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ICO LISTEREUM (LIST) (Service For The Organization Of Weddings)


In the Project ICO, which investors have been getting more and more frequently seen, of course they are looking for a good project and have been registered on the Rating ICO site by getting a satisfactory value.
With the registration of an Project ICO on the Rating ICO site, this will add to the investor's trust in the good and the success of this Project ICO in the future. So investors will be more interested and participate in presale and token sales.
In this article we will discuss one of the new Project ICO that have been registered on the Rating ICO site. The Project ICO discussed in this article is Listerum (LIST).


1. About Project Listereum (LIST)
Listereum is a new Project ICO that is now being released and is focusing on the field of wedding and invitation services. The service from Listereum aims to create a wedding site where newlyweds can create guest lists, send invitations online, tell about vacation spots, provide routes and more. Also make or order a beautiful invitation card.
With the existence of this service site, of course, it will facilitate someone in planning a wedding and ordering an invitation. Because this service will become a service that allows one to order various wedding supplies through the services of this service site.
2. Rating ICO Listereum (LIST)
Listereum (LIST) has now entered and there are several sites that have given Rating ICO values on 4 sites with different values, sites that have entered the ICO list and assigned the Rating ICO value to the Listereum project (LIST) is:
ICObench has not yet provided an Rating ICO to Listere (LIST). But tomorrow if this project has been successful it will certainly get an Rating ICO from this site, for now the value has not been obtained by the Listereum (LIST) and only can it enter inside which the ICObench usually takes value through observations from: Profile, Team , Vision and Product.
If you want to see this project which temporarily enters the ICObench you can visit the site here.
The ICO Holder also does not provide an Rating ICO and the status of the Rating ICO Listereum (LIST) is still N / A. However, tomorrow of course you will get a Rating ICO value from this site.
If you want to know more about the Project Listereum (LIST) on the ICO Holder you can visit the site here.
The Found ICO gives an Rating ICO to Listereum (LIST) with a value of 4.8 from the maximum value of Rating ICO 10, this value also still has the possibility of increasing and for now this value is included as a good category. This value was taken by the Found ICO through observations from: Main Info, Finance, Product, Team and Marketing.
If you want to know more about the Project Listereum (LIST) at Found ICO you can visit the site here.
Coinmarket ICO also has not provided an Rating ICO and the status of the List of Rating ICO (LIST) is still N / A. However, tomorrow of course you will get a Rating ICO value from this site.
If you want to know more about the Project List (LIST) at Coinmarket ICO you can visit the site here.
In the meantime only 4 sites have entered Listereum (LIST) into the ICO list and provided an assessment of the state of the Rating ICO like that, and there are still many possibilities tomorrow there will be more additions in terms of Rating ICO values or other Rating ICO sites.


From the explanation above, we can conclude that the ICO Listerum (LIST) project is a good and convincing project category, this is evident from the registration of this project on the Rating ICO website and has obtained the results of the Rating ICO assessment. Even though there are some sites that have not provided an assessment but this will not reduce the belief that this Project ICO will be successful in the future.


Thus the article title "Rating ICO Listereum (LIST) (Service For The Organization Of Weddings)", hopefully with this article can provide useful information and can attract investors to consider this Project ICO.
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