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[ICO] HCXPAY - A Global Private Coin And Risk - Based Payment Network

Hi friends If you are interested in joining the HCXPAY project, you should read reviews that can help you get information that can help you see their vision and mission. Here's the review:
What is HCXPAY?
HCXPAY is A Private Marketplace to Earn, Save, and Achieve
A global privacy network powering a financial and health marketplace for unprecedented confidentiality and condition improvement.
Confidential payments – HCX PAY utilizes several privacy techniques and technologies to obfuscate transaction outputs using “ring signatures" and hide transaction amounts transacted with ring confidential transactions (RingCT) utilizing cryptographic committments - represents amounts without revealing amounts.
Unlinkable transactions – HCX PAY transactions can’t be linked between the sender and the recipient enabled by dual key stealth addresses to hide the destination of the address being paid.
Conditional payments – HCX PAY utilizes advanced technology to enable event, time, behavior, human data, and IoT activity based payouts with trusted oracles.
Egalitarian proof-of-work – HCX PAY hash function is designed for CPU and/or GPU mining for performant processing
Tokenized asset-to-payment swap – HCX PAY enables tokenization and automated payouts on healthcare and non-medical wrap-arounds
ASIC Resistant – HCX PAY CryptoNight algorithm adjustments reduce the risk of miner centralization and consequential network security damage
Adaptive limits – HCX PAY network intelligently adjusts its parameters based on the historical data.
Payment widgets and SDKs – HCX PAY to support revenue management, HSA, POS, Apple, FHIR, Google, and exchange integration.
  • Confidential payments with no third-party privacy/payment risk
  • Reduced transaction fees
  • Trusted and reputable "anonymous witnesses" to verify real-world events, adjudicate predefined smart contract terms, and notarize cryptographic transactions
  • Negligible risk of behavior tracking
  • Optional "auditing window" for transaction verification for your auditors and regulators
  • Negligible risk of business transaction tracking
  • New event, activity, and outcome based payment experiences
  • More efficient and less costly billing processes
  • Decentralized node operator network for maximum security
Consumer Experience
Design your financial and health pathway plan to financial freedom and wellness while earning convertible HCXP points.
Create, modify, and optimize your financial and health pathway while leveraging machine learning systems and retaining self-sovereign control.
Select from screened investment, insurance, and health related products including smart contracts with insurers, health providers, and investment managers.
Pay for products with HCXP or fund smart contract-based tokenized assets to offset out-of-pocket costs while earning convertible HCXP points.
Earn HCXP points for purchases, product reviews, self sovereign data lending, goal achievement and other activities.
HCX Ecosystem Pillars
Financial and health product vendor verification system for direct consumer sales.
Consumer App experience to plan pathway, purchase product, collect HCXP points, and transact with HCXP. Consumer financial and health condition optimization.
Convertible HCXP token point rewards for commerce, system utilization, reviews, asset swaps, and insight sharing.
HCX market of tokenized products and services to reduce out-of-pocket costs and lower commissions paid out by vendors.
Vendor App to on board and manage product offerings and earn HCXP points for value-based product performance.
Token Model
HCX tokens and incentive points are rewarded to community participants. HCX PAY gives more HCX tokens and incentive points to monthly top reviewers, highly rated businesses, financial and health goal achievers, validators, and community voted feedback writers. They can spend the tokens in the HCX marketplace. Tokens are used for ecommerce payments and smart contract fees.
HCXP token is listed on an exchange. The HCXPAY main production chain and wallet system are live and operational.
To get more relevant details from the HCXPAY project or join social media and sales crowds, please follow some sources for the following references:
Author: SanZoldyck
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