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Rasputin Party Mansion Phase2

Hi friends If you are interested in joining the ROC2 project, you should read reviews that can help you get information that can help you see their vision and mission. Here's the review:

ROC2 and the Rasputin Party Mansion Phase 2

Rasputin Party Mansion Phase2 (RPM2) is a dramatically upscaled and improved version of the already successful Rasputin Party Mansion.

RPM2 will be a 53,000+ square foot (5000m2) purpose built studio that will house 100 models with 200 cameras broadcasting their lives, live in High Definition 24/7.

Rasputin Party Mansion is currently a live project, functioning as a premium live broadcast Entertainment hub giving viewers from across the globe the medium to connect with our in-house models on different levels.

Our current custom built broadcast studio is set out as a party house and houses up to 30 models with their lives broadcast live from 35 cameras, 24 hours per day. Models live out their daily lives in front of the cameras and take part in organised activity and activity as voted buy paying customers, models also perform adult shows from one of the five Live Show rooms .

From fundraising via the ROC2 token sale, we will build something that does not exist in the world of adult entertainment.

Rasputin Party Mansion Phase 2

A 53,000 square foot mega version of the current Rasputin Party Mansion, will be a full scale purpose built studio with 200 cameras, 50 bedrooms, 35 Live Show rooms, an 8300 square foot spa and indoor water adult playground, outside recreational areas for summer, a dedicated sound stage for filming bespoke adult films, a full scale broadcast directors suite, animation suite for bespoke animation videos, editing facilities, 360 degree body scanning suite, office facilities and of course model party areas like never before seen in the Entertainment Industry. 

All securely located on an 8 acre plot nearby to the city of Tallinn, Estonia.


Worldwide entertainment
Our project functions as a premium live broadcast Entertainment hub giving viewers from across the globe the medium to connect with our in-house models on different levels. Our custom built broadcast studio will be set out as a party mansion and will house 100 models all coming from different parts of the world. Throughout the house there will be 200 cameras streaming life inside live, in High Definition, 24 hours per day. Cameras will be placed in all living areas, party and bar areas, swimming pool, gym and spa areas, the outdoor kitchen and hot tub area and in the bedrooms and bathrooms all of which broadcast live pictures and audio to our paying customers.

Party Mansion
Within the party mansion we will also have 35 Live Show rooms. These live show rooms are private rooms where our models perform on camera broadcast to a live audience. Viewers can chat in a public chat room and tip the model at any time or they can engage in a private show with the model.

Film production
The Phase2 Party Mansion will also have dedicated areas for adult film production where the paying customer can order a bespoke film acted out by their favourite model to their script, this will be both for live action filming and also for animated adult films. All of our models will have their bodies 360 degree scanned into our animation stations for use in animated films ordered by the customer and the customer can also use their own voice as the voicover for a male character should they choose to.

Customer purchases
There are multiple products the customer can purchase within the site, we have 6 products available for purchase in the current version of the Party Mansion, with Phase 2 we will have up to 30 products available for purchase including the Virtual Girlfriend, buy a night in the Fantasy Suite for your favourite model, ordering gifts for favourite models, create your own live action adult film, create your own animated adult film, direct a live scene, make your favourite model your SIM for a day, buy camera used sex toys, purchasing gifts for your favourite model, VR party room access, model direct messaging, model tipping and several more that we are keeping under wraps we launch them.

ROC2 Token - Features of the Token

ROC2 will be redeemable for camera access
1 single ROC2 token will be exchangeable for 90 days of full camera access to the RPM2 platform. 1 token will grant the user access to 200 cameras streaming in high definition, to the fiat paying customer this will come at a cost of $150.00 giving the ROC2 token a theoretical redeemable for services value of $150.00

ROC2 will be exchangeable for credits to spend within the website
After a period of live operations and listing on a liquid exchange, ROC2 will be redeemable for website credits that can be used to purchase any products on the site.

Exchange traded token
ROC2 will be traded on Crypto exchanges with a maximum possible initial listing market cap of 55 million USD. We will list on the same exchanges where ROC1 is currently trading and we will also list on 3 new exchanges. A problem we encountered when trying to get ROC1 listed was that due to the dividend bearing feature of ROC1, many exchanges who liked our project could not list the token. 

ROC2 is classified as a utility token and therefore the exchanges that previously showed good interest in our project will take the token for trade on their respective platforms. The token will be listed for trade on the 10th day after the close of the ICO.

This is a technical breakdown of our ROC2 token smart contract deployed on Ethereum blockchain platform. This documents outlines our methodology, limitations and results for our security audit.
  • Token name - Rasputin Party Mansion Token Symbol - ROC2
  • Decimals allowed - 10
  • ROC2 Token Total Supply - 27,000,000
  • Filename: ROC2.sol
  • Github Repository: https:/ github.com/Rasputinonline/ROC2/blob/master/ROC2.sol
  • Commit Hash: 3240b5df656addbf8707ce01b8c45f75238f91b9
  • ROC2 Smart Contract Address: 0x774d3a7B9a5fb33D5525252A275BF440E742b179
Expenditure breakdown


Everything is possible thanks to these guys!

To get more relevant details from the Rasputin Party Mansion Phase2 project or join social media and sales crowds, please follow some sources for the following references:

Author: KanekiKov
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