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SMATHIUM - The Unique Loyalty Blockchain Platform That Accumulate Points Anywhere In The World

SMATHIUM is the platform built for consumers to redeem their rewards. It is a B2B2C loyalty platform built on the blockchain technology. This is an opportunity for the retailers and consumers to engage on the loyalty management platform so that each party can benefit judiciously. AI-based analytics is allowed for increasing the conversion rates and sales of the company. They are creating a value-based business for the retailers and consumers based on the cryptocurrency.
We have built SMATHIUM as a result of this successful business, because the technology of the blockchain makes it possible to introduce a novel approach to the loyalty and rewards market, which will generate new values ​​for customers, merchants and society in general.
The Blockchain is growing at an exponential rate and more and more people are becoming interested to invest and take active part in. This is because of the huge potentials of the new system and the fact that it works differently from the traditional system which has made the processes of interactions among and between people very rigorous.
SMATHIUM is a chain loyalty platform, A decentralized Application (dApp) where all businesses can create their own loyalty reward programs powered by a single token and ecosystem that enables retailers to reward their customers 'acquisitions, friends' invitations and other adjustable transactions with crypto-currencies. It has a value for the clients, since they receive for their purchases the cards based on liquid Ethereum, which can be exchanged for purchases or transferred to another crypto-wallet. The price of the chips is also fixed for development due to our exclusive business model, so these rewards may increase in value over time, instead of expiring.
A new yet innovative loyalty program has now being offered by SMATHIUM, giving the merchants a great new way to keep their customers’ loyalty and grow more sales. By using the crypto currency, SMATHIUM and its SMT tokens will be valuable rewards that will not expire but go up in value instead. Tokens are liquid Ethereum base and not only are they purchasable but also redeemable and transferable as well. This way, customers may also receive return on investment in case they want to save the tokens before selling it in the next following years.
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Relationship between Service Providers and Developers
Open source ecosystem will be provided by SMATHIUM for the retailers in order to allow them to obtain profit from DAPPS creations they offer within the network. SMATHIUM will allow the developers to use template apps and software of the network so they can develop the custom apps to fulfill the need of e-commerce business. The developers will then get benefit from several ways such as the remuneration provide directly from retailers, arrangement of hackathons and prizes and creation as well as adoption of the software.
Market Strategy by SMATHIUM
Let’s take a look further at how SMATHIUM perform this customer loyalty platform in a ecosystem based in blockchain. The key tasks in terms of marketing done by SMATHIUM includes content management system, promotion among retails, e-commerce service providers and website builders. The value of SMT tokens itself is directly dependant on intensity of SMATHIUM loyalty program adoption and the number of e-commerce merchants.
Operation of SMT
The mission is to build the rewards and loyalty platform that will flood Dapps, online retailers of any shape and size and link them with their customers based on SMT tokens. Cоnvеrt, fаѕtеr lоуаltу аnd аdvосасу among uѕеrѕ. Thanks to the intеlligеnсе drawn from every раrt оf the nеtwоrk.
The Technology
With the еmеrgеnсе of the blосkсhаin, thе brоkеn loyalty induѕtrу iѕ bоund to сhаngе. We аrе big bеliеvеrѕ that ѕmаrt contracts аnd сrурtосurrеnсу аrе thе соrе engine and fuеl fоr thе nеw еrа оf customer’s lоуаltу. It аllоwѕ implementing аn еlеgаnt technical ѕоlutiоn. SMATHIUM is the Fastest аnd Mоѕt Sсаlаblе Blосkсhаin ѕуѕtеm.
Thiѕ gеnеrаtiоn blосkсhаin technology, it is specially designed рrоtосоlѕ hеlр to mаkе rеаl-timе trаnѕасtiоnѕ. Itѕ P2P verification function iѕ the bеѕt аmоng mаnу blосkсhаin platforms аnd it kеерѕ the riѕk of hасking аt thе lоwеѕt lеvеl. SMATHIUM hаѕ built a platform whiсh fаѕtеѕt оf аll аnd саn рrосеѕѕ 1,000,000 trаnѕасtiоnѕ in no timе. Yes, itѕ truе, SMATHIUM саn рrосеѕѕ 1,000,000 trаnѕасtiоnѕ in оnе ѕесоnd.
Why the Blockchain?
As a platform built on the protocols of the Blockchain, a crypto-currency would be employed to transact, relate and interconnect with each other in the form of a global community. The SMT token which has been programmed to work in line with the Ethereum platform will ensure right of entrée of both investors and participants, alike. Without argument, the project is a huge one.
Distributed records and blockchain protocols provide unparalleled value to tomorrow's loyalty program
For the user;
Prizes in crypto currency, which are not dependent on the success of the trade. Awards, which are valued instead of expiring
Easily reimbursable or redeemable in other liquid assets. Recommendations, rewards and rebates highly individualized and tailored.
For merchants;
Free Premium Software, which improves user loyalty and sales. Tokenization of autonomous loyalty programs and specific token generation platform for the merchant. Use of API to frictionally relate any of the loyalty-owned programs with SMT tokens or any other loyalty and rewards program. Free Recommendations API working in the block chain, managed by DAO.
Business development and security:
DAO that ensures the efficiency of the SMATHIUM network design. Control the data of the merchants, guaranteeing that the merchants have and benefit from their raw data. Rewards for developers, which generate successful solutions as well as merchants and customers, which stimulate the adoption of the SMATHIUM network.
SMATHIUM is a Blockchain intrinsic loyalty platform and ecosystem that empowers merchants to reward their customers' purchases, friends' invited and other configurable actions with crypto-currency without hurdles before now experienced. As a corollary, the bionetwork has an unconditional worth for the customers, as they get for their purchases through liquid Ethereum-based tokens, which can be converted for purchases or transfer to another crypto-wallet working within the diameter of the Blockchain. The price of the tokens is also set for growth due to the platform’s exceptional business, so these rewards may go up in value in the course of time, rather than expire like others, as research has shown.
The internal SMATHIUM Token, called SMT complies with the ERC20 standard. This is the internal currency that will be used to perform all operations within the SMATHIUM ecosystem. Customers from online stores participating in the SMATHIUM Network will get SMT as cash back - the percentage of purchases, referral purchases, shares and likes of their support in social networks and other specially configurable actions. Cash-back will be credited to the crypto wallet automatically created by the customer connected to the store via the SMATHIUM plugin.
SMT Token
SMT may be redeemed at the same store or with another SMATHIUM broker through an online crypto wallet connected to participating merchants. Customers can also purchase SMT on the open market (eg exchanges.) or through smart Bancor liquidity contracts. On most token exchange can be converted to ETH, Bitcoin or fiat.
Token symbol: SMT
Tpe: ERC20
Total supply: 10 Billion SMT
PreICO price: 1 SMT = 0.003 USD
Price in ICO: 0.0060 USD
Average price: 0.01 USD
ROI: 66.67%
BONUS pre-ICO: 50% discount
ICO as IEO: 10% discount
Tokens for sale: 4,000,000,000
Min. investment: 10 USD
Accepting: ETH, TrueUSD, USD Coin, Paxos Standard, Dai
Distributed in ICO: 40%
For more information
Official Telegram channel: https://t.me/smathiumofficial
Official Medium: https://medium.com/@smathium
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/smathium
Author: KanekiKov
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