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Veraexchange - New generation exchange for a comfortable and safe trading



Digital cryptography has created a change in the global digital market, shifting the focus of industry leaders to its basic digital technology; Blockchain technology. Powerful technology is gaining traction in a number of industries and it is being applied to processes in businesses to solve many different problems. Typically, online change issues are being addressed by adopting this breakthrough technology to enhance decentralization and security.
Veraexchange with platform-based blockchain has presented the industry a solution to access and knowledge of the value of blockchain technology. Allowing merchants to use Veraexchange as a means of exchange, a subscription-based platform facilitates the reduction of cash transaction fees and transaction control. In addition to empowering traders of the traditional exchange model, Veraexchange also seeks to bring the digital pre-field into the Veraexchange ecosystem. That is VERA token.

About VeraExchange

VeraExchange is the world's first security token market on the blockchain infrastructure, a means of exchanging connections between traders and consumers in a decentralized, secure and private network. Using VeraExchange on the platform, provides some benefits for users such as:
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Secure and stable:

If you search for trading platforms that promote security and cost savings, VeraExchange will be the most suitable option. As one of the strong development platforms, VeraExchange acts as a decentralized trading platform without having a bank partner or depending on the financial management agencies.

User friendly

User-friendly interface, simple and effective. The floor has a high processing speed for reloading with transaction processing fees lower than most other exchanges. In addition, they will also have online support services to solve transaction difficulties and respond to customer inquiries quickly and efficiently.

Support many different digital currencies

This trading platform will support the exchange of most digital currencies today such as BTC, ETH, ... along with many digital currencies running on other ERC20 platforms.

Strong structure for high transaction volume

They look forward to handling over 1,000,000 transactions per second. Thus, almost VeraExchange has no limit on trading volume, enabling each individual and organization to participate regardless of whether the volume is large or small.

About token

VeraExchange token Our token was designed to serve the new trend in the electronic money world: IEO. The more tokens that are kept in the wallet during that time, the more money the IEO will buy during the sale. We strive to keep our server processing speed fast enough so that people do not experience any delays in these quick token services.

MainSale/PreSale Information

Pre Sale start - 22 Apr, 2019
Pre Sale end - 6 May, 2019
Main Sale start - 6 May, 2019
Main Sale end - 3 June, 2019






The current financial world system has maintained some bubbles throughout its history and people have begun to realize that banks and the current economy in general cannot handle everything happening in the world. . Lack of freedom and serious rules created by a few that cannot meet most of the world's population.
We are living in a great time, finally, something unique and creative can break corruption and bureaucracy: blockchain.
Electronic money is just beginning its long and interesting story, so we are here to assist is finding the way to our customers: you. Vera Exchange is an exact product that you look for - with our extensive approach to hearing users first, we will provide the exact results you need.

To learn more about this project. Please visit the links below:

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