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The awareness of digital currencies have been on the rise ever since its generation was pioneered by Satoshi Nakamoto by developing Bitcoin. Many cryptocurrencies have also been developed into the cryptospace all for the purpose enhancing the digital payment system and also improving scalability. Investing into cryptocurrencies have become the other of the day whiles the mass adoption of cryptocurrenies is still in progress to ensure that crypto enthusiasts are able to spend their cryptocurrencies in their day-to-day activities. Crypocurrency exchanges and Over-the-Counter sales points are some of the entry points into investing into cryptocurrencies but not everybody in the cryptospace is able to interact without any difficulty on most of these platforms.
The cryptospace is being flooded by crypto starters everyday hence the need to simplify and improve upon how crypto enthusiasts can invest into blockchain related projects. Blockchain startups sometimes require huge capital which mostly can not be funded by a single person hence the need to run crowdfunding to support the project. Crowdfunding was first initiated into the cryptospace by Vitalik Buterin when he launched the Ethereum project. This gave way to the running of Initial Coin Offering to support blockchain startups to provide disrupting solution to overcome existing solutions. However, this was form of fund raising was infiltrated by scammers and greedy people who launch fake projects just to lure investors of their hard-earned money. China and some countries across the globe have take a strong stance against the cryptospace despite the huge potential that can be tapped from this amazing technology. Hence the need to restore the trust and solidarity when it comes to investing into blockchain startups.
Smart Fund goes by its name to be a highly smart way of investing into cryptocurrencies and this allows crypto investors earn constant passive dividends on their investment into the platform. I believe this is the right platform for crypto starters as well as experienced crypto enthusiasts to stay away from the snares of the volatile crypto market and earn decent dividends based on their investment with SmartFund. SmartFund serve as a bridge between investors and potential crypto projects that exist on the Ethereum blockchain. Through smart funds crypto enthusiasts and crypto starters can invest into real time decentralized applications on the Ethereum network and earn profits from it in Ethereum.
Decentralization is one of the important features of the blockchain technology and this is to reduce the chain of transaction and also to give power back to individuals in their financial transactions. With Smartfunds, crypto investors propose the project which they want to invest into and these are voted upon anonymously on the blockchain. If the initators of the smartfund have the a support of 10% more than the opposers of the contract it is passed and the investment is locked into the blockchain network.
Once the investment is locked in any of the Decentralized Applications supported on the Ethereum blockchain the revenue generated are sent to the Smart Fund which then distributes the rewards based on individual holdings of FD Tokens. With the increase and expansion of the cryptospace the use of decentralized applications is projected to increase along the years. Crypto Kitties made its name back in 2017 when it became so popular among crypto enthusiasts. Ethereum blockchain is also one of the blockchain networks that have been designed to allow the deployment of applications and smart contract with ease so you can imagine the number of Dapps that will be running on the network in few years to come. Token holders earn their revenue in Ethereum according to the amount of FD tokens staked invested.
Smart Fund is also a platform which hosts numerous potential crypto investors and through their Rebate program upcoming projects are able to get the needed financial support to bring their ideas into a reality. The platform also ensures that highly potential projects with a needed market are promoted on the platform to prevent its investors from wasting their funds on projects which turn white elephants after crowdfunding. In addition to this, SmartFund also has a reward program where it gives back to its community members who contribute to the growth of their community. Members get incentives for bringing in new members whiles the newly joined members also get amazing discounts on their investment policies. Giving back to the community is a good approach to increasing the confidence and trust on the platform and I think Smart Fund is on their A-game with that feature.
Smart Fund does not limit itself to Decentralized application supported on the Ethereum blockchain but through the Bancor protocol is able to allow Cross Chain investment where investor can invest into other decentralized applications supported on other blockchain networks such as TRON, EOS etc. Smart Fund project entails a whole lot of packages which could not be contained in this piece of writing, refer to their website or whitepaper for further information.
Smartfund has come a long way on its path to creating an investment platform that crypto enthusiasts can trust to generate passive and constant profits for them. Displayed below is the milestones of SmartFund and how it plans to achieve its primary goals.
Smart Fund Investment platform is a complete solution for users who seek to invest into crypto projects on a very low or abosolultely low risk. With Smart Fund, investment into cryptocurrencies got safer and more reliable.
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