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Slothee Business Networking. Anywhere. Anytime. (Project Review)

What is Slothee?
A platform for connecting businesses without worrying about privacy issues Slothee is a modern business networking platform aimed for connecting people to improve their lives both mainly in terms of sales and careers. We at Slothee believe that productivity enhances when like-minded business professionals form a community. We are tired of hearing day by day about the data breach, privacy issues, and user tracking. To overcome this, we decided to use Ethereum's Whisper Protocol.
Supporting businesses to grow by helping them to connect with people, boosting business presence, facilitate private communication and transfer values with the help of blockchain technology.
  • DAPP
    Slothee helps you to connect and grow your network that is mutually beneficial, deeper and long lasting.
    Power of blockchain helps our users to be confident that their private chat data is truly private.
    Intuitive user interface enables an average Slotheeuser to close a deal easily and to sell or buy using major cryptocurrencies.
  • CAFÉ
    Slothee’s Café feature helps you to lead the way in connecting with numerous people at a gathering.
How Slothee Works?
With Blockchain technology catching the interest of the internet, Slothee adopts proven Ethereum's Whisper Protocol to help protect user privacy.

  1. The Tweet or Post equivalent of Slothee.
  2. Every time you want to show good things that happen at your office or business, social medium is the best way to tell the world around you.
  3. We make it easier for everyone to respectfully advertise their goodness to their network and beyond with monologue driven posts on Slothee.
  4. Investors will get higher bonuses in early stages of token sale by which they can increase the valuation
  5. You can showcase the good things on the Slothee billboard without the worrying about judgmental “metrics”.

  1. The Tinder equivalent for doing business with nearby people
  2. Humans are best designed to use the resources at our closest proximity but how many times do we use this to get new business connections?
  3. We underutilize workshops, events, concerts, seminars and other business gatherings as we make lasting connections with hardly a couple of them.
  4. Slothee’s Café feature helps you to lead the way in connecting with numerous people at a gathering.
  5. It displays the location and information of the Slothee users in a 300 meter proximity.

Private Lobby
  1. The Whatsapp equivalent in Slothee
  2. There has been a momentous increase in the number of complaints against privacy breach, data theft and user tracking since the boom in social media participation.
  3. Currently, Slothee has employed technology stack similar to Telegram’s where the data that is sent will be erased from its server within a stipulated time after the data is delivered to the respective/intended receiver.
  4. In the next build, Slothee intends to upgrade the data security through moving into decentralized data transfer and storage.
  5. Slothee explored all viable options and found "blockchain" as the solution.
We wish to start this announcement by thanking you for your support and trust. Without you, our project wouldn’t have made it this far, so your consideration is highly valued and appreciated. The Slothee project is making an available total of 280,000,000 SLO tokens (including bonus) to the general public in the Initial Exchange Offering (IEO).
Here are the steps you should take to participate in Slothee IEO:
IEO launch date: Since most of the blockchain based startups are financing their projects through ICO, the IEO’s are comparatively rare. Slothee announces that it will be conducting an IEO on the 15th of May 2019. Announcement on Exchanges: Selected and approved cryptocurrency exchange platforms will be selling Slothee Tokens (SLO). List of such Exchanges will be available on our website soon!
**Sign-up on the Exchange: ** Once you have figured out which exchange will be participating in the IEO, you can complete the registration through KYC/AML verification at the exchange and sign-up might take a couple of hours to a few days. Thus, make sure you are not doing it in the last minute.
Accepted Cryptocurrency: BTC, ETH, USDT and other Cryptocurrency approved by the selected exchanges. You can send your desired amount of cryptocurrency to the selected exchanges and you will be receiving the SLO tokens in exchange. We are fully confident that with your support, the above announcement will prove to be decisive in the success of Slothee. We know that we have everyone’s support in this since we are quick to learn and adjust to the market changes as well as comments of our community.

Token Details
* Platform Name: Slothee
* Ticker: SLO
* Type: ERC20
* Total tokens: 950.000.000 SLO
* Decimals: 18
** ICO Details**
Date: 10 May 2019 - 08 July 2019
ICO's Token Supply: 380.000.000 SLO
Price: $0.05
Hard Cap: $19.000.000
Roadmap: https://www.slothee.io/roadmap/
Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH
ICO Pre-sale & Sale
May 10 - May 24 = 40% bonus
Round 1
May 25 - June 08 = 25% bonus

Round 2
June 09 - June 23 = 15% bonus

Round 3
June 24 - July 08 = No bonus
Token distribution
* Pre-sale & Sale: 40%
* Team members and Others: 20%
* Strategic partners: 10%
* Advisors - 10%
* Legal: 5%
* Bounty & Airdrop: 2%
* Bonus: 13%
Budget Allocation
* 37% Customer Acquisition
* 30% Integration Acquisition
* 25% Product development
* 8% Operations
Slothee token ticker symbol is SLO. Our token value in sale is $0.08.

SLOTHEE Business Networking, Anywhere, Anytime. Slothee is a modern social networking platform aimed for connecting people to improve their lives both mainly in terms of business and career. Join us!
Author: KanekiKov
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