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Temtum and What They are trying to Solve

What is Temtum?
temtum is a payment coin that is efficient, quantum safe, very fast, does not require a lot of resources, and is environmentally friendly (using the acronym ‘TEM’), and is an alternative to traditional banknotes (government printed currency). This can be used independently from the wallet to the wallet, and can also be integrated into payment systems throughout the world, functioning as a payment platform for consumers and businesses.
Temtum’s ambition is to be more than just a cryptocurrency that only benefits speculators and which is only used meaningfully by the blockchain community that focuses on technology — it has the fundamental goals made possible by the most sophisticated and powerful blockchain technology on the market: Temporal Blockchain is developed and licensed. By Dragon Infosec. Temtum is built on significant opportunities from blockchain technology and overcomes many of the current limitations faced by current peer-to-peer networks, which means that they are only limited adoption.
Current problem with Blockchain today
Blockchain is still an emerging technology. Already starting to change various industries around the world by providing digital networks, unchanging and safe for transactions, share and distribute data without central authority. This provides a significant amount theoretical benefits when compared to existing technologies and methods, such as improved transparency, traceability and security, as well as increasing transaction efficiency and speed. Most importantly, financial transactions are no longer dependent on trust — they are cryptographically proven.
What are Temtum’s solution to these problems?
The fact that current blockchain networks have basic limitations means that they cannot satisfy key transaction requests for many sectors and applications that should have the greatest need for blockchain networks, such as large global payment networks and credit cards companies. Here is how temtum corrects each of these flaws in current blockchain networks:
· Scalability — the time blockchain eliminates the need to store the complete history of the channel on all nodes by locally archiving the data, while preventing competition in the selection of nodes.
· Speediness — speed of the temtum network is limited only by the hardware and the bandwidth of network participants. We created a very efficient consensus algorithm and removed the block size to confirm transactions in a block extremely quickly, with up to confirmation time of 12 seconds.
· Fee-less — no transaction costs built into the network, making temtum a powerful cryptocurrency for large transactions and volumes.
· Security — temporal is a quantum secure blockchain network that uses a source of photons for random number generation alongside next-generation hashing algorithms.

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