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JOOS PROTOCOL ICO - 💸 Debt Collection Done Right.

Hello Community Golos, this new post I want to introduce about a very interesting and good project that is Joos Protocol, and for more details, let's just go to the following discussion:
About JOOS
JOOS platform is the fastest and most expensive debt collection solution in the world. Not only can you register and make your debt monitored independently, but your entire debt collection solution is automated among a global audience of digital debt collectors who are given incentives to accelerate and optimize successful account settlement solutions.
How does JOOS work?
Simple - Using a distributed ledger that doesn't change and with the help of a "validator" your debtor list is verified and data integrity is maintained. At the default event - 1 st and 2 nd follow-up that automatically enters mail and sms. The third response triggers a social debt collection response. Details of debts and prizes are sent to the network. "Collectors" then work using digital and social pressure to improve account differences.
Mischievous debtors give unnecessary pressure to your people or businesses that threaten the capital base and sustainability. The current legal system is very profitable for bad borrowers with the penalty of slapping the wrist that doesn't help much to prevent bad loan behavior. Aggressive and expensive debt collection landscapes, taking the time to produce results and costs you more than 50% of your total billing account.
JOOS is a simple solution to a global problem.
Global debt is a compounding problem, the less people pay and settle, the more bad debts are created. So let’s stop the bleeding and start some collecting and consolidating. This is the first layer of the JOOS protocol.

Phase 1. A very simple solution to debt collection, a solution we call the accounts receivable mainframe or the acronym ARM.

The ARM network is simple, efficient and scalable and ensures account resolution faster than any other model in the market. We are disruptive because we are both faster and cheaper than all incumbents and we strip away all the resource and labour intensive processes in traditional debt collection. Furthermore, we circumvent industry restrictions and remove human empathy from the collection process.

A modern approach for a modern economy.As if debt collection wasn’t already a difficult task as trying to communicate with anyone who doesn’t want to communicate always is, the law is also highly geared to the debtor.The debtor can:
  • Not answer the phone
  • Not reply to emails
  • Change phone numbers
  • Change details
  • Move cities
  • Move countries
  • Play the rope a dope
  • Provide false information
  • Request that you stop speaking to you
  • File a suit for assault
  • Take it to court
Arrange a redundant payment plan Which can also be defaulted on And at the end of the day, the debtor can always file for Bankruptcy. You are out of pocket for all costs incurred in debt recovery and the debt is now a write off. This is a broken process.
By consolidating the worlds debts and claims under one open source, transparent, distributed ledger, JOOS will create a fair, efficient and honest new lending marketplace. We hope to become the worlds trusted axial for both borrowers and lenders.
Token Details
  • Token name: JOOS
  • Ticker: JOOS
  • Type: Erc20
  • Total supply: 2,000,000,000
  • Circulating supply: 300,000,000
  • 50% of all fees earned via stake, validate or collect
Joos is the worlds first distributed third-party debt registrar and social debt collection agency With features as:
  • Verify and validate debtors
  • Hands free automated debt collection
  • Lowest fees and Fastest solution
You can join or participate in the Joos Protocol sales crowd through the following links:
Author: SanZoldyck
My ETH: 0xc57F5E28B98a12c8f4cC3f4C02d8B77546deF545 

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