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TROY brings real world value to cryptocurrency through GOLD tokens

The Only Manufacturer of Crypto Gold Products and the Safest Digital Safe Maker in the World.


And get a 40% bonus!

What is TROY?


1. Cryptocurrency
TROY brings real-world value to cryptocurrency through the EMAS management token. TROY GOLD Tokens can be exchanged for physical gold or FIAT. 
2. Producing Gold Products
TROY will produce gold products using 20,000 gold bars supplied by Bullseye Mining Limited (Australia). Our customers can buy this product using TROY GOLD Tokens. 
3. Securing Digital Safes
Gudang Troy stores Troy Gold Tokens & other digital currencies, storage for personal files and media. Stay up to date with the latest crypto news & trade and trade off all your transactions. 

Why Invest in TROY?

The main reason for investing in TROY is to make money and this is how:
1). TROY GOLD tokens are offered with a bonus of 40%
2). Burning 50% TROY Tokens will continue to increase the value of your remaining TROY GOLD tokens 
3). Estimate the increase in spot gold prices when you exchange TROY, gold tokens with gold products
4). You can recommend friends through our affiliate program and get Ethereum
5). Free competitions and Bounty campaigns where you can complete simple tasks to get more tokens
In addition, you can get as much as 25% of TROY Vault by recommending a friend. 

There Are Many Reasons But We Have Three Major Advantages That Put Us In Front Of All Other Cryptocurrency.

1. Built in Burn Tokens 
Subscribing to TROY Vault can be paid using the GOLD Token. We will burn 50% of the tokens we receive for Vault payments. This means your remaining tokens can buy more real-world gold products. In short, the more we burn, the more purchasing power your tokens have. Early investors also receive bigger bonuses & will benefit especially from burning these tokens.
2. Peace of Mind
No matter what happens in the crypto currency market, you will have the option to buy real-world 'gold products' using your TROY GOLD Token. 
 3. Regulated & Sharia Compliance
TROY has experienced regulation in Malta. TROY has also applied for sharia compliance certification by  Amanie Advisors LLC  . 
 3. Regulated Compliance & Sharia TROY has been regulated in Malta. TROY too 

If That Is Not Enough, There Is Another Extraordinary Reason To Invest In TROY. 

Physical Gold

So where did this gold come from? Troy has signed a contract to supply 20,000 oz of gold ($ 27,000,000 USD) from Bullseye Mining Limited, coming directly from their North Laverton mine site located right in the heart of the World Class Gold Mining Belt in Western Australia. Troy Gold will be shipped safely, along with Gold Bullseye, to Perth Royal Mint which operates with World Standards in safe and protected gold storage. Usually gold goes into local mint gold before it is available for public purchase, but we can go directly to the source and buy gold at very discounted prices, discounts that we give to you - our customers. 

We Are Not Going Anywhere. 

TROY Tokens' Only the Beginning With New Products That Are Under Development.

Among others are:

1. The 'TROY Vault'
The TROY Vault Is The World's Leading Cryptocurrency Wallet For Security And Ease Of Use. Vault TROY Provides Secure Access To Sensitive Personal Information, Images, Videos And Other Digital Files That Only You Can Access. 
2. Safe & Simple
Offering three key biometric security, customers can combine or use separately face, retina, thumb print or password as key access to their Vault. The account is automatically created and ready for use in less than 2 minutes. 
3. Confidentiality & Privacy
Your private key is stored only on your mobile, which means it cannot be accessed from outside sources or stolen from cloud-based storage. TROY will never store any personal information related to its users, with the exception of your email address and public wallet address. 
4. Ether & Token Support
Through the TROY connection to Ethereum Blockchain, users will be able to send any token or Ether to friends or family - quickly and easily, even if they don't have an account or wallet!



Sales Token Schedule


TROY was originally conceptualized as Tipbot.
Sales of Tipbot tokens were launched and immediately terminated for restructuring after private investment
Negotiations begin to get a gold contract. TROY began the development of the 'Legal TROY' chosen by the expanded Legal Team & core team.
TROY was established in Malta as Tipbot LTD and underwent complete product redevelopment
The marketing team employed by the online team employed
Test TROY's internal system, completed token sale & whitepaper platform. Smart Contract Written with ERC-223 standard
The alpha mobile 'TROY Vault' launch contract was completed to obtain 20,000 oz of gold, with mining Bullseye becoming a miner of the Gold Smart Contract Audit
Launch of TROY GOLD sales token
COMPLETE sales of TROY GOLD tokens
Release of Public TROY Vault Alpha Release Public TROY Beta
TROY Vault Beta Security Audit
Launch TROY Vault v1
Development of unpublished concepts
Gold shipment and production of TROY gold products. Open product sales window.



TROY is a reliable platform. With the support of a real gold mining company, you rarely find a platform that sells crypto currencies supported by real gold and at an affordable price. In addition, technology support and professional teams make TROY suitable for inclusion in your investment list.

Author: KanekiKov
My ETH: 0xACE2d47039C296a158e6EE1827300e6B098B9B0B

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