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Migranet - Overview of a promising startup. Global immigration

Let's talk about the project

Well, guys, let's get acquainted with the promising project Migranet. This implies the immigration of the blockchain and artificial intelligence at the same time. Now even access to the updated rules and even to the proven experts in the issues of immigration and security of the blockchain ecosystem will be opened.
The ideology is that everyone can have a full right to what could be called their home, their freedom, including security. But unfortunately, we see that the majority of migrants, the majority of refugees do not have a chance for a better life. And sometimes even faced with fraudulent schemes. Therefore, such a project as Migranet will help.
What is the feature and benefits, let's understand.
First, there is the possibility of free evaluation, that is, professional opinion directly from professional lawyers.
Secondly, migration agents without exception are checked and protected through the blockchain. This includes documents and biometric identifiers.
Third, there is the possibility of permanent residence, and for $ 500. It will also be available and temporary residence, which is much cheaper.
What is the problem?
Well, to say so to allow the roots to the immigrant that was not real and over complex. Since on the way often encountered fraudulent schemes, so a couple of people find it difficult to understand. Especially when they are faced with a professional lawyer,a fraud, there will be very hard for them.
Also, to date, credit cards are not available, high exchange rates and plus we have delays in the transfer of funds and high Bank rates.
To deal with all these misunderstandings, the Migranet project ensured transparency and at the same time accuracy at the time of all costs.
All algorithms check the credentials, then rank, and then directly recommend countries for immigration, that's the case.
Speaking of the following advantages, there are built-in smart contracts that protect migrants from the same scams. And they like as you already know to abuse official position, distorting thus all information.
We went further, to ensure the safety of the refugees themselves and at the same time to keep secret their true identity will be assigned a biometric identifier. In this case, it will not include their legal name or, for example, date of birth, but only an encrypted hash.
In short, if we talk about tokens, they will be used as a utility and will be used to pay for services on the Migranet platform itself.
The very same procedure will be very simple. Let's say how the scheme works for migrants, for students or for the same refugees?
First of all, it will be necessary to enter information, country of origin, language and so on. After that, you will have to choose the country that will suit You for immigration. The choice, namely the formation of the list will be based on artificial intelligence.
Well, then, for You already actually is a choice of what conditions for life to take. It can be as permanent residence or for example temporary.

Project team, let's get acquainted!

With whom are the partnership agreements concluded ??

IEO program details

By the way, the IEO program will be held on the IOS platform and there will actually be a listing!
Tokens are marked MIG
Total offer 850 000 000 tokens
For sale were allotted 510 000 000 tokens
The minimum purpose of fees is 20 000 000 $
The maximum purpose of fees 75 000 000 $
For investment accepted cryptocurrency - ETH
Briefly about the distribution of tokens themselves
60% - Allocated for public sale
30% - Allocated for reserve
2% is Allocated for the bounty program
5.5% - Allocated for the team
2.5% - Allocated for expert advisors
End of token sale: August 15, 2019
The cost of one token: 0.2 $
The development is based on the IRC 20 Protocol
More information about the project look at the official resources, look for links below.

Official resources

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