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 INVECH Team is a Venture Collect with an extensive Set of experts and businesses from Indonesia, Hongkong, China, Malaysia and Timor Leste.
We've got expertise from industrial advancement, logistics , raw material mining and renewable energy development, tourism, health, banking and finance, gas and oil, real estate, education and information technology.
We now realized the the block-chain technology would be the near future. We picture the block-chain technology having its decentralization is going to become quite a disruptive pressure across industries. Governments and companies have largely served by way of centralization. Some or someone corporation sits from the middle, which makes the guidelines, and carrying a toll (either fees or taxes ) for supplying a function. We are able to leverage this tech, just take out the middleman, also empower entities that are highly usable.
We are a blockchain solutions thing which allows businesses that are conventional to changeover to the block-chain.
Though focusing more on human capital development, social capital development, and also also the non-oil market with the block chain, the term needed to build up Timor Leste can be trimmed significantly compared to some a normal nation needs to develop.
We think investing in human capital is vital for boosting crucial for financial development, productivity, and also crucial for democracy. The most valuable asset of timor Leste is not oil, coffee, or sandalwood, however, a development resource that is possibly unlimited, its people. Investment in human capital is the public investment that is most genuine and decisive, since the predicted returns typically materialize over the period of time and are quite large. Investment has underpinned the growth of the Asian tiger economies of the late 20th and 21st centuries.
 Invech cryptocurrency Exchange is just a government endorsed and accredited market that is cryptocurrency. The Trade will be the foundation of this Block-chain Smart-city , according to Invech Group.
Invech Cryptocurrency deals allows end customers to be in a position to reach a international platform; even better, speedier and more economical trades, generating jobs, opportunities and also etc.. A portion of revenue from all possible trades accomplished at the market is going to probably likely be paid to timor leste via taxation.
We have our own stage tokens called Invech Coins or i-v which is built onto the platform. As stated earlier, timor leste is now running on a fiscal policy with their very own fiscal coverage. Quite simply, they do not publish their own money. They are utilizing the US$ because year 2000. Leading to price and inflation instability. As such, Invech hopes that Timor Leste will implement Invech Coins (IV) as an auxiliary money in Timor leste apart from the USD / IDR and also Centavo.
Being a token of gratitude and good will for enhanced ), into the united states of Timor Leste. The 10 percent of tokens will probably be steered to Timor Leste via the Timor Leste  Invech Foundation. Enabling them to kickstart the use of cryptocurrency along side the existing Fiat currency / legal. The usage of all Invech Coin (I V ) will soon be considerable. Which range from investing of services and products, for paying taxes and salaries, and sometimes even remittance and ecommerce. Beneath is just a desk to get use of cryptocurrency at domestic stage.
With the Invech Coin (I V ) in usage, we are in a position to monitor, influence, manage and readily procure huge data that may function as imperative usage later on following the big data analytics and statistics.
invech token.jpg
Moreover, We'll implement a Loan Management Technique Underneath the trade exclusively for Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) of Timor Leste. This fresh entity (mortgage Management program ) will operate simultaneously with the exchange to fund increase for those SMEs.
With the adoption of Government Blockchain Services, the government is able to:
  • Unify all government agencies.
  • Gain easy access for administrators and citizens alike.
  • Increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Add depth to the accountability and transparency of the management of public sector resources.
  • Improve financial management through complete view of government assets and liabilities.
  • Empower ministries and agencies to be financially accountable for their respective revenues and expenditures.
At the same time, we are able to introduce an economic model which is inclusive, high income and sustainable. Invech’s Government Blockchain Services solution will assist the government in managing the government’s budget deficit as well. Addressing these 4 target measures are recommended.
Our solution for Government Blockchain Services contains multiple solutions (Refer Figure 5). After the transition of legacy Government systems, we will target 5 key main areas in order to obtain a comprehensive data. 2 of the key areas, Human Resources & Material Management, would also be replicated and used separately for our Invech Consultancy & Invech Global Blockchain Entity.
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