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OOOBTC EXCHANGE - Platform exchange of cryptocurrencies.

The crypto-currency market is developing every day and, as a result, the list of world crypto-currency exchanges is regularly updated with new exchange platforms for the main cryptocurrencies and many other altcoins.
Cryptocurrency exchange is an online resource that allows you to buy or sell electronic money online. Today, there are many crypto-currency exchanges, but if you compare the prices of the same crypto-currency pairs on different exchanges, it is easy to distinguish the best offer between them, which allows users to take advantage and earn a difference in interest rates.
When choosing an exchange platform, we are driven primarily by business interests: if we come to the exchange with a certain amount of money, we expect to increase our capital and gain experience.
Having studied the current list of exchanges and evaluate the ratings, you can choose sites that have already proven their importance and thereby minimize risks.
Today, there are many crypto-currency exchanges, but there are criteria that must be considered before choosing a crypto-currency exchange on which we are going to exchange our crypto-currency. Recently, a new exchange called OOOBTC has appeared that meets all the criteria that should be the subject of a good exchange. OOOBTC, based in Singapore, goes further to improve convenience and security for users.
The unique online trading model on the OOOBTC Exchange platform will effectively affect the world's major cryptocurrency exchanges, while providing greater liquidity. The OOOBTC platform will become the world's largest provider of liquidity for digital assets.
OOOBTC is a cryptocurrency exchange for trading various types of crypto currencies.
OOOBTC is different from other exchanges because it has all the main indicators that standard exchanges should have, and at the moment it is considered the most promising exchange. OOOBTC Exchange was developed by a group that studied all the difficulties of the majority of trading participants and identified the main points that eliminate each of these difficulties.
OOOBTC Exchangecreated for the smooth, efficient, safe and transparent exchange. Customers do not need to think much about the security of their assets, given that OOBTC continues to think about using a cold wallet storage system and 2FA protection. The convenient interface, customers can OOOBTC not to participate in order to make the exchange. The platform should also allow even beginners to appreciate a steady and calm exchange.
OBX token is an ERC 20 standard and if you store your tokens on the exchange, you receive dividends from the total income of the platform. The OBX award amount is calculated based on the number of events held daily at 00 hours and the OOOBTC rate at the current time, normally allocated 02:00 UTC (UTC + 8) per day. As a rule, all users receive a bonus within 24 hours. The bonus will be paid directly to the user's account without manual collection. You must store at least 1000 OBX to receive the bonus and keep it for more than 24 hours. There will be a one-time payment for the OBX bonus for users, be sure to wait for the bonus to get to your OOOBTC account. The daily dividend received by users is not a fixed figure, the more OBX you have, the greater your profit.
To support exchange project OOOBTC run some stock. The total OBX token supply is 3 billion (3 000 000 000) and no other token can be generated. NO PUBLIC SALES, NO ICO.
In the context of the team's strategy to use OOOBTC Exchange platforms and projects around the world, I am pleased to announce a new program with BOUNTY SOCIAL OOOBTC Exchange, with a total prize of 1,000,000 OBX tokens.
Distribution of rewards: 1 000 000 OBX (1 million)
Facebook group Campaign = 20%
Twitter Campaign = 20%
Reddit = 20 Campaign%
Campaign on the website = 10%
The Discussion About Bitcointalk = 10%
YouTube Campaign = 10%
Telegram Campaign = 10%
35% participation in Airdrop, Bounty and Public
30% - community construction, marketing and partnership
25% - locked for technological development
10% - co-founder and Development Group
55% - Trade Competition
20% - distribute the stock exchange on the basis of the budget
10% distribution of OBX on the basis of a balance of users of activity
10% - Airdrop
5% - Suggests new users
Author: KanekiKov
My ETH: 0xACE2d47039C296a158e6EE1827300e6B098B9B0B

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