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iOWN TOKEN - Future Investment Platform

Blockchain technology and crowdfunding, two terms that have changed the 
world economy as we know it. On the one hand, we have Blockchain technology, which has enabled the 
creation of a decentralized financial infrastructure that provides more privacy, security, 
transparency and efficiency than other traditional financial systems. On the other hand, the 
phenomenon of crowdfunding has allowed small ideas that promise to turn into big projects 
and businesses by providing easier funds for those who lead the world in this case 
In iOWN, we have witnessed this change and we believe they represent rapid change
and positive influence. iOWN is trying to combine the benefits of both Blockchain technology 
and crowdfunding concepts to create a new crowdfunding platform supported by Blockchain 
that will connect investors with innovators. 
iOWN will overcome shortcomings and shortcomings in the way investment occurs and is handled 
in the current financial system. Business owners who intend to expand their company often 
need loans to fund their plans, however, they almost always find strict procedures, 
implications and financial constraints that prevent them from realizing their goals. iOWN targets 
people with access to adequate capital that seeks opportunities to invest profitably and
projects that can be trusted but who have no experience and knowledge, or time to make 
such investments. iOWN is a Blockchain technology platform that was launched to function as a remedy 
for such situations and to pave the way for business owners and investors to meet in 
the digital market and increase their opportunities to secure funds and make smart investments, 
iOWN aims to provide easy access for people to be part of running a business (or promising a 
startup) with minimum effort and maximum value. We aim to turn smart ideas into reality
business; we aim to provide digital support to business owners to improve, expand and 
market their business enabling them to generate more funds and share success with 
all of them.
iOWN handles the problem in two ways: Digital platforms supported by the Blockchain 
and comprehensive Ecosystems. The twin concept will modernize and simplify investment 
opportunities through a decentralized market that can be accessed by all types of users (from 
beginner trade to experts) and business owners worldwide. For this reason, we have classified 
the execution process into the following parts: 
iOWN platform - the core system and the main place for business campaigns, fundraising and 
government. Platform funds will be collected through a global funding campaign, and as a 
gift for funders of the iOWN Platform, all participants will have the opportunity to use it
tokens purchased to benefit from Platform services after being released. 
iOWN Ecosystem - Ecosystem will discuss the implementation of iOWN Platform services. Users 
can access the platform and choose the services they are interested in. iOWN Ecosystem 
will then digitally and physically transact and provide service results to 
users in the form of uown Tokens and Smart Agreements. Token uOWN is a passive, passive, non-transferable inventory Token, and does not have a tradable API key. This is issued by the 
iOWN Ecosystem and represents the right to receive income from the Business campaign.
Solutions (Our Competitive Advantages) 
iOWN provides easy access for people to become part of a business that runs trusted (or promising startup) with minimal effort and maximum value. We convert smart ideas into real businesses; we provide digital support to business owners to improve, expand and market their businesses enabling them to generate more funds and to share their success with everyone.
The investment sector is not new, but the way in which Business and Investment is 
carried out has developed since then. From the early 2000s, we believed the world had been 
part of digital transformation. Consider the evolutionary chart of the following payment systems: 

Payment systems are evolving and changing to adapt to rapid market needs and to 
simplify processes for users. 
But what happens next? How can we meet the future demand for the most modern expansion, 
a decentralized payment system to the investment domain? The answer: a futuristic investment platform, blockchain based, decentralized, accessible to everyone.
In the following section, we will highlight the general terms used in the business and 
investment domains that will be included in our project.

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