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ASSETSTREAM: A Decentralized Microfinance Platform

The centralized financial institute has so many policy and features which is always affecting people's life and business. It still baffle me seeing centralized banking system ruling the world despite different technology development surfacing on the planet earth. There are lot of challenges facing the conventional banking system and it need to be address. One of the solution is the innovation of blockchain technology. It has features that can solve majority challenges the world is facing today. Therefore, a platform called ASSETSTREAM has capitalized on this technology to build an unbanked system which will make make people operates a decentralized financial system.
Assetstream is a blockchain based financial institute for peer to peer transaction. It is a global decentralized microfinance platform that will replace the banking system to a unbank system using blockchain technology. In a nutshell, Assetstream want to tokenize the banking and the financial system for ease transaction.
  • The centralized banking system is being control by a body and have a single system. This means if there is a server breakdown, it will affects everyone accounts and business is going to stop.
  • The centralized financial system require a third party to execute a transaction, which therefore make banks charges people in every transactions being executed through their system.
  • The financial institute are lacks in many of my area. It is very clear that about 30% of my country population could not have access to the financial institute in their location. I can only say bank exist only in the rural location of my country and I know same things is occurring in other countries.
  • To open an account with many of the financial institutes require some legal documents which many people don't have yet. The process of registering account in financial institutes is very tedious and stressful which has deprived many the zeal of opening an account with the conventional financial institutes.
  • The centralized banking system does not permit people to withdraw the quantity of their saving fund. They are restricted to withdraw certain limits of your money.
  • The centralized financial institutes don't offer loans to people wishing to do business except you have enough collateral or you have mouth in the system.
All the above mentioned challenges are what Assetstream is aiming to solve.
Assetstream is building a decentralized financial institute that will make people have access to financial services in an ease way. They are building an unbanked ecosystem that will make people manage their account and do a transaction without the involvement of third party. Assetstream is building a financial system that will make people have option to do a peer to peer transaction and have access to loans from the lenders.
In order for the goal of Assetstream goals to become viable, they are tokenizing the financial institutes to used cryptocurrency. For this reason, the platform has introduced their traditional token termed “AST” which will be utilize on this platform. Any holder of AST token can lend money to another pear users and earn interest from the platform.
The platform has decided to organize a token sale to raise fund for the development of the platform. It is also an opportunity for investors to make an investment in a project that has potential to deliver in future time.
AssetStream Token Sale Detail
Token Name : AST
Hard Cap: 2.1 Billion
Soft Cap: 144 Million
Accepted purchase methods: USD, BTC, ETH, and BCH
Bonus System : Yes
Know Your Customer (KYC) : Yes
Total Tokens : 3,300,000,000 Tokens
Minimum to buy: 0.01 ETH
Max Personal Cap : Unlimited
ICO : 64%
Bounty: 1%
Management & Advisory: 15%
Product Development: 4%
Marketing & PR: 8%
Business Development: 5%
Legal: 3%
Meet the brain behind this project
Assetstream is a microfinance platform that make people have a quick to financial services. Users of Assetstream platform will have access to obtain loan with little interest and lenders too will reward with the AST token.
For more information about Assetstream, kindly follows the below link:
Author: KanekiKov
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