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The world is really changing. Dubai is the heart of commerce in the modern day. Attention is shifting gradually but speedily to where the wind is rushing while research has shown that more and more people are moving occupationally and geographically. On one side, the introduction of the Blockchain technology has revolutionized the way we interact and employ the use of modern technologies. Mobile phones usage is on high demand, data is the new gold of the 21st century and IOS staking is becoming complex by the day. ATRONOCOM is taking over the various ways and mechanisms of operation vis-à-vis Mobile staking, IOS, crypto-trading starting from the very heart of the world-Dubai.
The platform has positioned itself in such a way that it wants to influence and modify the entire globe especially as it relates to Blockchain transactions and relationships. The creators of this millennium ecosystem are striving to break boundaries and taking steps toward true and full transference, with the first real mobile DApp dedicated proof of stake with Algorithmic payout. The platform will integrate and synchronize with existing technologies to provide its various users with the best services ever. The platform wants to make simpler the investment and usage models on the blockchain with the employment of simple but understandable technologies to allow more participants to come in. Some of the key features of the ecosystem includes but not limited to Mobile phone ‘Dpos’ staking on android and ios, DebitBank Cards, Banking, High security Communication messenger and so on. Since fairness and trust is the watchword of the Blockchain world, the ecosystem wants to ensure that participants get rewarded equitably for taking actions and steps capable of promoting the platform, thus open to everyone and anyone. There are no monopolies in this system, as every participant has a stake in the process as long as it is in line with the workings of the bionetwork. As shown below, you can withdraw and purchase with your wallet without restrictions via this ecosystem.
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Since the platform is a straight-to-the point blockchain mediated ecosystem, it will be powered with a cryptographic coin to allow investors and participants come in but that will be after the platform has been launched. The ecosystem will for now operate with a SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Token) and will not conduct an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) until stipulated targets are met, all things been equal. When the coin will be open for sales, a total of 440, 000, 000 tokens have been created in total supply. The management will take %15 i.e. 66M of the total coin while the remaining will be distributed to different levels and at different times. The SAFT idea emanated from the need to raise enough funds to keep the project moving and tap into the future.
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