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Honeypod - Make The Internet Secure Again

Greetings friends, I would like to talk to you about the Honeypod project, which make the internet secure for everyone. Have a good read. 

What is Honeypod?

The Honeypod is an idea that will bring your internet experience and security to the peak. Although Honeypod has the size of a palm, it does great things. Honeypot connects directly to your internet router to capture unwanted data, edits, and scripts and blocks your Internet experience to a much faster and safer size by blocking all the factors it sees as unnecessary and risky. Is there any way to stop Honeypot? 
The Honeypod can not be prevented or stopped; because it cannot be detected in any way.
The aim of the Honeypod project is to provide full authorized control and full security conditions on the internet connections of the persons. When this goal is realized, Honeypod will be the only centre where we can control the devices connected to the internet.

How Honeypod Works?

The basic point of Honeypod's working principle is that it works as a type of DNS server to direct the flow of data packets over the internet connection. When the device is connected to a website, it is checked whether Honeypod is allowed to edit. 
There is a fundamental difference between Honeypod and other such services. Honeypod stops the protocols completely before reaching the internet; however, other services will prevent viewing in the browser after the process is completed. 
In addition, other services must be installed on computer software to work. The honeypot is based on the plug-and-play principle and does not require such software installation.

Features of Honeypod

Security: Basically Honeypod's main use is privacy and data security. Using algorithms and other technologies, Honeypod is used to verify that the connection is secure.
Trade: Honeypod works on various partnerships to enable it to be used as a secure payment method and cryptocurrency which can be used daily as well as internet security.
Secure Wallet: Because Honeypod internally reads and categorizes all data on the Internet connection, it protects all connections from external cyber threats in real time. This ensures the safe protection of cryptocurrencies.

Honeypod Ecosystem

In the coming years, almost every device we use in daily life will be connected to the internet. Even now it is not far from the fact that most of the household items can be connected to the internet. The Honeypod ecosystem is an ecosystem that provides solutions at this point. In addition, Honeypod is the main hub for all people's devices, not only to manage the security of Internet connections but also to manage financial transactions, purchases, bill payments and online services. Thanks to all this technology, Honeypod aims to build various partnerships with companies that offer services that consumers and corporations use daily.
In these days when the internet is in every area of our lives, Honeypod is a project that enables people to access the Internet safely. The honeypot is not only limited to internet security but also has many features for daily use of cryptocurrencies. Honeypod, which provides easy usage with all these features, will take place in our lives as the hardware required by the new age which should be in every house.

Honeypod Projected Roadmap

The Honeypod Team

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Author: KanekiKov
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