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LEDU - Improve and expand your skills to make more money in your career

What the project does?
LiveEdu is a platform for teaching where content developers teach students how to do this, as well as how to form true food. Apply actual plans in order to provide knowledge as well as shape food programming, game research, information specialists, design, augmented reality, conditional reality, synthetic intelligence and cryptocurrency.
The content is available as well as in the air, in the archive, and thus in the loaded video. It is considered to be a calculated firm with a legal representation in Chin Francisco.
LiveEdu is determined by the online teaching exchange at $ 46 billion.
Project history
The base is made with a beta version in end 2015 about the name “” with the entry associated with programming.
In 2017 changed its own name to “LiveEdu”, increased the content group and switched to monetizing media content.
LiveEdu previously used more than 1 000 000 individual with 194 States with stage start-up. Most 13,000 streamers formed the most DESTE 000 video. The audience used LiveEdu with the aim of teaching and communication.
Streamers use it for the purpose of teaching and General application of their own plans. The plan receives funds through a LiveEdu Pro subscription including with $ 9.99. The UNITED States of AMERICA in a month and in advertising. LiveEdu creates a sharing of profits with the support of the streamers.
What makes LiveEdu so unique?
Dispersion of teaching — this transformation from classical teaching to the current situation; in what place knowledge is acquired from training plans,
peer-to-peer teaching, actual teaching or teaching in your experiment. In contrast to the classical teaching teacher to the student,
decentralized training is considered multilateral.
LiveEdu is aimed at a transitional and Advisory General education degree, in this case the period as well as all without exception available Internet websites are aimed at the main in beginners.
Are defined in the main primary cause, according to which a society start to investigate the latest skills, and to directly shape the outcome. Do not evaluate Coursera / Udemy / Udacity as well as rivals, as well as partners / customers for the purpose of activity. They expect to combine their own media content with them via API. They are perfect for beginners to explore the concept and introductory problems. LiveEdu does not give this, but is aimed at preparing people, what is more of these websites, as well as to create a whole result, for example, VR Game, AI Bot, apparatus for the purpose of bitcoins. You will be able to present them as well as infant kindergarten and LiveEdu in a typical property of secondary schools.
Now LiveEdu focuses in the “projects premium”, due to the fact that they provide the greatest educational importance, with the aim of students according to mapping programs no-premium. In addition, students are going to pay because of them, due to the fact that they give a great educational
value. Students are paid because of a monthly subscription including from $9.99 all the way up to $19.99, due to the number of this.
How does LiveEdu work?
The concept of LiveEdu consists of 2 grids: the internal ecosystem and the external ecosystem. Partners internal ecosystems are considered the developers of the plan (content developers), the audience (students), modernizing society, modernizing plan properties and the creators of the API additions LiveEdu. Companies, secondary schools, libraries, colleges and other Internet educational firms are considered to be partners in the external ecosystem
Liveedu line — this traditional form, which is very suitable for the purpose of tokening subcontract keys. The source-chain will disperse the main materials used, regulations according to the study of goods and plans, which will be produced as well as from the edge of the prescription, thus from the edge of demand. Tokenization can help LiveEdu to create its own line from two edges faster.
Live broadcasts and video can be viewed in HTML5 or flash, and are given in 3 formats properties 480p, 720p and 1080p.
LiveEdu including without having personal mobile additions, direct esters and video material have all chances to be viewed in HTML5 in phones and tablets.
Content producers apply streaming subscription ACCORDING to Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) in order to broadcast their own desktop, audio and camera to the only one with streaming liveedu servers.
LiveEdu creates content on its own?
Missing, 99.9999 percent of the content is based streamers. Imagine that LiveEdu given as well as Twitch or YouTube for the purpose of teaching according to the plan.
Streamers assume the most important component in the chain of value generation in the provision of LiveEdu. Its result is considered to be peer-to-peer,
a decentralized network that connects streamers with visitors. Streamers assume a side of the supply.
Since, the program
premium content is considered a Direct task of LiveEdu, in addition to crowdsale, aimed at creating 10,000 projects with more than 1,400 projects on each of the seven topics during the three-year period. LiveEdu plans to invest the income from the ICO as follows:
●Project creation (15%): every quarter, approximately 700 projects will be created by streamers.
●Expansion of team members (35%): hiring new team members: engineers, product Manager, marketing Director, curriculum Manager, and sales Manager.
●Network development and server costs (25%): integration of EDU tokens into LiveEdu. Expanding the streamer group and improving the quality of the stream. Development of internal applications based on Android and IOS.
●Marketing: (15%).
●Overhead: (10%).
in this case, LiveEdu does not have, during this period, a huge library of premium content according to 7 questions.
LiveEdu creates a global ecosystem of online education, a kind of YouTube for online education. Removes one category from YouTube and embeds it into a larger category of its own. Also as Twitch took gaming category of YouTube, and have embedded in their most vertical, LiveEdu YouTube removes from the category of online education. The mission is to take a place on the Internet on training projects. They want to create the world’s largest network of training projects in any topic.
The project is very good and improving! Good luck and successful progress in the future thank You all for reading my review! If you like do claps! Below are links to information resources
Author: KanekiKov
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