength to achieve all their goals alone and reach out to more than half of the world's population by means of their own actions. Having considered this problem from all sides, the team of activists has taken the idea to create a project that will not only unite all these "green areas", but also make them more accessible to everyone.

About the project

This is a new decentralized project called Greencoin. The main mission of the project is to unite all producers of green (environmentally friendly) systems in one place to ensure the high quality of their services.
The center of the whole ecosystem will be the blockchain technology with the help of which all possible transactions between the green producer and the buyer will be made, as well as to minimize various Commission costs and ensure transparent and efficient operation of the platform.

Design feature

In simple terms, Greencoin will appear before us as one big supermarket, where we as users will be able to choose absolutely any environmentally friendly product, product or service that has been produced in a green way and without harming the environment. In order to fully understand the whole concept of the project, I propose to consider a small example.
Let's say some company produces environmental food that has been grown without treatment by various pesticides and other chemical nonsense. This manufacturer publishes its products on the Website/App, the user sees them and gets a unique opportunity to purchase this product from the manufacturer by paying with tokens for the purchased products. At the same time, technical support is available in the system, which will help to resolve any issue.


**As for the advantages of Greencoin, there are a lot of them: **
  • first, the system itself implies a ease of use, due to a simple and user-friendly interface, where each function is clear and understandable;
  • secondly, this system minimizes all transaction fees and any costs;
  • third, the system itself provides access to international markets for environmentally friendly products;
  • fourth, Greencoin provides a ready-made platform with all the necessary tools to work;
  • and fifth, you can pay for any goods or services using popular cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, and others), and with a local GNC token.

The details of the ICO

When the developers of the platform were faced with the question of what system of smart contracts to use, they undoubtedly chose Ethereum, since this technology allows to satisfy the needs of the entire Greencoin system as much as possible. Therefore, the token GNC was created under the standard ERC20. At the moment, the last stage of public sales is held, which will last until March 15, 2019. Therefore, now is a good time to buy GNC tokens at an attractive price. Moreover, the exchange rate is 500 GNC = 1 ETH.
The minimum purchase amount is only 50 GNC or 0.1 ETH. In total, 50 million coins were generated for sale by the developers of Greencoin. As a result of the sale of which they intend to collect Hard Cap in the amount of 60 000 ETH.
The distribution of tokens is as follows:


I want to sincerely believe that on Earth there are still people who are not indifferent to our nature and to the life of mankind as a whole. Many people form some kind of green organization, which is doing its best to stop the destructive power of most influential people, or to deal with its sad consequences. Greencoin is one of such ambitious projects, which is trying to make our world better by all means, while doing it now, not in 10 or 20 years.
Therefore, all those who want to support the right cause, I recommend to take a closer look at the idea of this project and take a direct part in its development. To do this, you can further familiarize yourself with all the necessary information to make a full portrait of Greencoin. All useful links can be found at the end of this article.
Official resources of the Greencoin project:
Author: SanZoldyck
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