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About ICO VisionBanker – App for Taking Care of People’s Eye

An app for taking care of people’s eyesight

Empowered by blockchain which stores the people’s eyesight data in a secure and private manner


What is VisionBanker?

The VisionBanker is a specialized App that stores the people’s eyesight data, makes forecast of people’s future eyesight dynamics, offers daily advice on behavioral change for eyesight improvement, and provides personalized recommendations of eyewear selection.

How Does It Works?

1.A user’s eyesight data is stored on the VisionBanker App
2. A forecast of future possible eyesight dynamics is made by using the user’s data
3. Daily advice on behavioral change for vision improvement can be received by the user via push notifications
4. The user’s diagnosis and vision measurements can be updated when visiting an Optometrist
5. Personalized recommendations on choice of glasses are given to the user after the provision of facial measurements via uploading of photo and addition of eyesight parameters

Why We Need Blockchain?

On VisionBanker, blockchain is used to store users’ eye health records so they will never be lost and are accessible anywhere with authorization.

VBK Token and Its Usage

VBK token will be issued on Blockchain platform with ERC-20 compliant. Users will use the VBK token to subscribe to VisionBanker and external services via VisionBanker e-wallet. Users make subscription to enjoy services in VisionBanker, while researchers subscribe to VisionBanker to retrieve data for R&D purposes.

About Token

Token Name & Symbol: VBK
Platform: Ethereum Platform (ERC-20)
Price in ICO: 0.01 USD
Tokens for sale: 1,000,000,000 VBK
Total Supply: 2,500,000,000 VBK
Investment Information:
Distributed in ICO: 40%
Soft Cap:   750,000 USD
Hard Cap: 10,000,000 USD

Token Distribution

Crowdsale 40%: 1,000,000,000
Bonus 14%: 350,000,000
Development Fund 10%: 250,000,000
Advisors and Investors 5%: 125,000,000
Visionbanker Team 10%: 250,000,000
Reserves 20%: 500,000,000
Bounty 1%: 25,000,000
Total 100%: 2,500,000,000

Use of Proceeds

Technology 12.0%: 1,200,000
Ecosystem 10.0%: 1,000,000
Network 13.0%: 1,300,000
Marketing 20.0%: 2,000,000
Management 10.0%: 1,000,000
Operation 25.0%: 2,500,000
Legal & Compliance 10.0%: 1,000,000
Total 100%: 10,000,000


The Team

Dato Seri David Sew
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Dato Seri David Sew has 20+ years of business experience with a consistent track record of winning business rewards. As the founder of SpecTruck®, Malaysia’s First Mobile One Stop Optical Concept Store, he has been featured in the Malaysia’s Book of Records as Malaysia’s 1st Mobile Optical Shop, the Top 100 Young Entrepreneurs Award 2018, Top 100 International Business Style Award 2018 and many others.
Datin Seri Annie Chin
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Datin Seri Annie Chin has 20 years of experience in project design, consultancy and management. She enjoyed recognition with various international, award winning projects and organizations including the RIDA – REKA INTERNATIONAL DESIGN AWARD in 2017 and The 15th ASIA PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL HONESTY ENTERPRISE of KERIS Award.
Dato Jonathan Lim
Chief Business Officer (CBO)
Dato Jonathan Lim is a multiple award- winning entrepreneur and business coach. He is also the founder of MMH Group of Companies. His business acumen and vast network will be vital to help bridge both the corporate, government and consumer sectors.
Carmen Soo
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
As the Deputy Treasurer of Asean Retail Chains & Franchise Federation and a Council Member of Malaysia’s Digital Chamber of Commerce, Carmen has strong business network in helping businesses in digital transformation and expansion through shared resources and smart partnerships.
Steven Wong
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Steven has about 15 years of experience in digital marketing & sales. He has helped Singapore Press Holdings set up regional business division and brands. His strengths will be key towards the development and optimization of the digital entities.
Bryan Ng
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Bryan has 15+ years of experience in providing digital strategies and technical solutions to well- known brands such as IKEA (Regional), Nike (Regional), Citibank, Nestle, AirAsia and Celcom. He has also contributed to projects that won the Golden Kancil Award (Malaysia’s largest and most prestigious advertising award).
Lian Xun
Head of Technology and Innovation
With 10+ years of experience in software programming, Lian Xun is well versed in product management, integration, blockchain, architecture and infrastructure using modern cloud computing technologies.
Nicky Lim
Head of Creative Strategy
Nicky has 10+ years of cross industrial experience in writing and curating creative content. He has written biographies and marketing content for key influential people and business tycoons. Nicky is a Certified Business and Workplace Coach, accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).
Mark Tan
Mark currently serves as the Business Development Director of Wanchain South East Asia. He has 5+ years of commercial and corporate banking experience. He is also experienced in transactions of digital assets across different blockchain platforms and implementation of cross-chain transfers.
Professor Dato Dr Jayles Yeoh Ah Leong
Professor Dato Dr Jayles earned his professorship from international universities including the Seo Kyeong University in Korea, Beijing Oriental University in China and the Global Branding Institute in USA. His decades of service in corporate and education sector with The Mines Group, AIMSET Global, Asia Metropolitan University and various other top organizations will be a vital asset to the team.
Kenneth Hiew Wai Yoon
Venture Capitalist
Kenneth has 10+ years of experience in media technology and payment industry Over the years, he has been actively involving in corporate restructuring, redefining business model and business investment management such as fundraising from local and overseas funds, assisting companies to IPO in LSE and NSX and strategic consulting including business plan and sales strategy development. He currently serves as the Group Chief Commercial Officer for PUC Founder Berhad. He is also a representative of FasterCapital in Malaysia.
Author: KanekiKov
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