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VEIL: Unveiling most Unique and Outside the Box Idea Among Typical Blockchain Platform in the Cryptospace



On current websites, Internet users do not have control over their data. Ethereum is a pioneering application that uses blockchain as a platform to create an environment for developers to write applications, solving problems that help Internet users have more control over their data. .
Ethereum is considered a global computer by many nodes connecting with each other around the world. In it, the Dentral (Decentralized App) is a right-of-way application that does not require the presence of users' intermediaries or managers like today's centralized applications (eg Gmail or Uber). Dapp connects users and suppliers directly.
For example, if the Twitter social network uses this decentralized application, users can resist censorship. Once you post a message on Twitter that is stored on the blockchain, it cannot be deleted even by those who program it.
At this point, Dapp application has not had a clear definition because this is a new concept. Some of their main features are the use of open source and no intermediate third-party presence.
Virtual money is a class of encrypted assets and the protocol of Ethereum is like a decentralized computer network still in its infancy. Ethereum can only handle about 10 to 12 transactions per second on the mainnet and as such, the type of service that dApp can provide is still limited.
Realizing those limitations, Y Combinator Al alumni Paul Fletcher-Hill, Graham Kaemmer and Feridun Mert Celebi have started building a project called Veil - Veil a peer-to-peer trading platform built on Augur. So what's this outstanding project? Let's find out:

About Veil project

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The Veil project was started construction in early 2018 by James Burden. He is an industry recognized privacy specialist in electronic money and holds track records of leading electronic money projects like PIVX. The idea to build a project is recognition of the need for a currency to provide full-time privacy without affecting the power of anonymity.
Thanks to a relatively large grant of more than $ 1 million, a group of leading blockchain developers like Presstab, experienced professionals, users and operators have been established. The development process began in August 2018, with the launch of the project's mainnet on January 1, 2019.
What is remarkable about the project is the self-funded, self-financing mechanism, which provides funding for ongoing activities such as marketing, cooperation, bonuses and other related activities based on Successful initiatives, and collective decisions, Veil Labs, are accused of continuing research and development in the areas of cryptography and blockchain development. But thanks to the efforts of its members, Veil Labs has attracted interest from some of the world's leading academic institutions and ensured that the Veil Project is always at the forefront of electronic security.

Unique characteristics of the project

Always ensure privacy
Veil combines Zerocoin and RingCT technologies to provide full-time privacy without compromising.
Anonymous income
Veil is the first currency that allows its owners to monopolize anonymous shares absolutely
Fair construction
Veil has no ICO. There is no premise. Veil's blockchain is secured through Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake, to combine security and distribution.
For the sake of users
From advanced wallet interface, seed recovery, to saving behind-the-scenes storage space, Veil brings the benefits of electronic money to people by focusing on user experience.
Veil mainly relies on integrated self-financing capital for project development, operations, customer support and continuous research and development.
Ensure safety
Veil will continue to expand the limits of cryptography and blockchain technology, through Veil Labs, an entity dedicated to R&D and collaboration with leading academic institutions.
User experience
Veil said they are improving the Augur user experience in three main ways:
Its platform eliminates the need for users to download and synchronize their applications with Ethereum's network.
Its platform helps to trade on Augur faster and cheaper by using the 0x protocol, which helps reduce transactions that need to be done on the chain and provides a customized version of the ETH Wrapping, called Veil ETH
Its platform tackles the market faster than Augur by providing instant payment with paid features, allowing users to immediately sell their shares to Veil at the reported price instead of waiting for Augur to complete the market. .

Details of token distribution

The Veil token release schedule includes:
Contribution of diminishing and limited contributions to the founder, to recover the seed investment that the project has been started.
A diminishing but untapped contribution to the Veil Laboratory, to provide continuous research and development in security technologies related to electronic money.
Large, declining and untapped contributions to Veil's operating budget, funding activities such as network development and wallet, project management, online user support, bonuses, marketing and partnership.
It should be noted that the amounts allocated to the Lab and the operating budget will not be contributed, meaning that those funds will not be detrimental to the bettors in the network. Wages are paid however free to stock.




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Veil Labs is an entity founded by the Veil Project, with its own budget, mission and team. Its purpose is to conduct research and development, and push technical boundaries in the areas of coding, privacy and blockchain technology.
With a team of professional cryptographers and developers, combined with an important partnership with top academic institutions, I believe this project will be increasingly expanded. So, I recommend that you carefully research yourself through the links provided below:
Author: KanekiKov
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