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MERITOCRATIC LAB ICO - Providing and publishing goods and services that can be purchased with ERC20 tokens

Hello Golos Community, this new post I want to introduce about a very interesting and good project that is Meritocratic.Lab, and for more details, let's just go to the following discussion:
About Meritocratic
Meritocratic is a platform that provides and publishes goods and services that can be purchased with the ERC20 token, called "MRC", and is made specifically for the MeritocraticLab ecosystem, based on the Blockchain Ethereum.
And this platform aims to create a structure with a variety of goods and services available to recognized people who are worthy of their commitments / talents, in the workplace / professionals, students and sports.
For companies, institutions and associations, it is possible to buy MRC tokens and share them with people below them (workers, students, athletes) because we believe that continuous recognition of commitment and talent must always be recognized by encouraging that person. For all MRC token holders, access to the Marketplace platform will be free.
Then for those who have not received the MRC tokens, they can buy a second token, called "MRT" with which they can buy access to the Marketplace, always register in the Private Area.
MRC tokens will have spending limits on activities where they will be intended for personal growth and individual use: there are no more economic benefits that can be spent in bad and useless properties (eg tobacco, accidental games, etc.) but goods / services always and however it aims to improve the physical well-being of the person (eg training courses, language courses, professional courses, hobbies, arts, culture, music, libraries, libraries, sports associations, gymnasiums, technical clothing, spa treatments, medical studies, etc.).
Personal satisfaction in workplaces, schools, and sports, often the result of long and complicated paths that other people say, which can only reach climax and get tangible and truly proven results, traced, watched, developed and obtained used.
However, in all of these things, for people who stand out, there are endless others who, with the same struggles and talents, cannot rely on the same results and As a result, dissatisfaction in the area of ​​individual interest indirectly leads to an unpleasant feeling more common in society, will tend to visualize the success of others with a sense of injustice, will satisfy their dissatisfaction.
And it often happens in many cases so that it will encourage people who are not involved in work, deconcentrate themselves, make mistakes, will negatively affect the performance of the company where they work or in their professional fields.
So if it is linked to a scholastic / educational context, it will cancel the efforts and talents employed, guide students who are not elevated, do not continue their studies or are not committed to doing their roles as well as possible.
MeritocraticLab will provide support to companies / institutions / associations for the growth of individuals from the people they are based on (workers, collaborators, students and sportsmen):
Develop their talents with continuous commitment, through provisions, continuing and / or "step by step" results, tokens (= tokens) of services, called "Meritocratic Certificates (MRC)", delivered in amounts determined through Blockchain technology with development on the Ethereum platform (ERC-20 Token).
And with that support, the person will always acknowledge commitments and services by crediting their service token account (wallet), which will be accumulated and spent on MeritocraticLab merchants / business partners and selected to make goods / services suitable for individual growth. Partners can receive tokens directly from app-mobile (if done locally) or online (if goods / services are purchased in the Marketplace).
Project Architecture:
MeritocraticLab has developed 2 distinct systems for the operation of the structure and its sustainability. The Meritocratic Token (MRT) and the Meritocratic Certificate (MRC):
  • The "Meritocratic Token" (MRT) can be purchased by anyone interested, by accessing the Reserved Area. The token to access the Marketplace platform inside the Reserved Area as it will be the only accepted method of payment to access it, the user inside will be able to view the goods / services provided by MeritocraticLab and / or its partners.
  • The "Meritocratic Certificate" (MRC) can only be purchased by commercial partners (companies / associations) who are interested in distributing it to their underlyings (employees, collaborators) in line with the principle of recognition of merit. The token gives the right to access the Marketplace platform inside the Reserved Area and can be spent for the purchase of goods / services provided by MeritocraticLab and / or by its partners, as well as to be spent directly at partners affiliated with the APP -mobile.
The funds received from the sale of Meritocratic Token MRT will be assigned as follows (the proportionality may vary according to business needs): 
The funds received from the sale of the Meritocratic Certificate will be assigned as follows (proportionality may vary according to business needs); only partners can purchase Meritocratic Certificates (MRC):
To find more relevant details please follow several sources for the following references:
Author: SanZoldyck
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