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The P2P Lending loan model includes a guaranteed (unsecured) and unsecured (mortgage) loan model similar to the form of banks currently applied. The only difference is that the assessment will be conducted online and investors have the right to choose the partner that needs to borrow on the P2P platform, as well as track the profit from the lender.
Another advantage of P2P lending is that this model is based on Big Data technology that performs analysis and evaluation and controls all customer information online. Thereby, the evaluation of customer information will be fast, effective and much lower cost than the traditional form.
Interest is calculated on the basis of analyzing customer information, social network accounts, social trust ... and customers will be divided into corresponding groups like traditional banks. Furthermore, P2P Lending was born as a solution to replace black credit with "exorbitant" interest rates, reducing illegal lending activities.
With P2P Lending, borrowers offer an online loan service with attractive and fast service fees, much simpler than traditional loan forms. Appropriate service costs will result in investors getting higher returns when compared to saving or investing in any bank product.
Worldwide, peer lending models are booming. This model first appeared in England (Zopa, Funding Circle), then succeeded in the US market (Lending Club, Prosper, SoFi, OnDeck, Avant) and peaked in China (Lufax, JimuBox, Dianrong, PPdai, Renrendai). Following this development, a company owned by Bitbond GmbH developed a new generation peer-to-peer loan model and issued a BB1 token.

Advantages of Bitbond

Bitbond token (BB1) is the first security token in Germany and makes the global lending business accessible.
Target profit is 8% (see computer). This result from a fixed interest rate coupon of 4% per year and high profit participation of 60%. Token BB1 is a preeminent investment because:
Profits are significantly higher than other fixed income investments.
BB1 token is safer and more stable than other electronic-based investments because the prospectus complies with legal regulations that govern your rights.
For the first time in Germany, real security is released without the participation of banks

Benefits of Bitbond token holders

BB1 is distributed to investors' wallet when STO's registration period ends and immediately Bitbond Finance can transfer to take advantage of Stellar block chain to provide effective and instant international transactions:

Instant transfer ability

BB1 is distributed to the investor's wallet when the subscription period of STO ends and is transferable immediately

Effective transactions

Stellar is more effective than other blockchain, helping to significantly reduce the cost of global payment transactions.

Easy to set up

When purchasing BB1 Token, the Token owner will automatically receive Stellar Wallet. Holders can also use existing Stellar wallets.
Bitbond Finance will buy back the token at the initial price of € 1 after 10 years






With many suitable advantages, the P2P Lending model will inevitably change the habits of financial use of people around the world and boom in the future. Which company can break through the pioneering technology, behavioral research specific to customers, apply technologies to automate credit appraisal thanks to large data analysis algorithms, AI with customer information There is a need for loans and loans that will have the opportunity to lead the market. To understand more about this project, please read the links below:
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