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iCoin International – the diamond mining industry

The world of high technology will never be the same and no matter what people say about modern blockchain technology, it still won’t go anywhere! What is not important is the moment itself, leading the market, rising or falling with total capitalization, emerging projects and developing technology.
Today we will discuss one of the most popular topics in the cryptocurrency market related to the mining industry. After all, this is where the path of each individual cryptocurrency currency begins.
About the project
In recent years, the diamond mining industry has become a critical spotlight because some of its impacts are not very positive on the environment.
Diamond has a metaphysical nature, because it is believed to bring good luck and positive change of fortune for its owner. Diamonds are also able to open your flow of spiritual energy by filling negative space with the positivity of pure love.
Diamond mining has a smaller negative effect on the environment compared to others (such as gold mining), mainly because it does not use toxic substances. However, mining operations have had harmful effects on wildlife, with the construction of dams and river rearrangements that exposed the riverbed.
Blockchain technology is currently the most disruptive innovation in the world. This allows unlimited value transfers to decentralized networks without compromising information integrity. This will be used to connect the token owner with real-time mining data, and also to store transactions that are validated safely by smart contracts. We implement smart contract functions on our platform for validating transparent financial transactions and recording the time spent throughout the entire diamond industry process, from sales to token conversions.
This project has 3 features
  • Transparency
  • Traceability and
  • Tokenization
To do this, the founders have developed a clear action strategy, through which they will intentionally after launching take certain actions. Starting from the purchase and installation of equipment, while relying on the chosen location, where everything will be.
In another scenario, after information on each diamond batch has been registered on the blockchain, its value can be pegged. The token can then be used as a transfer value to buy diamonds. That way, traders can verify the origin of diamonds and ascertain whether they are sourced ethically.
Blockchain provides a viable solution, with an irreversible decentralized ledger designed to track the data of each diamond (including its value and origin). To streamline the process, diamonds can be grouped into sets of the same value, and each set is packaged and recorded on the blockchain. After this is done, users can track diamond trading and movements throughout the supply chain using a unique ID on each set.
The company launched an initial exchange offer (IEO) with the aim of enabling collaborative extraction of diamonds. IEO provides the possibility to obtain the machinery and manpower needed to carry out operations. By doing this, the token owner can take an active part in the story of Millennium Mining Corp by directly capturing an important part of the company’s turnover.
As for the security token itself, it will be presented on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain
Token Name: ICOIN
Total token supply: 1,550,000,000 tokens
Minimum purchase per address: 100 ICOIN
Accepted currency: BTC, ETH, USD via WorldMarkets.io
Token emission price: 1 USD /token
Distribution: Will take place instantly. Once the IEO period elapses, investors will be able to trade or withdraw tokens.
Soft cap: 3,500,000 ICOIN
Hard cap: 10,000,000 ICOIN
Token Sale bonus: 3% of total token supply
Launch of iCoin International
Kickoff Exchange initial offer
Machine acquisition
Site preparation
Mobilization of labor
River diversion
Extraction kickoff
Q1 – Q4
Return on investment
First market injection
Mining growth potential
Identification of other mining locations
Sustainable market injection
Other types of identification of natural resources
Operating expansion
To get clearer information about this project, please visit the link below:
Author: KanekiKov
My ETH: 0xACE2d47039C296a158e6EE1827300e6B098B9B0B

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