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XCRYPT - Blockchain Revolution EcoSystem

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Hello friends in this article I will introduce you to the xCrypt project and the ico process of the xCrypt project, which will introduce a new dimension to the digital advertising industry by introducing the advertising world to innovative technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence.

The present exchange’s market is, in our opinion, too small, but xCrypt wants to exploit it to the maximum. An exchange, traditionally, lists several cryptocurencies and ERC20 altcoins, not catching every occasion the market has to offer. Cryptocurrencies and Altcoins are currently capitalized around 300 billion dollars of value, but it’s when we look at the next scenarios market that we’re left astounded. XCrypt looks at the future and decided to build a Future proof platform, ready to catch the market’s developments. Here are the added values and the differences between xCrypt and a traditional exchange.

Hybrid Exchange
XCRYPT is the first crypto ecosystem with an high added value with the heart in its exchange: Hybrid, ready for STO and for a marketplace made for the ERC721. We created this end to end system which includes a Debit Card and a Social Media Trading system which is an advanced investment solution, which enables trading on one account managed by a skillfull and experienced trader using his own funds and joint funds invested by other traders in his SMT account. This ecosystem is made to be at the same level as the world’s big players, and even surpass them, for we are already suitable in this field’s future.

Debit Cards
Still a innovation in the crypto space. Always dreamed about storing your top cryptocurrencies on a single usable physical & virtual card? xCrypt Card users will be able to shop worldwide or withdraw cash at ATM's.
Social Media
Xcrypt SAF (Social Analytical Funding System) system by xCrypt is an advanced investment solution, which enables trading on one account managed by a skillful and experienced trader using his own funds and joint funds invested by other traders in his SAF account. Social Media Trading works as follows: a manager creates an account, selects trading conditions, makes an offer to investors (indicates minimum deposit amount, amount of the compensation, rollover period etc.) and deposits it. Investors look through the rating of traders and choose one or several accounts to invest their funds in. Then as a result of trading manipulations by a manager, profit/loss is distributed among account manager and investors according to ratio based on their shares in this account. .
What makes our trading platform stand out?
  • Fully compliant trading operations
  • Trading + Social Trading Platform
  • Withdraw FIAT from cryptocurrencies | Store FIAT and cryptocurrencies - Custom built Bot Trading | Airdrop Ranking System
  • Erc 20 | Erc 721 | Memberships
  • ZERO fees | Securities token
  • Dependable digital wallets | 100% encrypted platform
  • Multi Language Platform | Fast deposits and withdrawals
  • Exchange FIAT and Cryptocurrencies
  • Make payments with FIAT and cryptocurrencies
  • Providing tutorials and webinars from expert traders
  • User friendly website interface and mobile app 

We created a method for giving benefits to our XCT HOLDERS, improving to the whole ecosystem in general, bringing revenues to our exchange and adding value to our community and to our token holders. The ICO with erc20 usually has 3 problems:

chart1 - the fundraising during the ico phase. Investors are often difficult to be found, as well as having access to actual investors pools.
2 - The visibility in the exchange before the listing’s start. It happens too often that tokens loose value once they’re listed, as a consequence of the lack in communicating their intrinsic added value to the investors.
3 - Too often the token holders don’t have actual advantages in owning them. 

The solution: We have experimented an equation which created a point based rank, connected to an airdrop method to incentivize the token holders to keep on the exchange and to conserve them for a long period of time. This valorizes a RC system which brings value to our partners ICO.

Security tokens combine the characteristics of utility tokens and venture capital. We believe security tokens act as a natural bridge between traditional finance like venture capital and Blockchain and benefit both equally. Utility tokens, akin to loyalty rewards points given by credit cards, have dominated ICOs. 

However, in some cases, owners cannot use the tokens beyond the issuer’s platform. As for venture capital, most private assets are relatively illiquid, which means investors face a difficult and costly time trying to convert them into cash. Security tokens solve both fundamental problems.
Security tokens digitally represent ownership in any asset, such as a piece of a tech startup or a venture capital fund and can provide investors with various rights to that company or fund. Furthermore, Security tokens provide liquidity to investors, access to compliance features to issuers, and a framework for oversight to regulators. As the regulatory environment for cryptocurrencies improves, we believe the broader infrastructure to help connect issuers and investors is starting to take shape. 

The people behind these projects clearly believe that security tokens could soon attract the interest of businesses and retail investors. Furthermore, the market forces that drove the evolution of the digital currencies - democratization, globalization, transparency and liquidity – could prompt a flurry of private tech firms to raise money through security token ICOs . .

ERC 721
We believe in our strong differentiation from the other and we wanted to create a marketplace based on the erc721, since we saw in them a big occasion for the future. 

xCrypt marketplace is a decentralized marketplace for crypto assets, which include collectibles, gaming items, and other digital goods that are backed by a blockchain like Ethereum. On xCrypt you can buy or sell any of these items through a smart contract, meaning that no central authority ever holds custody of your items. If you’re on a desktop computer, you’ll need to install meteamask in your browser in order to use xCrypt marketplace You’ll also need to fund your account with Ether in order to purchase an item on xCrypt.

Many have heard of the new game on the Ethereum blockchain called CryptoKitties. The new game recently made several headlines within the cryptocurrency community because of its extremely unique idea and the dent it’s made on the Ethereum network. CryptoKitties is a game in which players can buy, sell, trade, and breed digital cats. They can be thought of as “breedable Beanie Babies” in that each cat is unique in some way.
This uniqueness makes the CryptoKitties extremely collectible, as someone could take interest in the characteristics of several kittens and wish to own many of them. But collectibles aren’t limited to digital felines. Humans have always had a history of collecting things; it’s nothing new. From physical coins to Pokémon cards, people love collecting. It’s a hobby that forms as a result of a unique interest in scarce items. Similar to how the value of a commodity is related to its scarcity, the value of a collectible item to a collector is connected to its rareness among other items. 

Since the birth of CryptoKitties, there are now over 100 CryptoKitty variants. Blockchain users can now buy, sell and trade a myriad of self-created digital collectibles, from cats to dogs to cartoons. While the proliferation of copycats (pun intended) does not show any signs of slowing, there are many other possible uses for ERC-721 Tokens. .

Initial Token Distribution
Sale Proceed Allocation
ROADMAP xCrypt Timeline

We created this ecosystem based of the differentiation regarding the current exchange market. This is the reason why we are an end to end ecosystem with a wide spectrum of services, on the social media side to built a strong community and give a sense of identity to the various trading possibilities, arriving to the maximum compliance in the field. Our token brings tangible to the holders who simply want to conserve them, believing in the project also for a medium/long period of time.



Author: KanekiKov
My ETH: 0xACE2d47039C296a158e6EE1827300e6B098B9B0B

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