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SATT The Revolution of Advertising Transactions



INFLUENCE MARKETING in the most common use of the term today, all practices that aim to use the recommendation potential of the influencers, most often used in the sense of digital influencer..
PERFORMANCE MARKETING encompasses the set of techniques by which the advertiser remunerates the advertising or marketing medium based on campaign results. These techniques are generally appreciated by advertisers since they theoretically limit the risk of unprofitable campaigns when the compensation model is defined well. This remuneration can be based on:
transactions billed to commission or to CPA ,
visits or clicks billed to CPC ,
various completed forms invoiced to CPA.
AFFILIATION MARKETING is part of the digital marketing industry. It works based on a payment model for affiliates (webmaster) for each targeted action performed for their clients (order, purchase, installation, etc.). Advertisers generally operate indirectly with affiliate networks (CPA Networks).
AFFILIATION NETWORKS (CPA NETWORKS) are affiliate marketing services that offer rewards to advertisers in the CPA model and provide a service for the creation of affiliate programs. The affiliate networks charge advertisers for customer actions, payment of commissions to affiliates and charge commissions for the service.
AN AFFILIATE (webmaster, publisher, advertiser, influencer) is a marketing professional (or a group of marketers under a single account in an affiliate network) that provide publicity for a product or service for advertisers and receives a monetary reward for the targeted customer action.
AN ADVERTISER, in this context, is the person encouraging affiliates to find customers by creating offers and paying for them (often through affiliate networks) for targeted customer actions corresponding to the conditions of the offer. TRACKING is the monitoring of the many campaign parameters in the affiliate marketing process. For example: time, source and number of targeted activities.
FRAUD, in terms of affiliate marketing, means the different ways to deceive the affiliate network and the advertisers in order to obtain a monetary reward. A variety of frauds can be implemented: emulation of targeted actions, spoofing the source of the customers introduced (cookie stuffing), tricking customers by using decoys to increase the probability of a targeted action (for example using a price significantly lower than the advertiser’s offer) and others.
THE LEAD is the targeted customer action in response to an advertising campaign: sales, order, call, registration, installation of the application, etc.
THE OFFER is an advertising proposal to attract targeted activities from advertisers or affiliate networks.
THE COMMITMENT is the concept of social commitment or commitment to social networks, usually meaning the set of interactions that can be generated on social publications (Facebook post, Snap, Tweet, etc.) organic or paid. Social commitment can therefore be translated as a «like», a comment, sharing or other forms of reaction offered by the different social networks.


Ticker: SaTT
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC20
Available for sale: 68,000,000 SaTT (34%)


ICO Price: 1 SaTT = 0.42 USD
Accepting: ETH, BTC, Fiat
Soft cap: 3 360 000 USD
Hard cap: 28 560 000 USD
ICO Time: 01 May 2018 – 31 Mar 2019
Country: USA


April 2018
Pre ICO Launch.
May 2018
Crowdsale debut. SaTT Wallet Launch. ERC20 / ERC223.
June 2018
ATAYEN, Inc applications payable in SaTT. Emailing invoiced in SaTT.
July 2018
Store compatible SaTT for clients. PayBySaTT API. “Mission” SaTT Transaction.
September 2018
Oracles Google Analytics, Instagram Analytics, Youtube Analytics made by ATAYEN,Inc. Launch of campaign offer directory.
November 2018
Launch of the SaTT Smart Contract for advertising. Developer API launch. SDK.


Gauthier BROS: CEO
Stéphanie CLEMENT: CTO
Samir KSIBI: Associate Partner
Geoffrey MOYA: Blockchain Expert
Jordan DELAGNAU: Marketing Director
Caroline POURCHIER: Chief Design / UX Guru
Mohamed BOUHAOUALA: Customer Service
Mohamed Aziz BEN REJEB: Lead Developer
Thamer BEN DHAFER: Computer Engineer
Soumaya DRIDI: Computer Engineer
Mohamed MEZLINI: Backend Engineer
Moez FEHRI: Web Developer
Wiem BOUTITI: Computer Engineerv
Nicolas ROY: Assistant Director
Rayhane GUESSMI: Administrative Assistant


Laurent LELOUP: CEO Chaineum
David AZAR: Expert Marketing
Kanaway YUSINGCO: ICO Guru
Richard ESTEVE: Advisor
Jean Michel BILLAUT: Advisor
Nabil ASSAF: Advisor
Philippe ERB: Advisor
Joseph OUZIEL: Advisor
Author: KanekiKov
My ETH: 0xc57F5E28B98a12c8f4cC3f4C02d8B77546deF545

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