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BITAGRO — Decentralized Agro Exchange Platform


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Bitagro is the world’s first Blockchain Platform aiming for agro-industries, the market may now more and more industries who are interested in the technology of the blockchain put forward in the decentralization of the management platform. One of them is Bitagro, where this Exchange platform will be present for a great industry that’s been widely grown, namely agro-industries.
Bitagro or Agro Exchange is an update of the agro-industries with global p2p decentralized platform for the trading of agricultural products and food. The presence technological updates applied Agro Excgance expected this could draw incoming larger investment in agro-industries in all the world. By using the technology of blockchain, suppliers and customers who are already registered can do smart contracts, making the transaction, share information, and keep track of the history of food prices in various parts of the world.
How transactions carried out by suppliers and customers around the world can be done and on the guarantee by Agro Exchange? Of course trust from suppliers and customers in the study team developer is the most important, so from that Agro Exchange makes the Agrocoin will used to be the guarantor of payment between the tool and the user. Agrocoin is a token that will be a tool to market the agroindustry, and with the help of which users platform agro exchange will be able to do their transactions on purchase and sale of goods from the agricultural sector.
Argocoin is a cryptocurrency that is supported on the network blockchain Ethereum, it could make the transactions carried out by sellers and buyers is very transparent, secure and running very fast. Moreover, supported by the very reliable Exchange that will foster the trust of community agroindustry to trade do a platform Agro Exchange .
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This Exchange is very open and to all those who have already registered they can sell and buy products that are already listed on the Exchange, even just using their smartphone. Because Exchange Agro provides some innovations that may be a solution for the problem of sellers and buyers in the market such as cargo security, logistic, and financial losses, which are:
  1. Ease of making deals with a smart contract;
  2. Efficiency and economic benefits for all participants in transactions;
  3. Security, transparency, and the speed of transactions based on blockchain technology.
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We can trade with more easily because Agrodex has not been present in mobile, we can share information, be able to Transact, and could meet with sellers and buyers in just one hand. This is very unusual.
IEO Token Economics
For the current Agro Exchange team has run the IEO at Latoken. For all those who want to invest and have Agrocoin, you can immediately join in existing sales at Latoken.
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  1. Bounty Campaign
    To friends who are interested to get the token and promote of Agro Exchange platform can follow a bounty campaign is on here (https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5117554.0)
  2. Airdrop Campaign
    To friends who are interested get token free Agrocoin can follow the campaign AIRDROP in here (https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5115414.0)
Author: KanekiKov
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