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BitCollar (BOR) is liquidity cash that is paramount in installing Cosmos BitCollare. All expenses are charged to the stage, all cashback is acquired in crypto pay and all rewards gotten by clients won't be charged.
BitCollar gives a stage that enables you to get to every single budgetary record. Bitcollar intends to redesign subsisting mazuma cognate administrations by making an intricate, costly and inundating financial administration process that is immediate, simple and plausible for customers, offering a natural UI, moment liquidity, multilingual and perpetual client support and by initiating impeccable, bulwarked and unsafe. free exchanging open doors with nonessential charges.
Bitcoin's supply is algorithmically constrained to 21 million tokens, yet despite everything, it encounters expansion as the token supply develops. For most digital forms of mazuma, swelling is scarcely perceptible against the setting of mundane value instability, however, it is astronomically typical – blockchain systems need to engender incipient tokens to reward mining or staking hubs. BitCollar gives a stage that enables you to get to every single monetary record. Bitcollar plans to remake subsisting mazuma benefits by making rudimentary, costly and arduous mazuma the executives forms that are a fundamental, subsidiary and moderate for the customer, offering a natural UI, moment liquidity, multilingual client backing, and perpetual avail, just as assuring perpetual sheltered and hazardous work. Free exchanging open door for a frivolous expense.
Experienced group and one of a kind phrenic conceptions. The two speculators and prevalent clients would profit by your task. An excellent and dependable organization with unimaginable designs for the future and great prospects. I figure we should go along with them as expeditiously as time sanctions since it's a decent undertaking. with ventures and benefits certain. Furnishes us with consummate certainty and believability. Proximate to that they have a clear guide with the solid group and expert Intriguing undertaking with regards to terms of innovation. Very much conception is out and promising! If it's not inordinate trouble perused the venture documentation. From that point onward, you will join the undertaking, as I did. Diagnostic reports just affirm the colossal advantage of this conception! I cerebrate this task has astronomically immense future. What's more, they have an unmistakable guide with a solid group and expert.

An intriguing task with regards to terms of innovation. Very much conception is out and promising! It would be ideal if you perused the orchestration documentation. From that point onward, you will join the venture, as I will. Explanatory reports just affirm the Brobdingnagian advantages of this celebration! I cerebrate this venture has an astronomically extraordinary future.
 Bitcollar by providing a plenarily regulated and revolutionary solution, bitcollar will be providing a single ingression point platform that sanctions access to any bank financial security technology, boccolk the bock distributors issued to facilely safety, registering in affirmable, convenient, secure and reliable transaction processes, integrated solution with the aggregate platform to access sundry investor products in value distributors with distributors accounts, with secure payment nfc being thoroughly without external exchange fees or committees, utilization of digitalized, resistant edge labels, expeditiously, secure and free transfer transfers, with the base of the bitches with the base of the bitches with the bass case being limpidly shows the subsistence of a different bank and intuitive screen investment, sanctioning utilizer facilely to solve apertures, about financial operations, customers provide ordinant dictations through the bitbollar interface and homogeneous peregrine community information. entire world, one of the world's main products and integrated mazuma, with the most affordable and average media erudition investment platform can get access to better us and better investment, with this in mind the bitcollar team will launch its operations with the eu in 2020, additionally with the zeal to launch accommodations to the remaining world in, 2023 with your fortification for the bitcollar project together with your team, we will expedite man's development and engender this best-in-class, product to profit millions of users ecumenical bitcolo bitinio, by bitcio bizcolo science of life and artificial perspicacity, and consequently transferring the worlds of decree and cryptography together, bitcollar by providing sundry functions for monetary accommodations, including secure mobile payment for fiat and crypto, decentralized mazuma transfer, access to several banks, accounts sand access to multiple general cryptography investment products no scripts can utilize investment to convert currency way but safe and simple possibly, bitcolling crypto funds listed the platform to make them regulatory approbations and can be marked with bitcolling all your customers in their customers.

Token Details:
Name: BOR
Type: ERC-20
Token: ETH
hat 2000 ETH
cap: 8,000 ETH
Price: 0,0005ETH
supply: 300,000,000


CAP: 2000 ETH
cap: 8000 ETH


·        Q3 2019

Site launched
ERC20 Token Created
Presale launched 

·        Q3-Q4 2019

BitCollar Wallet for Android
BitCollar Wallet for iOS
Network explorer 

·        1st quarter 2020

ICO launched
Web wallet
Safe blockchain function developed 

·        Q2-Q3 2020

Mobile wallet for Android / iOS with all BitCollar features (multilingual)
Develop blockchain games 

·        4th quarter 2020

Develop WordPress BitCollar Plugin for Shopping Cart
Spreading the word Allow users to print a BitCollar wallet application form.


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