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Storichain DApp and Agreement Protocol for Story Industry Value Chain

Storichain is a DApp and storytellers agreement protocol that create stories, distribute and manage story IPs. It is also a protocol that provides a contract for story creation contracts. Users can change their positions in the story chain ecosystem as writers, producers, and readers, and participate in story creation before they are published as individual media such as movies, dramas, cartoons, and games.
Also, if you can get a reward for the weekly contribution of the user before the sale of the copyright, and if the story you participated in is sold for the second production, such as publishing, video, etc., DApp) and Etherium as the main network
Storichain can be seen as a digital historical asset management system that allows people to make online transactions even with people who cannot be relied on by entering into “agreements to prevent theft of ideas”. Another problem in the industry is profit sharing. For example, the webtoon industry, which is one of the largest plot-based industries in Korea, has exceeded $ 700 million in market size, but there are still many who doubt the profit sharing structure in the industry, as well as in many materials. Content creators still have difficulty getting enough compensation for their work.
Storichain began by placing a base value token on story creation, which ultimately wanted to reduce the cost of trust among participants in the story industry – writers, production companies, and readers. In this way, Storichain will make the process of creating derivative works from source material more transparent, decide the injustices that exist in the industry and create new values.
  • Feature & Solution of Storichain
    Optimized: for creators Co-work/Co-write/ Contract between writers, Weekly ompensation and APIs for 3rd party contens providing company.
  • Easy-Use: Anytime, anywhere you want to tell a story. An easy and fast writing platform.
  • Matching Partner: Writer Matching / Collaboration Agreements / Job Statistics / Update Notifications.
  • Participating in: Platform for readers to participate in works, become writers themselves, create stories, and participate in them.
  • Transparent: A platform that rewards participants fairly and transparently based on their contributions.
  • Global Platform: A global platform that can be translated, marketed, or even copyrighted for global expansion.
Application of Blockchain in Storichain
There are two kinds of intellectual property rights for stories. The first one is the ‘Master Rights’ which has the concept of ownership, and the other one is ‘Publishing Rights’ which is operated under the concept of licensing. If the owner of the story decides to ‘share’ a part of his ownership with others, the story is highly likely to become a ‘common good,’ allowing others to create derivative (secondary, tertiary) work using the source story. For example, the Bible and the Koran are a type of ‘story commons,’ which allowed the creation of numerous stories derived from its original story.
Storichain has watched the blockchain technology securing the trust among participants, and expanding its boundaries to unforeseen territories. Blockchain provides trust beyond borders and ideologies, helping many industries to simplify the problems they have faced in the past and providing new solutions. The Storichain is seeking to introduce blockchain into the story industry to create a world where all participants can feel satisfaction while taking their part of the responsibility. To implement this philosophy step by step, we will now pinpoint the current problems of the industry to find new solutions.
The potential with the blockchain
Compared to existing technologies, the potential of blockchain-based platforms relies on the ability to record and distribute a single, immutable version of the truth to multiple parties. This is particularly useful to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of an industry’s value chain.
In most business-to-business transacting, firms spend much of their money, time, and effort making sure that the data sent from another firm is legitimate, and that it accurately reflects the facts and history of transactions and arrangements between them. What if all firms in a value chain had the same version of the facts and contractual arrangements, and they all knew that the others are looking at the same version, including updates? In such a transparent business environment, the focus can turn to doing business and adding value, rather than on verification of facts and settlement of transactions.
ICO details
Storichain utility token is named as TORI. All on chain transactions/funding will be done using TORI. It is an Ethereum ERC-20 token. It has high utility and value within the ecosystem and can be used for various services and can allow owners to buy digital items and voting right within the network. This token can be bought from a listed exchange and can be utilized in the Storichain dApp.
Initial Supply: 4,000,000,000 TORI (4 billion token issued initially)
1 TORI = around 0.0034~0.0035USD
Initial Sale 15% 600,000,000
Sale B 10% 420,000,000
Sale C 9% 360,000,000
Token Distribution:
– Team / Advisor 13%
– Company 11%
– Marketing / Partner 7%
– Reserved 15%
– Eco Pool 14.5%
– Airdrop 5%
– Sale 34%
Storichain is a platform where readers could react using reaction buttons as an engagement and get rewarded by doing over time. This process increases community engagement which tends to be a healthier, livelier platform. They could also buy their reward tokens for purchasable contents.
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