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DEXACOIN - Global Money Transfer Application

The Blockchain generation replaces the modern, centralized business version of a financial services company. Banks and financial institutions are exploring various approaches to implementing blockchain technology to reduce transaction prices, increase transaction speeds, delete many transactions and also reduce fraud.
Crypto-currency promises to offer progressive options for modern issues through the global transaction market. This is the reason why the DEXACOIN project was launched to ensure high transaction speeds, high security and high levels of trust and transparency in global transactions.
Dexa Coin is a platform that claims to be able to solve the problem of the biggest money transpering in the world.
It has been stated that the dexa platform is a platform that can provide connectivity to your transactions using the DEXA App mobile application that is currently being developed.
The purpose of DEXA COIN is to simplify the way to send and receive money throughout the world by utilizing the power of blockchain technology. Anyone who is accustomed to using a smartphone device must be able to do this easily because the application is designed to be easy, easy to use, and safe.
The innovative "Social Message Feature" APP not only allows users to communicate with people they send money to but also used to socialize with friends and family.
With the current system, money transfers are expensive, uncomfortable, and also time consuming. But we will change it. We created a system that allows our users to make money transfers that are easy and cost-effective anywhere in the world at a very low cost.
Other features of the APP include Instant payments, where users can pay for coffee or dinner using NFC Payment Technology & QR Code. The APP will also allow users to connect to their Payment Cards. For example: Visa / Master Card.
In the later stages of the project, Dexa Coin plans to grow its global reach into new markets by implementing branded prepaid cards that can be beneficial for those who do not have bank accounts. Users will be able to apply for this card which can be used in many cities around the world for shopping, payments and withdrawals.
Dexa Coin removes intermediaries and all other problems that come with conventional methods of money transfer and money transfers. Here there are only two players in the transaction and offer complete transparency.
The Dexa coin application, with its advanced technology, seamlessly connects the two parties together to make the whole experience of transferring payments without hassle. Dexa Coin APP comes with several features that together make the entire money transfer process easy for its users. Several unique features have been included in the application that provide a competitive advantage for the application. Some interesting features of the application are mentioned below:
Send and Receive money throughout the world:
International and national money transfers. You can send and receive money without delay or wait whenever or wherever you want. All you need is a smartphone and internet connection. That is all. The incorporation of new technology made the whole process of money transfer.
Instant Payments:
Dexa Coin is a money transfer platform that can be used for local and global transfers. This can be used anywhere anytime instantly. Planning to go to dinner? The latest NFC and QR technology allows multiple transactions in various countries simultaneously.
Integration with your bank account:
The Dexa Coin application allows smooth and fast integration with most bank accounts. This allows users to connect the application to their payment card. For example: Visa and Master Card or Money Transfer from application to their bank account and vice versa.
The Dexa Coin application ensures the financial security and financial information of its users. This application comes with several features that ensure the security of your digital money and wallet is not interrupted at any transaction level. Unmatched security is one of Dexa Coin's top priorities and the team is fully committed to providing a secure platform for its users. Unlike other money-moving companies, the use of blockchain technology not only makes money transactions easy but also safe.
Apart from all the security features added to the application, it also protects your privacy. The Dexa Coin application ensures complete privacy of its users. The instant messaging feature has 'End to end encryption'. This limits the access of any third party and ensures that messages remain between the two parties involved. Furthermore, it is equipped with attributes that detect and fight unauthorized access to payment transactions.
Instant messaging features:
The features that give Dexa Coin a competitive edge and make it stand out among its competitors are the 'Instant Messaging Feature'. Instant Messaging is a social feature that allows users to stay in touch with family, friends or anyone they send money to. This in particular helps them get and submit updates regarding money transfers. Although this feature can be used by people for various personal purposes, this feature is very helpful for business users or managers who want to maintain business relationships with clients and need to keep in touch with many clients simultaneously regarding various payments. This provides a level of communication that is unmatched to users that cannot be reached by other platforms.
Token Name: DEXACOIN
Token Symbol: DEXA
Token type: ERC20
Token supply: 100 billion
Price Token: $ 0.00003 - $ 0.00005
TOKENS FOR SALE: 5% (5 Billion)
Personal Sales Date will be announced soon.
Stay here!
TOKENS FOR SALE: 10% (10 Billion)
PRE-SALE: 1 DEXA = 0.00004 USD
Pre-sale date will be announced soon.
TOKENS FOR SALE: 35% (35 Billion)
Date of Public Sales will be announced soon.
35% allocated for public sales
16% is allocated to Reserve Tokens
15% allocated to founders
10% is allocated to Presale
8% allocated for partnerships
7% is allocated for Bonus & Airdrop
5% is allocated for personal sales
4% is allocated to teams and advisors
Road Map
To find out more about the DEXACOIN project, check the link below:
Author: KanekiKov
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