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CRYPTOXYGEN - Complete Solution for Cryptocurrency Trading

Hi friends If you are interested in joining the Cryptoxygen project, you should read reviews that can help you get information that can help you see their vision and mission. Here's the review:

Cryptoxygen platform is a complete solution for cryptocurrency trading starting with the trading platform and ending by the wallet allowing to spend and to store your profits in the most secured way.

Our goal is to bring parallel solutions to the classic banking system which controls customer’s funds and charges high fees on each transaction. Cryptoxygen is here to provide our clients with the most secured, highly speed technology solutions and at the cheapest rates through our platform and mobile wallet payment system replacing traditional debit/credit cards.


There are more numbers of underlying problems or challenges that Cryptoxygen has on its team’s desk. However, those of major concerns are briefly presented.

This is the space that leads to cheap fraud and discouragements. Every exchange or trading platform on the crypto market simply provides textual guide to using their platform. This means that every crypto novice will have to lose some coins in a bid to practically understand how these platforms work, ranging from trading, gas fees to minimum balance. What happens if all that you have earned goes into trying, either as fees or via non-profiting trades? Not to mention how to secure private keys.

Lots of preferred exchange platforms d o not support Fiat (centralized currencies such as Dollars, Euros, Pounds, etc) to Cryptocurrency exchange. This is mostly due to required licenses and an interest for a less complicated system by vendors. To this end, users will have to use different platforms for transactions that could have been done with one, thereby leaving the users with lots of transfer and gas fees to pay, not to mention the security issues to watch out against.

There are more numbers of underlying problems or challenges that Cryptoxygen has on its team’s desk. However, those of major concerns are briefly presented.

Trading platforms don’t put before their users, the opportunity to be reached or contacted, as this may not be on their priority list. Unfortunately, experience is vital in every business environment and lots of users have resolved to unverified opinions due to this defect.

How much reserve does your trading platform have? Can they payout at anytime? These are the questions that experts wish to ask but get a shaking response for the latter, and none for the former. Some newbies don’t even know withdrawals can be delayed until experience explains it. The safety of wallets and transactions is also a major area of concern when it comes to security.

Most exchange platforms have very high trading fees and the greater challenge is the stiff nature, unlike the fiat forex that practices swap which is the interest rate differential between the two currencies of the pair you are trading, and it is calculated according to whether your position is long or short. This reduces risk and cost of borrowing if applied.

According to Autonomous Research, listing a n ICO token on a popular crypto exchange can cost promoters anywhere between $1 million and $3 million (USD). This means a lot of tokens will not be tradable if these amounts are not rose thereby stopping their solutions from reaching the target audience no matter how good it may be.


In a bid to solve the problem of misguiding newbies on the crypto market, and helping them enjoy their stay and earnings, we have taken out time to provide training services for all users at all levels through the following;

New merchants, consumers, tech developers, investors, financial institutions and regulators can now practice with an add - on that gives an experience of the crypto market in real-time.

Online detailed courses will also b e provided to those who want an extensive knowledge of the crypto trading platform principles, strategies and lots more. This will be arranged, based on the level of expertise and relational objectives.

For the first time i n the crypto economy, new users can now follow and imitate experienced and successful users on the platform. Most interestingly, new users can copy the trading pattern of experts, so as to start earning more in less time.

This is a core aspect of Cryptoxygen. The exchange platform is designed to meet the requirements of an advanced exchange market with the following features:

Converting centralized currencies (Fiat) such as Dollars, Pounds and Euros to cryptocurrencies will b e made as easy and less expensive as never imagined. To this end, TUSD, Tether and EUR will b e integrated on for flexibility and easy conversion as well as confirmation. This process can also be vice-versa, wherein cryptocurrencies can be changed directly to Fiat.

The ability to trade multiple currencies on Cryptoxygen makes it one exchange platform that will be widely used, as almost all existing cryptocurrencies will be tradable on it. Speed of transaction is also optimized at this arena with our smart matching engine that beats latency limitations.

Cryptoxygen mobile and web applications are user-friendly, smart, sophisticated and secure. It does not just give the user an access to the trading platform but also provides prioritized services such as preferred notifications, social trading abilities and tips, data management and lots more. Cryptoxygen can b e setup or accessed via multiple smartphone OS and web browsers.

The trading fees of any exchange can make the difference between profit and loss. For Cryptoxygen exchange, trading fees have been designed to be affordable and attractive. By using our OXY2 tokens, the fees can be reduced by 50%.

Cryptocurrency users, for the first time, will enjoy 24/7 online support via email, custom online chat, WhatsApp or Skype with lots more, if using Cryptoxygen Account Management and Safety sub-system. The target is to provide prompt responses to requests, gather experience data and manage users. It’s all about KYC (Know Your Customer) and experience management.

Unlike common exchange platforms, we provide security in diverse means such as:

Cyber Security
This is the most basic but core aspect of security that is needed for any crypto platform. For Cryptoxygen, this is more than basic as we provide Advanced Control Service layers to secure fund movements (orders and withdrawals) with continual system consistency checks at real-time. Not to stop there, Cryptoxygen implements a decentralized method of storing all sensitive data based on Shamir's Secret Sharing algorithm. With these and more implementations that
are not to be mentioned here, Cryptoxygen wallets, backend systems as well as transactions will be well secured.

Operational Safety
Cryptoxygen is set to make withdrawals, especially as fast as never. This, it intends to achieve by having a lot of reserve funds that will maintain steady operations mostly at peak periods or fluctuating market points. This will also secure users’ funds and the venture from going bankrupt or die from pressure.

Legal Safety
The most dreadful part of establishing a crypto market is the acquisition of Licenses i n order to extend services due to cost and compliance procedures. For Cryptoxygen, we are not joining others in taking the simple and unsafe route. Cryptoxygen is a fully regulated company with licenses approved by FIU and by FSA allowing to trade cryptocurrency against Fiat Currency and to operate a virtual currency Wallet service.

Cryptoxygen is an exchange that is set to offer smart solutions to crypto investors by making its listing requirement less expensive yet highly analytical. On this basis, tokens will not just be listed because the vendors can afford the fees rather, the market/impact potentials will be the major determinant. This will make Cryptoxygen an exchange for promising tokens rather than just having rich vendors with low market strength or projection.


Google 2FA Authentication
Google Authenticator 2FA is a software token that implements two-step verification by using a time-sensitive One -time Password (OTP) and HMAC - based OTP Algorithm.

SMS Authentication
Another form of optional two-factor authentication, by sending an SMS, One Time Password (OTP) to users when verifying any account or transaction activity. Users will have to enter the current OTP in order to complete verification. Third Party Payment Processor Cryptoxygen uses a third party payment processor for all fiat transactions to provide extended security on all platforms. Our payment processor uses advanced encryption for all payment and personal data provided to our platform. By using this payment processor, Cryptoxygen can focus o n staying ahead of fraud and preventing problems before they occur. (Please remember during the KYC process that all information given to Cryptoxygen during account creation must match all information provided to the third party company for fiat operations to be available on your account).

  • TOTAL TOKEN SUPPLY: 250 000 000
  • LAUNCH PRICE: 1 ETH= 1200 OXY2

  • Q3 2018 Cryptoxygen incorporation in Estonia,Selection of development team
    Branding and Promotion of Cryptoxygen,Social Media & Website Development
  • Q1 2019 Licences approval from by FIU,ICO goes LIVE,ICO Listings
  • OXY2 Listings on Exchanges,Bounty Programs & Community development
  • Q2 2019 Tokens distribution,Design of the interface of the platform and the wallet
    Beta version development of Cryptoxygen Exchange
  • Q3 2019 Debug and Test Final version of Cryptoxygen platform before launch
    Unit Testing, Functional Testing, Quality Assurance, Security Assurance
    Fully Functional IOS and Android Apps
    Delivering final product to the world
  • Q4 2019 Integration of platform in Thomson hardware,Add more coins to Cryptoxygen platform
    Parnerships with retailers, investors, press
    Launching online trading academy,Recruitement of employees,
    International Marketing campaign launch of Cryptoxygen products.
For details information about Crptoxygen, it is important to check their various links and channels indicated below:

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