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KUVERIT - Reducing Fraud and Modernising Insurance

Hello Everyone, I will introduce the project about Kuverit , If you would like to join the Kuverit project, let's look at the following review

What is Kuverit ?

Kuverit is a unique solution that combines peer-to-peer assurance in trade aimed at eliminating fraud with the world's first independent blockchain insurance company designed to protect everything, everyone, and everywhere.

Kuverit introduced a new approach to the insurance business by first launching a peer-to-peer (P2P) insurance application. The company gives each user the opportunity to receive guarantees for two-way transactions. Regardless of whether the user is a service provider or contractor, business or customer, the Kuveritakan application allows him to enter into an agreement with anyone at any time, which will eliminate the fear of new buyers. This functions as follows: the user creates an account in the application, inserts information about what must be guaranteed for them and how much, and then sends his request for guarantee to other users of the application. Clients will be able to request guarantor support in a statement simply by providing detailed information about the nature of the contract and the amount of coverage required. Kuverit will not facilitate the integration of clients with guarantors, but these requests will be launched into the open market, where guarantors can do their own expertise and decide whether they want to support the client.

Token Sale

Dec 24th, 2018 (00:01AM GMT)

Number of Tokens for Sale

Dec 24th, 2019 (00:01AM GMT)

Tokens Exchange Rate

Acceptable Currencies

Minimum Transaction Amount

Christmas Sale
0-25th Dec- 2018 - 70% OFF

New Year Sale
Dec 25th - Jan 1st -19 50% OFF

ICO Phase 1
4 Months - 25% Bonus

ICO Phase 2
3 Months - 20% Bonus

ICO Phase 3
2 Months - 15% Bonus

ICO Phase 4
1 Month - 10% Bonus

ICO Phase 5
1 Month - 5% Bonus

ICO Phase 6
1 Month - 0% Bonus

ICO Per Token Price

Token Distribution

Use of Proceeds

Kuverit companies are changing the way business is done between people, leaving behind a classic, centralized insurance model that changes to P2P S decentralization, which reduces the pain points that dominate the current process. The Kuverit P2P application, which will soon be available on iPhone and Android, will provide anyone, anywhere, the ability to guarantee their transactions, while at the same time providing a new revenue model with a fully transparent payment structure.

Quverit quick check allows each user to verify data about the person negotiated with them. User requests to confirm the Kuverit identification number, which is the user's public key and can only be found in the application profile section, will allow him to do a quick check. Users simply enter their ID number, click the check button, and their profile information will be displayed in the user interface. 


January 2019
Launch Contributor Community Forum

March 2019
Commence P2P Application Development

March 2019
Begin Communication with Exchanges:

May 2019
Formation of Official Contributor Committee

July 2019
Launch Beta P2P Guarantee Trading Application

July 2019
Establish Maltese Insurance Company

August 2019
Commence P2P App Online Marketing

September 2019
Commence P2P App Media Campaign

October 2019
Purchase Existing Global Insurance Company

July 2020
Establish London Operation Headquarters

December 2020
Submit Application to become a Lloyd's Syndicate

For more information about Kuverit, please follow the link below:
Website: https://www.kuverit.io/
Whitepaper: https://www.kuverit.io/white/Kuverit_Limited_WP_Dec_2019.pdf
BTT Bounty: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5090109.0
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5087039.0
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kuver_it
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kuverit
Telegram: https://telegram.me/Kuveritico
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQGqHEA-IrzLOjng9zhfqNg

Author: KanekiKov

My ETH: 0xACE2d47039C296a158e6EE1827300e6B098B9B0B

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