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The rapid growth of technology has brought about solutions to almost every industry in the world and the financial industry shares in this growth with the introduction of cryptocurrencies. Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous brain behind the invention of cryptocurrencies sought to provide a medium of peer-to-peer medium of exchange void of any central authority such as banks. Why did he bring any idea of such? Well i believe we would all testify to the number of hours we have to spend at the bank to make some transactions either sending money or receiving from others. We all thought the introduction of Automated Teller Machines could help solve the issues of long hours spent at banks but this also face several challenges such as poor network, minimum funds in the machines etc. It is with this backdrop of challenges that Satoshi Nakamoto invented cryptocurrencies to be used as medium of exchange whereby the users would send funds directly to themselves in the shortest possible of time.
Apparently yes, in as much as cryptocurrencies have actually made transactions very fast and convenient some platforms through which new crypto users get into crypto investments are not well structured.
To begin with, Exchange Platforms and Over-the-Counter platforms are avenues through which new crypto users purchase cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash etc. Some of these exchange platforms are not well-secured and this has caused several crypto enthusiasts to lose their funds on such platform. Mt. Gox, Cryptopia, Coinrail are some of the few exchange platforms that have been hacked by hackers. To worsen the situation with exchange platforms, most of them have very poor user interface which makes it quite stressful for crypto enthusiasts to trade and as for crypto noobs they just can’t find their way out on such platforms. These would actually be not much of a burden if there was someone to assist you on such platforms in case any user is finding it difficult navigating through the platform. However, most of the exchange platforms don’t have active Technical and Customer Support to help members in case they have any problem that need assistance.
Furthermore, the use of cryptocurrencies has been restricted in the areas of being an asset and also being used as a mode of payment for transactions. Currently no/very few platforms offer cryptocurrencies investments in the form of stocks, commodities and other aspects of financial investment gateways which involves the use of fiat currency. Almost every crypto enthusiasts envision cryptocurrencies being legally accepted globally and all these aspirations could be realized if cryptocurrencies are actually being made to function hand in hand with fiat currencies in all aspects of investments.
UPROSE broadens the usage of cryptocurrencies in several aspects such as Foreign Exchange Platform, Commodity Trading Platform etc. In addition, UPROSE Finmart would provide services in Stocks and also there is going to be the development of Decentralized Exchange.
UPROSE provides a simple and basic user interface through which users can interact with little or no difficult. In the case where users are faced with any difficulty there is an active technical and customer support line which attends to all the needs of members as soon as possible. In terms of security you can be rest assured of a high-level security platform that UPROSE provides in terms of several security measures inculcated in the platform.
From the use of Google Authenticating to Automatic log out sessions for inactive sessions after a while. These measures are to prevent unauthorized users whom might have access to the computers of the original users. With the increase in the number of hacks that has been occurring in the cryptospace UPROSE thought it wise to inculcate a Cold Storage Wallet on their exchange platform to ensure that even in the case of a possible hack which I doubt most funds of users can be save guarded. To further ensure that funds stored on this cold wallet are secured, this cold wallet is being singed with a multi-signature which does not permit just one person to have full authority of the entire funds.
This project is supported by a group of ardent crypto enthusiasts who wish to see a global mass adoption of crypto hence designing a secured cryptocurrency trading platform that is well secured for users to trade safely. Below are some of the team members, please refer to the website or whitepaper to get to know the entire team behind this project.
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Author: KanekiKov
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