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Blockchain is the latest technology that can bring changes to the marketing of real estate. Also this latest technology can change the methods and ways we conduct transactions. This technology has been used and tested in some other important areas of human life and it has been rated as the most advanced technology. This technology has been seen as the linkup between members and people of the world for any successful transaction to occur in the world of crypto-currency blockchain technology must definitely be involved. The enthusiasts in the world have seen the impact of this technology which is why they have been clamoring for the world-wide adoption of this technology.
Different sectors of human life have benefitted from this great technology and today its importance will be emphasized in this article. CESTATES is the new project which has adopted the use of blockchain technology to make transactions in real estate easier than it was before.
With the introduction of blockchain technology both the sellers and buyers will be able to clear and clarify all their doubts and proceed to have a successful transaction within themselves without the involvement of and escrow services. Adoption of Blockchain technology by CESTATES project will help speeding up the transactions and likewise reduce the high cost of transaction as to what is been experienced before. Adoption of blockchain technology simply means the use of smart-contracts in the platform to improve the security, immutability and likewise increase the transparency level of the platform. With the adoption of blockchain technology there will be a record of every transaction conducted in CESTATES platform on blockchain network in which members will be able to access it anytime they want thereby increases the transparency level of the project. This technology has made it difficult for people to manipulate and scam simply because there will always be record of every transaction on the blockchain network.
Blockchain technology has helped in developing a new method of decentralized assets with different payment options. This technology has made it possible to use different crypto-currencies to invest in REAL ESTATES.
Blockchain technology has made it possible to connect people around the globe to easily transact and likewise buy & sell real estate properties. CESTATES has made it a point of duty to do everything needed to ensure there is smooth deal and transaction between buyers and sellers in its platform.
CAPITARISE CORPORATION which is the backbone of CESTATES is a property management company which is very efficient, fast and professionals in helping people securing real estate around the globe.
CESTATES platform have expertise in the area of buying, selling, rental, listing, land banking, time sharing and crowd-funding. CESTATES has launched its project on NEM blockchain network which is also one of the best blockchain networks in the history of blockchain technology. CESTATES platform is designed with multi-layered security algorithm which will make it the most secured real-estate platform among others.
CESTATES has launched its own token known as xCET which will be used as transaction fees, listing and withdrawal fees in the platform.
To know more about CESTATES project follow the links below
Website => https://cestates.io
Author: KanekiKov
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