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SwiftLance - Provide a Decentralized Solution For Cryptocurrency (SWIDEX)

In the development of the technology era will be more advanced. All that concerns technology is increasingly being developed, including in terms of work. Nowadays, someone works not only in the offline world, but in the online world too. In this case they will use crypto currency for transactions.
At present there are still a number of crypto money trading platforms available, and even then the workability is not maximal. Seeing this, we need a money exchange platform that can work optimally in exchanging crypto money. Therefore we will introduce a crypto money trading platform that can work optimally. The platform is SWIDEX.

What is swidex

SWIDEX - Swiftlance Decentralized Exchange. We provide decentralized solutions for cryptocurrency, a platform for ERC-20 
The world's first DEX with an outsourcing platform.
SWIDEX quarterly offers dividends to SWDX holders (native tokens) as Swidex stakeholders.
Swidex is a tokenized decentralized application that will be based on Ethereum convention. It means to give a totally decentralized trade that is eco-accommodating, quick and verified for P2P digital assets trading.
Ethereum Blockchain is received on the grounds that Ethereum was one of the early digital currencies that rose in the Blockchain business. Subsequently, most designers know about the programming language, Solidity and more than 50percent of digital assets work on Ethereum Blockchain either as fundamental Blockchain or introductory Blockchain before mainnet dispatch.
Subsequently, Swidex propels a wide inclusion of digital assets and gives a decentralized trading stage.


Swidex is a tokenized decentralized application that will be built using the Ethereum protocol. It is an environmentally friendly and secure P2P digital assets.
Ethereum Blockchain was one of the earliest cryptocurrencies that emerged in the Blockchain industry. Consequently, it has been up to 50 percent.
Thus, Swidex extends the digital assets and provides a decentralized trading platform.


Centralized exchanges are the most common trading platforms in the cryptocurrency industry. They are centralized, act as intermediaries between several rules: Wallet addresses are available for users. Funds, user assets are mainly stored in the central wallet; It is owned by a controlled administrator.
Since the centralized exchanges of the CEX.
User accounts have been frozen or drained without giving reasons or reasons. Moreover, it has been noted that there has been a loss in the use of assets. Recently, the well-known CEX, Cryptopia had a security breach and reportedly closed the closure. In addition, there are also keys that can be used for the exchange of funds.


Swidex tokens are built on the Ethereum blockchain, ERC-20, with a total supply of 5,000,000,000 (5 billion) SWDX. SWDX is Swidex's native token that serves as a fuel for exchange. It provides liquidity and provides open, fast and secure transactions between Swidex users.

Token details

  • Token Name: Swidex
  • Ticker: SWDX
  • Total Suppy: 5,000,000,000 SWDX
  • Seed financing / private sales: 2,500,000,000 SWDX (50%)
  • Team / Consultants: 15% (for blocking for 1 year)
  • Airdrop SWL owners: 5%
  • Promotion / Marketing: 5%
  • Partnership: 5%
  • Dividends / rewards: 5%
  • Token reserve / future development: 15%


To find out more about SWIDEX you can visit the link below:

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