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Projecton - The First Customer Relationship Management using Blockchain

Projecton is a CRM platform, allocated in the blockchain that connects businesses to their general users. Projecton seeks to deepen relationships between companies, customers, partners, suppliers and business colleagues. Projecton fuses the basic features of Blockchain technologies with Customer Relationship Management, creating a much efficient system.
The blockchain is a new technology that many businesses are adopting. Forbes stated that the
blockchain technology market is valued at 2 billion dollars and it is estimated that it will reach 7
billion USD by the end of 2024. Blockchain technology allows digital information to be distributed but not copied. Blockchain technology introduced a new concept of automation to the internet. This new technology was initially devised for the digital currency, Bitcoin, but the technology is now finding other advanced uses for its potential. Blockchain is an endless growing list of interlinked records usually called blocks. Every piece of recorded data is cryptographically safe and resistant to any external tampering. A blockchain functions as an open, decentralized ledger that keeps track of transactions among two parties permanently and verifiably. Blockchain has its obvious benefits. The blockchain database isnt gathered in any single location, so all the records that blockchain keeps are entirely public and are easy to verify. There isn't any centralized version of the information stored in the chain, making it immune to hackers.
Customer Relationship Management
CRM helps businesses to organize relationships with individual people including suppliers, customers and service users. CRM software can record every information of their customers. This software is design to collect, phone numbers, emails, social media profiles and much more.
CRM platforms can be used to pull in information about recent company's activities and also
store details about the client's particular desires. The CRM system organizes every single bit of
information to give the company a complete report in order for businesses to understand their
overall relationship over time.
The CRM market
According to Statistics, each year, 70% of companies state that they plan to increase spending
on technology and innovation. At the end of 2017, (CRM) softwares revenues overtook database
management systems to become the biggest of all software markets. Funds are expected to reach over $40 billion in 2018, making CRM the fastest growing software in the market.
CRM and the Blockchain
We talked about Blockchain and CRM, but how can they possibly be related to each other? Blockchain can enhance every aspect of CRM, creating the perfect environment for businesses and consumers. By using Blockchain technologies, relationships between the two parties will get stronger and more flexible
Projecton Token
The Projecton Token is issued on the ERC20 technology and fulfills multiple functions within the platform. ERC-20 defines a standard list of rules for all Ethereum tokens to follow. This special token empowers developers of all areas to predict how new tokens will function within the larger Ethereum structure. They are ERC20 compliant means that they are also compatible with third-party exchanges, as long as those are also compliant with the ERC20 standard. The Projecton Token works as fuel for our platform which unlocks all of its potential. Our token is flexible for our clients to have a maximized experience without compatibility issues.
Token Name : Projecton
Token symbol : XN35
Decimal : 18
Total supply : 100, 000, 000
Number of Token for sale in our website : 60, 000, 000
Minimum Purchase in our website : 35,000 XN35
Minimum Price in our website : 1 ETH
Token Distribution and use
A limited amount of Projecton Tokens will be created and no additional mining will be allowed afterward. Some Tokens can be obtained in bounty programs,airdrops and special events. There will be a total of 100,000,000 XN35 tokens circulating which the most substantial piece (60%) will be distributed in the token sale.
The description of the use for the distributed tokens is listed below: 63% for software development This includes future research, updates and development of any applications. For software development we need to contract all sort of technicians, that's why the biggest amount of tokens belongs in this section.10% for security Data processing and distribution. This includes technical features such as key and password creation. 16% for business development This includes marketing program, campaigns, activities aimed at creating brand awareness and every aspect regarding the growth of our platform. 8% is designated for working expenses These funds will be used for any legal procedures and business meetings. This also includes materials for working procedures. Materials such as data storage units, computers and support systems. 3% will be used for events This part of the fund will be used for future events that will take place in near future.
To get more relevant details from the Projecton project or join social media and sales crowds, please follow some sources for the following references:
- Projecton Official Group:
- Projecton Official Bounty:
Author: KanekiKov
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