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KOI TOKEN — Facilitating P2P, P2C, C2C Transactions and In Our Ecosystem Applications

Hello everyone, this new post I want to introduce about a very interesting and good project that is KOI, and for more details, let’s just go to the following discussion.


It is a utility token based on the Ethereum network under the ERC20 standard, created to facilitate P2P, P2C, C2C transactions and in the applications of our ecosystem. We build the true massification of the blockchain and our developments are aimed at taking advantage of its potential without the need for technology to do so.
Our currency consists of a token based on the Ethereum network, which is defined as a decentralized platform and on which smart contracts are executed, which are based on the ERC20 standard that guarantees interoperability between tokens.
Our KOI Currency is designed to be easily interchangeable and to work in an integrated way with Dapps that use the ERC20 standard.
Additionally, we will develop a complete ecosystem where we will use our currency. The transparency of transactions is guaranteed since it can be traced in the blockchain, which is the public ledger of all transactions that occur.

Why create a new one ?

With the creation of our currency, we can offer an organic growth of our projects, where we will include different communities of users, especially those who do not have access to technology and have not been able to enjoy all the benefits offered by the blockchain.


The different projects that would support our currency are aimed at interacting with different communities, guaranteeing the use of KOI. This interaction between them, which today have an intrinsic trust among its members, will give us the security required to give value to our token.
The KoiTech Studio Projects were conceived by our Research, Computer and Technological Development team evaluating the different proposals of the current market and their weaknesses, to devise a congruent portfolio that will ensure the success of our KOI tkon, generating an Independent and Self-sustaining Ecosystem.

Token Details

Distribution of ICO

The objectives of the projects are achieved thanks to the good distribution of the funds received through the preliminary sale of the currency, ensuring the basis of a self-sustaining ecosystem in the initial stage of our activities.

Distribution of KOI

Our greatest strength is the transparency of the activities and the report on the distribution and designation of capital.

Road Map

Here is a summary of the activities that have already been carried out, and those that are about to be carried out. If you want to be informed about the progress of our projects, we recommend that you subscribe to our newsletter, and follow us through our social networks.

To find more relevant details please follow several sources for the following references :

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ICO LISTEREUM (LIST) (Service For The Organization Of Weddings)


In the Project ICO, which investors have been getting more and more frequently seen, of course they are looking for a good project and have been registered on the Rating ICO site by getting a satisfactory value.
With the registration of an Project ICO on the Rating ICO site, this will add to the investor's trust in the good and the success of this Project ICO in the future. So investors will be more interested and participate in presale and token sales.
In this article we will discuss one of the new Project ICO that have been registered on the Rating ICO site. The Project ICO discussed in this article is Listerum (LIST).


1. About Project Listereum (LIST)
Listereum is a new Project ICO that is now being released and is focusing on the field of wedding and invitation services. The service from Listereum aims to create a wedding site where newlyweds can create guest lists, send invitations online, tell about vacation spots, provide routes and more. Also make or order a beautiful invitation card.
With the existence of this service site, of course, it will facilitate someone in planning a wedding and ordering an invitation. Because this service will become a service that allows one to order various wedding supplies through the services of this service site.
2. Rating ICO Listereum (LIST)
Listereum (LIST) has now entered and there are several sites that have given Rating ICO values on 4 sites with different values, sites that have entered the ICO list and assigned the Rating ICO value to the Listereum project (LIST) is:
ICObench has not yet provided an Rating ICO to Listere (LIST). But tomorrow if this project has been successful it will certainly get an Rating ICO from this site, for now the value has not been obtained by the Listereum (LIST) and only can it enter inside which the ICObench usually takes value through observations from: Profile, Team , Vision and Product.
If you want to see this project which temporarily enters the ICObench you can visit the site here.
The ICO Holder also does not provide an Rating ICO and the status of the Rating ICO Listereum (LIST) is still N / A. However, tomorrow of course you will get a Rating ICO value from this site.
If you want to know more about the Project Listereum (LIST) on the ICO Holder you can visit the site here.
The Found ICO gives an Rating ICO to Listereum (LIST) with a value of 4.8 from the maximum value of Rating ICO 10, this value also still has the possibility of increasing and for now this value is included as a good category. This value was taken by the Found ICO through observations from: Main Info, Finance, Product, Team and Marketing.
If you want to know more about the Project Listereum (LIST) at Found ICO you can visit the site here.
Coinmarket ICO also has not provided an Rating ICO and the status of the List of Rating ICO (LIST) is still N / A. However, tomorrow of course you will get a Rating ICO value from this site.
If you want to know more about the Project List (LIST) at Coinmarket ICO you can visit the site here.
In the meantime only 4 sites have entered Listereum (LIST) into the ICO list and provided an assessment of the state of the Rating ICO like that, and there are still many possibilities tomorrow there will be more additions in terms of Rating ICO values or other Rating ICO sites.


From the explanation above, we can conclude that the ICO Listerum (LIST) project is a good and convincing project category, this is evident from the registration of this project on the Rating ICO website and has obtained the results of the Rating ICO assessment. Even though there are some sites that have not provided an assessment but this will not reduce the belief that this Project ICO will be successful in the future.


Thus the article title "Rating ICO Listereum (LIST) (Service For The Organization Of Weddings)", hopefully with this article can provide useful information and can attract investors to consider this Project ICO.
Information Social Media Project Listereum (LIST)
For information on Project Listereum (LIST) Social Media you can visit the link below:

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Slothee Business Networking. Anywhere. Anytime. (Project Review)

What is Slothee?
A platform for connecting businesses without worrying about privacy issues Slothee is a modern business networking platform aimed for connecting people to improve their lives both mainly in terms of sales and careers. We at Slothee believe that productivity enhances when like-minded business professionals form a community. We are tired of hearing day by day about the data breach, privacy issues, and user tracking. To overcome this, we decided to use Ethereum's Whisper Protocol.
Supporting businesses to grow by helping them to connect with people, boosting business presence, facilitate private communication and transfer values with the help of blockchain technology.
  • DAPP
    Slothee helps you to connect and grow your network that is mutually beneficial, deeper and long lasting.
    Power of blockchain helps our users to be confident that their private chat data is truly private.
    Intuitive user interface enables an average Slotheeuser to close a deal easily and to sell or buy using major cryptocurrencies.
  • CAFÉ
    Slothee’s Café feature helps you to lead the way in connecting with numerous people at a gathering.
How Slothee Works?
With Blockchain technology catching the interest of the internet, Slothee adopts proven Ethereum's Whisper Protocol to help protect user privacy.

  1. The Tweet or Post equivalent of Slothee.
  2. Every time you want to show good things that happen at your office or business, social medium is the best way to tell the world around you.
  3. We make it easier for everyone to respectfully advertise their goodness to their network and beyond with monologue driven posts on Slothee.
  4. Investors will get higher bonuses in early stages of token sale by which they can increase the valuation
  5. You can showcase the good things on the Slothee billboard without the worrying about judgmental “metrics”.

  1. The Tinder equivalent for doing business with nearby people
  2. Humans are best designed to use the resources at our closest proximity but how many times do we use this to get new business connections?
  3. We underutilize workshops, events, concerts, seminars and other business gatherings as we make lasting connections with hardly a couple of them.
  4. Slothee’s Café feature helps you to lead the way in connecting with numerous people at a gathering.
  5. It displays the location and information of the Slothee users in a 300 meter proximity.

Private Lobby
  1. The Whatsapp equivalent in Slothee
  2. There has been a momentous increase in the number of complaints against privacy breach, data theft and user tracking since the boom in social media participation.
  3. Currently, Slothee has employed technology stack similar to Telegram’s where the data that is sent will be erased from its server within a stipulated time after the data is delivered to the respective/intended receiver.
  4. In the next build, Slothee intends to upgrade the data security through moving into decentralized data transfer and storage.
  5. Slothee explored all viable options and found "blockchain" as the solution.
We wish to start this announcement by thanking you for your support and trust. Without you, our project wouldn’t have made it this far, so your consideration is highly valued and appreciated. The Slothee project is making an available total of 280,000,000 SLO tokens (including bonus) to the general public in the Initial Exchange Offering (IEO).
Here are the steps you should take to participate in Slothee IEO:
IEO launch date: Since most of the blockchain based startups are financing their projects through ICO, the IEO’s are comparatively rare. Slothee announces that it will be conducting an IEO on the 15th of May 2019. Announcement on Exchanges: Selected and approved cryptocurrency exchange platforms will be selling Slothee Tokens (SLO). List of such Exchanges will be available on our website soon!
**Sign-up on the Exchange: ** Once you have figured out which exchange will be participating in the IEO, you can complete the registration through KYC/AML verification at the exchange and sign-up might take a couple of hours to a few days. Thus, make sure you are not doing it in the last minute.
Accepted Cryptocurrency: BTC, ETH, USDT and other Cryptocurrency approved by the selected exchanges. You can send your desired amount of cryptocurrency to the selected exchanges and you will be receiving the SLO tokens in exchange. We are fully confident that with your support, the above announcement will prove to be decisive in the success of Slothee. We know that we have everyone’s support in this since we are quick to learn and adjust to the market changes as well as comments of our community.

Token Details
* Platform Name: Slothee
* Ticker: SLO
* Type: ERC20
* Total tokens: 950.000.000 SLO
* Decimals: 18
** ICO Details**
Date: 10 May 2019 - 08 July 2019
ICO's Token Supply: 380.000.000 SLO
Price: $0.05
Hard Cap: $19.000.000
Roadmap: https://www.slothee.io/roadmap/
Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH
ICO Pre-sale & Sale
May 10 - May 24 = 40% bonus
Round 1
May 25 - June 08 = 25% bonus

Round 2
June 09 - June 23 = 15% bonus

Round 3
June 24 - July 08 = No bonus
Token distribution
* Pre-sale & Sale: 40%
* Team members and Others: 20%
* Strategic partners: 10%
* Advisors - 10%
* Legal: 5%
* Bounty & Airdrop: 2%
* Bonus: 13%
Budget Allocation
* 37% Customer Acquisition
* 30% Integration Acquisition
* 25% Product development
* 8% Operations
Slothee token ticker symbol is SLO. Our token value in sale is $0.08.

SLOTHEE Business Networking, Anywhere, Anytime. Slothee is a modern social networking platform aimed for connecting people to improve their lives both mainly in terms of business and career. Join us!
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Blockchain is the latest technology that can bring changes to the marketing of real estate. Also this latest technology can change the methods and ways we conduct transactions. This technology has been used and tested in some other important areas of human life and it has been rated as the most advanced technology. This technology has been seen as the linkup between members and people of the world for any successful transaction to occur in the world of crypto-currency blockchain technology must definitely be involved. The enthusiasts in the world have seen the impact of this technology which is why they have been clamoring for the world-wide adoption of this technology.
Different sectors of human life have benefitted from this great technology and today its importance will be emphasized in this article. CESTATES is the new project which has adopted the use of blockchain technology to make transactions in real estate easier than it was before.
With the introduction of blockchain technology both the sellers and buyers will be able to clear and clarify all their doubts and proceed to have a successful transaction within themselves without the involvement of and escrow services. Adoption of Blockchain technology by CESTATES project will help speeding up the transactions and likewise reduce the high cost of transaction as to what is been experienced before. Adoption of blockchain technology simply means the use of smart-contracts in the platform to improve the security, immutability and likewise increase the transparency level of the platform. With the adoption of blockchain technology there will be a record of every transaction conducted in CESTATES platform on blockchain network in which members will be able to access it anytime they want thereby increases the transparency level of the project. This technology has made it difficult for people to manipulate and scam simply because there will always be record of every transaction on the blockchain network.
Blockchain technology has helped in developing a new method of decentralized assets with different payment options. This technology has made it possible to use different crypto-currencies to invest in REAL ESTATES.
Blockchain technology has made it possible to connect people around the globe to easily transact and likewise buy & sell real estate properties. CESTATES has made it a point of duty to do everything needed to ensure there is smooth deal and transaction between buyers and sellers in its platform.
CAPITARISE CORPORATION which is the backbone of CESTATES is a property management company which is very efficient, fast and professionals in helping people securing real estate around the globe.
CESTATES platform have expertise in the area of buying, selling, rental, listing, land banking, time sharing and crowd-funding. CESTATES has launched its project on NEM blockchain network which is also one of the best blockchain networks in the history of blockchain technology. CESTATES platform is designed with multi-layered security algorithm which will make it the most secured real-estate platform among others.
CESTATES has launched its own token known as xCET which will be used as transaction fees, listing and withdrawal fees in the platform.
To know more about CESTATES project follow the links below
Website => https://cestates.io
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Saturn.Black ( Xsat ) - Liquidity provider for the crypto market

The Token trade is already at: https://latoken.com/exchange/BTC-XSAT
Today's project is Saturn, this represents an almost unique idea with a minimum number of similar projects! So it's a great opportunity to get valuable. Today, the status of gold as a value standard goes into the digital domain. Bitcoin-digital gold. Bitcoin is limited in number, requires production costs and is used as a means of payment. The launch of Bitcoin has caused the emergence of software in the industry based on blockchain technology and the emergence of analog Bitcoin that offers to solve current problems or expand infrastructure to use Bitcoin. Due to the fact that the value of the share of all bitcoin is estimated at 50% of crypto market capitalization, another digital asset called "altcoins implies an alternative Bitcoin asset"

The creation of more than 2,000 altcoins led to the emergence of followers and speculative market development for crypto assets, which can be divided into 2 types:
1. The cryptocurrency unit is created as a universal payment instrument based on computer encryption protocols and is not controlled by third parties such as banks. Decentralization is an important sign of cryptocurrency.
2. Unit token payments are made as payment instruments in the company's infrastructure, with devices that are partially or completely centralized. Signs of attention can be careless and unsafe. Below we return to this problem. Sometimes there are signs of concern in comparison with company stocks on the market.

The crypto market can be compared to the traditional speculative stock market, where the altcoin is the asset quoted and bitcoin is the asset quoted. The community at the beginning of the launch of a new type of asset - a centralized cryptocurrency cryptocurrency or digital currency.
At the same time, Bitcoin continues to run as the main digital currency, attracting more and more frequent owners of traditional capital. The main reason why market capitalization is down to 70% is clearly an excess of capitalization.
Due to the specific calculation of the capitalization of the cryptocurrency market rating provider (Coinmarketcap), the values presented in this ranking are not in accordance with reality. Asset capitalization is calculated by multiplying the number of active coins with the current average market price of one coin. The number of coins that are actively circulating also cannot be accepted as true, because the number of units of several assets in the hands of only a few investors reaches 80-90% of all coins issued. Thus, the volume of these assets, as a rule, does not participate in market trading, and if they start participating, they quickly reduce the price of the instrument.
No investor or team pays for this token, and the absence of secondary demand for these assets leaves no opportunity for these markets. As a result of information that characterizes the crypto market, participants lose objective data and cannot assess the depth of the current crisis. The frozen token in the hands of the project founder - one of the main threats hidden in the crypto market, and continued decline in secondary demand maintains the tendency for 90% crypto asset depreciation over the next few years.
Reducing the price of the cryptocurrency asset market structure, where fair value determines the demand, supply, value added and non-competitive business models. The price of an asset returns to its true value, which for most crypto markets is equal to full depreciation. Most crypto players believe that the increase in bitcoin prices is unavoidable. And along with the rise in Bitcoin prices, the overall crypto market will also rise. Indeed, this relationship is real and rising prices for most assets represented are directly related to the growth of Bitcoin. But, as in any market, only prices for popular tools that attract crypto players are increasing.
On the value of Bitcoin, Saturn's team also maintains an opinion about increasing the value of Bitcoin in the future. But before that, the market consolidated and reduced the burden of outdated unsafe trading tools. This will require unlimited time. In addition, we believe that cryptographic equipment must be safe with international legal requirements. Government regulations will coexist with decentralized technology, which is increasing which, the period for determining the legal status of crypto assets must be completed. As soon as the stabilization process is complete, a new wave of growth awaits the crypto market.

There are several benefits at Saturn.black ( Xsat )
1. Reducing risk compared to traditional exchanges. Sending crypto assets by exchanging addresses, merchants trust third party security. We will not remind you of hard hacking cases, you must listen to this, and you may have been a victim of hacking yourself. Trust crypto exchange assets, no one can ensure that they are 100% safe.
2. Exchange has the right to block funds without giving reasons, sometimes they freeze withdrawals, and sometimes they close them. Making transactions through an exchange protocol, players do not send assets to crypto exchanges. Numismatic stays in the client's wallet until the transaction conditions are met by the partner. Improving security is a fundamental difference in the approach of the Saturn agreement.
3. Saturn speed, due to certain software architectures, is as fast as blockchains allowing interchangeable assets and internet connections. If we consider the stages of depositing and withdrawing funds in the Ethereum example, in the example of traditional crypto exchanges.
4. The remuneration system for makers and referral programs is trading interesting features on the "Saturn" platform. Because our products are launched by traders and especially for traders, we understand how difficult it is to attract assets to trade on new platforms. Being in a condition of lack of liquidity, paying attention to the exchange of goods, perhaps through the qualitative implementation and encouragement of loyal program customers.
5. The market is divided according to exchange specifications and transaction volume. In addition to creating traditional cryptocurrency exchanges, with the release of the last point of our Roadmap planned - the Saturn team intends to launch services for major players, investors and payments in the first cryptocurrency. After examining the specific operations for different volumes, we identified over-the-counter exchange services, given the increasing demand for crypto assets from professional investors. Most popular derivatives are based on quoting crypto assets, such as Bitcoin, increasing market demand for guaranteed term assets. Saturn's goal in this process is to ensure direct contact between the seller and the buyer and ensure the security of transactions automatically while maintaining the anonymity of the parties.

Saturn liquidity exchange and XSAT marker
Another reason for the current decline in the price of crypto assets, we believe that the player's final withdrawal from the market is "dying". This means that players sell crypto assets without the exchange of goals. The lack of cons consumer demand makes the most likely scenario for the market fall. Inaction or intentional insider action from the project team is hopeless. Trapped assets from large investors will cause further price falls as soon as investors decide to fix their losses. And it's just a matter of time.
Another reason for the current decline in the price of crypto assets, we believe that the player's final withdrawal from the market is "dying". This means that players sell crypto assets without the exchange of goals. The lack of cons consumer demand makes the most likely scenario for the market fall. Inaction or intentional insider action from the project team is hopeless. Trapped assets from large investors will cause further price falls as soon as investors decide to fix their losses. And it's just a matter of time.
The Saturn team's idea is to solve the problem of secondary demand, providing liquidity to a less liquid market.
Applying this concept, Saturn launched a crypto asset transaction service. Xsat tokens are the main assets of our stock price quotes. Saturn's feature is that adding assets quoted to listings is simplified by determining the assets declared by voting players. The Saturn community is the main engine of liquidity on the platform. We consider reliable requests originating from our customers, compared to paid lists that are popular on the market today. We constantly emphasize the need for counter consumer demand on the secondary market and intend to ensure consumer demand in the maximum number of trading pairs with XSAT, BTC, ETH and other stable tokens. The main deposit needed to maintain liquidity and profitability of services, we plan to allocate at least 50% of the funds.
By placing XSAT tokens in public cryptographic stores, we intend to reduce their impact. Saturn serves the price of tokens. For example, trading volume in BNB tokens is 90% circulating in Binance Exchange, KCS is 100% in Coins exchange. As we think, to set a fair price, the distribution of trade volumes cannot be so centralized. To do this, we try to enter the list of instruments traded on popular exchanges, along with the growth of our community.

As a result, I witnessed projects that were well thought out with aggressive ambitions and every opportunity to realize them! This project is implemented very simply and at the same time contains very large functions and good ideas to solve many problems! This project has a very good ranking on most lists, and this is justified, considering almost unique ideas and professional application. The project team does everything in its power to support and improve the project. He likes to answer all questions from the community and investors. And most importantly, it won't disappear after ICO! And this is very important in our day. As I said, project estimates are very high, and they are not given by ordinary people, but by professionals! I advise you to study this project in more detail, I see great potential in it!
I am very glad you have read to the end, and this means you like my review and this project. And this is the main thing I want to achieve by working on this review. I try to convey all the information gathered in the shortest and simplest form, the easiest to understand! Thank you very much for being with me. I hope you are lucky and know more about the project that attracts many investors.

For more information, visit the links below:
Saturn Official Channel: https://t.me/saturnblack
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