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Bethash - the world's first satoshi cryptocurrency in gambling various currencies through the EOS Blockchain


The Bethash Team introduces a multi-chain system to the platform, enabling gambling in multiple currencies through EOS Blockchain. BetHash is the world's first satoshi cryptocurrency #JACKPOT offering experience with reality in gambling. Each client of the project has the opportunity to become a real pioneer in this segment. It is worth considering the key features of the platform, which will certainly attract interested people. Bringing the game to the next level where players can enjoy a safe environment.

BetHash is a place that is very popular with the lovers of gambling. The facilities offered by the best online Jackpot gambling sites certainly never disappoint. This site provides games that you only meet in the jackpot, so even if you play using a smartphone or laptop you will still like playing real games.
BetHash EOS has the fastest block generation time making it best suitable for our fast-paced lottery game! The 1st Satoshi Style Decentralised online cryptocurrency Jackpot, it provides maximum experience. Don't you have a headset? We are designed for a lot of games! EOS has 0.5 second block time, which means 2 blocks are generated every second, with each of these blocks having a randomly generated transaction hash. It Safe, secure and transparent guarantees are guaranteed.

Project Outline And Goals

The project will combine all the positive elements associated with blockchain technology and decentralization which include vastly improved security and a transparency which inspires both creators and the user base and has Bonus of 10% Payout Ratio Pool, 0.05% for Invitee Reward, 0.2% Commission.
As well as bringing the most impressive tech elements together to facilitate a next level user experience, the platform will also provide benefits for its investors. They will be entitled as token holders, to a % share in the revenue of the platform as it grows.

Each player has access to the following features

There are several types of games in online jackpot gambling, five of them is slot machine, Roullete, Black jack, Baccarat and Dice, Lottery. First slot machine, is a game that offers a lot of bonuses and jackpots. Therefore it is not surprising if this one game is quite popular, but it also how to get bonus or jackpot is easy and simple.
Second Roullete, if you see this game then no stranger because often see this kind of game in game play places. Roullete is a game featuring small wheels with white balls which contain numbers from 0 to 36. So you have to predict where the white balls will stop usually given the choice of numbers, groups of numbers, colors and even odd.
Third blackjack, surely you know this one game, a game that uses playing cards where the ultimate goal is to collect cards up to the number 21. People buy cards for many reasons. For some, buying an ICO token is a hobby, for others it is a way of life. A number of transaction codes are a smart, diversified portfolio of them with cards from all sorts of blockchain projects. Others are just playing a game of speculation.
#BetHash is committed to changing the way we view online gambling in General. The world's first blockchain- it also integrate the tradition of online gaming, finally bringing transparency and accountability to the world of online jackpot.

Our Offering

We will be developing a online payment wallet system to allow players who hold Top 10 crypto tokens by market cap, so players can use other crypto-currencies other than bitcoins to play in a licensed online jackpot, players can already play on our Bethash website, and we seek to address the problem of accepting other crypto currencies by building an online payment platform for the use of accepting and integrating more cryptocurrencies.

Key Benefits Of Bethash

It is necessary to highlight a few really important factors:
The use of blockchain technology; allows you to protect players from problems with fraudsters and the loss of their own funds. In addition, the use of the blockchain's capabilities makes it possible to refuse the services of intermediaries - the Bethash makes almost instant payments, taking into account the wishes of the players;
Full transparency in all transactions; intellectual contracts allow you to make playing in a jackpot safe and easy.
No problems with the replenishment of the wallet. You will be able to purchase project tokens with Eth, Btc, Hash, Iost etc and then use them to play in the devices you like.

A Blockchain Network You Can Trust

The BetHash token will be an EOS blockchain token, and will build upon all the security and utility benefits of the EOS network. They can be held on any wallet that can store bethash tokens, and be easily exchanged in a P2P manner or on exchanges.

In Conclusion, The BetHash is profoundly exclusive in its dealings and benefit protectiveness and attractiveness associated with all registered users. The Jackpot are uniquely for fun and maximization of financial equity on investing solely on the block market for which coin value can be used and exchanged for playing games and also used for winning monetary content in real time. The Bethash coin or token can be used on the Jackpot platform in real time and also used for purchases. The BetHash stands are the First Satoshi licensed EOS blockchain jackpot on the crypto balance network. This decentralized token value is magnificent and magnanimous on the sphere of users relaxation on jackpot bettings and transactional gaming returns.

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