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USDQ - stable coins supported by the blockchain ethereum.

Technological advancements and competition in the crypto market have made crypto investors more successful in trading, but as we see from 2018 the crypto market has reduced its trading volume because there is more information that updates crypto advertising on some social media. media and a lot of money that made coin prices until 2018. However, if you see a stable coin like Tether (USDT), you can see the price can't go down because there is negative information such as hacking and other things, then the price of this token will not go down and can always generate dollars. In this article, I will discuss new stable coins and are supported by platinum techniques so let's see what are the advantages of this token: 

What is USDQ?

This is a token that never falls in price and is always a decentralized stable coin by standardizing ERC 20 tokens. This requires holders not to have to worry about lower prices than BTC or other altcoins like Ethereum.

How does the system work?

Because coins are stable in general, you don't need to worry about the decline in crypto prices that occur in the crypto market, because USDQ is a stable coin and all you need to know is coins that can make money for you. Maybe you still think stable coins cannot provide benefits, but USDQ gives you comfort and benefits as I will show below:

Trade on the exchange  

USDQ trading on the secondary market is the same as other stable coins.

Looking for a loan. 

Your crypto guarantee and get USDQ stable coins easily. After the trade is complete, return the USDQ with the crypto prize of your choice.

Find Q BOX 

Mine Q DA tokens, raise your own AI-based robot, which will help you make predictions. 
USDQ has members of the community Q DAO who can choose whatever you want with democracy and full control because, as you can see, this is a sign of decentralization where all decisions are in the hands of community members.All of them and all of them must be decided by the community to make an autonomous decentralization decision.Almost everyone is not worried about a stable coin price because this coin really does not affect the decline in prices on the market, but can this stable coin make money by mining?  
Of course and let's do what you can with stable coins.
T DAO my token 
Using Box Q, you can easily mine Q DAO tokens
Your own predictor 
Based on AI, Q Box we analyze parameter tones, news, and other factors to make predictions of cryptocurrency levels.
Community governance 
Help the system become stronger and safer. By using the Q DAO token, you can help in the control system 
With approval, everyone will stay comfortably and safely, they want to do a transaction and below is information from the USDQ tokens:
Name: Token 
USDQ standard: ERC-20 Ethereum 
Total supply: 5,531,632.504218 
 If we see a project that has a good idea and surely you will ask, who was invited by this project and let's look at some of the names below 

Management team

Good news comes from the QDAO team, currently, they are running the bounty and airdrop program, for more information you can see the link below.
Additional information, I am not part of the QDAO team and I provide this information because I am interested in this project, always doing research when you want to invest.  

To be able to see other information updates, you can visit

Author: KanekiKov
My ETH: 0xACE2d47039C296a158e6EE1827300e6B098B9B0B

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