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 Kazakhstan is the 9th country in the world in size, the most important aspect being the transportation sector. Poorly developed transportation infrastructure directly affects business development. The FACITE project business model is expanding the use of a universal automatic payment system. Such payment systems not only include buses and transportation, but also retail, pharmacies, ticket reservations, electronic cash management systems, and ATMs. More information about your bus card plan can be found on the Whitepaper page. The required link will be in the description.
Another important direction for the development of the FACITE company is solar energy. Kazakhstan is very concerned about environmental protection, the creation of green infrastructure and renewable energy sources. Kazakhstan has favorable geographical conditions for solar energy production. With such conditions, experts predict the development of solar energy in Kazakhstan by an average of 17-32% per year. In addition, the country has silicon reserves and there are factories for solar cell production.
Mining of land for digital assets is needed to support the acquisition of other cryptocurrency tokens or coins. Currently there are billions of coins that have not been successfully mined and are still stored in the blockchain network system. In order for this coin to be obtained, the only way that can be done is through mining if the period of sale of a particular type of currency has ended and is closed by that platform. Therefore, it takes great strength and high capital to provide new mining land. Provision of this new land is done to improve the scalability of mining where the previous location that has been used as a mining area cannot be reused.
Mining procurement is now a foundation project called Facite. The foundation was built specifically to work on land acquisition projects to mine digital cryptocurrency assets located in Kazakhstan in the city of Pavlodar. Kazakhstan is considered the right choice to provide this facility because it is supported by a number of factors needed to find a strategic and appropriate mining location. Facite finally chose a country located on the continent of Central Asia and adjacent to the State of Russia as the project construction site. Various preparations were made to support development such as the provision of very high electricity to support around 2 million miners located in this location.
Electricity sources are generated through solar power plants which are planned to be built on 180 hectares of mining land. The construction of this power plant is also Facite’s responsibility where it becomes a mega project in relation to cryptocurrency and blockchain. The world of digital finance has never done a serious project like this and this is the first project involving the role of the government. The President of Kazakhstan has even signed an agreement to develop this project in his country which is predicted to further improve the country’s economy. The cryptocurrency that is currently becoming a new model in the financial world and very popular with many people will have a positive impact on the Kazakhstan State especially through the provision of facilities to mine digital assets.
Facite chose to use electrical energy sourced from solar power for various reasons. First, solar power has unlimited availability. This energy is produced through sunlight which will be captured and stored in solar panels. Matahari, which is a renewable energy source, is also included as an alternative resource group. Because it can be renewed, solar power is a mainstay to provide electricity with a very large capacity to the mining area. As we know, the mining process requires very high power supply. Therefore, this power plant was built to support power availability to support the mining process.
Second, electricity from the sun is more economical. This is because the costs incurred to produce this energy up to the stage of use are not greater than the electricity provided in general. If this project relies on electricity supplied by the government, then this is not impossible to cause very large bill costs and availability will be reduced. In the end, the impact received is the availability of electricity for the surrounding population to be reduced or even the power will weaken and cannot supply electricity to the household.


  • Promote renewable energy business from the government of Kazakhstan.
  • KHAN 21 HOLDING entered the solar energy field. Buy a business license
  • Chosen as an investment company – Talgar city, solar power plant and hydropower project area
  • The first Korean gate to pass in Kazakhstan to the final report of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy.


  • Obtained a license for INNOB CO., Ltd
  • Introduction and operation of public transportation
  • Planned to introduce a U-payment system


  • Optimal environment, cheap electricity
  • Electric equipment data center with city support
  • About 2 million mining machines are available
  • 49 year lease contract
By building a power plant specifically used for mining activities, this will still guarantee the availability of electricity in the State of Kazakhstan. Both residents and mining sites will be able to interact with each other using their own electricity. Mining that occurs in a very broad location will maximize the acquisition of digital assets. The circulation has indeed reached trillions of pieces. However, this number still needs to be increased to support more sectors in its implementation. As with the existence of paper money, the existence of digital money must also be increased in terms of numbers because the longer, the level of usage is getting higher. To ensure that availability is adequate so that it can be applied by more people, mining is one of the most appropriate solutions and to make it happen, infrastructure was built specifically to support the process. Facite is a platform that also supports cryptocurrency liquidity through the distribution of its digital currency, FIT. This digital token will be publicly introduced as a token that supports the completion of the project they currently hold.
the name of the token is the standard token symbol FIT platform Ethereum ERC 20
Tokens will be distributed as follows: 

40% will be sold 
20% company operations 
10% team members 
10% marketing 
10% developers 
backup advisors 5%
Tokens issued to team members and consultants will be blocked for 6 months from the first day of listing on the exchange. 
This concludes the review. In conclusion, I want to say that such a global and effective project will make a breakthrough in the field of cryptocurrency and bring profits to its investors in the near future.
The Q2 2018 
Facite Foundation was established.
Q3 2018 
Business facite starts.
Q4 2018 
Location of the mining center and electricity agreement.
Q1 2019 
Mining centers are established.
Q2 2019 
Installation of 100,000 mining machines.
Q3 2019 
Installation of 300,000 mining machines.
Q4 2019 
Installation of 500,000 mining machines.
Q1 2020 
Installation of 700,000 mining machines. Expand the use of bus cards.
Q2 2020 
Installation of 900,000 mining machines. Make a U-payment.
Q3 2020 
Installation of 1.2 million mining machines. Solar power dividend.
Q4 2020 
Installation of 1.5 million mining machines.
Q1 2021 
Installation of 1.8 million mining machines. Commercialization of Facite coins.
Q2 2021 
Installation of 2 million mining machines.


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