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VENOTY [VNTY] ICO - Children Development Through Creativity.

Hi friends If you are interested in joining the Venoty project, you should read reviews that can help you get information that can help you see their vision and mission. Here's the review:
About Venoty
Venoty is designed for responsible parents who want to educate their children in creative ways and provide them with correct, balanced and well-structured information according to their needs from birth.
The Venoty platform is tailored to the needs of the child, with its own content, and created by education and IT specialists. Venoty will be, in time, the perfect tool to guide children into their own personal development process.
The Venoty Ecosystem was built to develop applications for developing children through creativity with markets, which have many variations of books and audio content. This is designed to look very simple when in very complex circumstances, with a high level of security without advertising with your own special content.
Teachers, psychologists, actors, theater, graphic designers and the best developers with access to various cultural fields will be involved in this project.
Following one of the basic principles of market meaning, "All humans win," we invite you to come and share with us the knowledge needed to help children.
The main Features of the Venoty platform:
  • Venoty address assignment.
  • Free application without ads.
  • Original content.
  • Content in several international languages.
  • Online child protection system.
  • Venoty rewards generated in the application.
  • Advice on weekly family activities.
What parents (administrators) can do on the Venoty platform:
  • Create, edit and manage multiple profiles.
  • Manage content based on age.
  • Report the time spent in the application.
  • Have parental control.
  • Embed password on administrator account.
  • Send invitations.
  • Access to the Venoty market.
  • See balance information.
  • Acquire historical acquisitions.
  • Receive notifications.
  • Use venoty currencies according to your preferences.
  • Key application.
What are Venoty Coins?
Venoty coins are digital currencies that allow instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world and use peer-to-peer technology to operate without central authority
Venoty is launched using the Scrypt algorithm that we value as the most suitable algorithm currently available that is in line with our goals. It stands out due to the fact that it is more energy efficient compared to other algorithms.
Scrypt allows almost anyone with CPU / GPU capabilities to mine Venoty, the algorithm is ASIC that is resistant and uses Dark Gravity Wave V3. Dark Gravity Wave (DGW) is an open source adjustment algorithm for Bitcoin-based cryptocurrency.
PREMINAL Distribution And Use Of Funds
Token Details
  • Coin Name: Venoty
  • Ticker: VNT
  • Algorithm: Scrypt
  • Type: Proof of work
  • Total Emissions: 94,000,000 VNT
  • Premine: 10,000,000 VNT
  • Main Distribution: ICO
Q2 2017
Based on our experience with the crypto world, mining, exchanging and working with various projects on the blockchain, we began to develop new coin ideas based on the Scrypt algorithm, wizards aimed at supporting platforms for the stage of child development. . This is the origin of the Venoty platform idea. We created the infrastructure to maintain the Venoty blockchain platform.
Q4 2017
Development of business concepts and plans. Engage with advisors and prepare financial studies, marketing and social research.
Q2 2018
We started developing Venoty coins including wallets for linux, windows and macos, bundle software, block explorer, paper wallets and started stress testing.
Q1 2019
We launched a pre-prize campaign and released the Venoty white book. Launched the Venoty ICO campaign. Coins will be sent to the owner at the end of the ICO campaign to prevent mining before the official release
Q2 2019
Releasing the main website, Venoty coins with block explorer, wallet and official collection. Initial coin distribution. Get ready to open discussions for exchange markets and payment gateways.
Q3 2019
Continue to develop the Venoty platform and market. Secure Venoty networks by encouraging users to mine and make their wallets. Increase and maintain the Venoty core. Develop and release wallets for web and cellular. Continue to improve functionality and improve hardware.
Q1 2020
Release the Venoty platform and market in a closed beta, and open registration for 2000 users for testing and debugging. Follow us on the telegram channel for upcoming registrations for near beta.
Q4 2020
Final release for the Venoty platform and market.
The focus is on bringing the best products possible to our community, which means that we are in the process of perfecting the technology for creating content for them, whether in Brazil or on the other side of the world like Japan.
To find more relevant details please follow several sources for the following references:
Author: SanZoldyck
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