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KNL ECOSYSTEM — The future of blockchain

Hello everyone, this new post I would like to introduce a very interesting project and it is KNL ECOSYSTEM , and for more details, let Tomazz just go to the following discussion:
KNL — is a platform that unites and considers the needs of farmers, traders, investors, exporters. We provide each participant with the opportunities and instruments that make up a whole chain of efficient processes for maintaining the operational activities of the agricultural industry.
EMISSION: 58 700 000
Total tokens for sale: 35,220,000 KLN
Soft cap: 350,000 USD
Hard cap: 5,870,000 USD
Cryptocurrency projects, emitting their token, in 95% of cases forget about the economy of their token (tokenomics). Tokenomics has a lot of similarities with the economy in a general way, but launching the product on blockchain, teams forget to answer the most important questions “why do we need our own cryptocurrency and what will bring it to the top?”.
KNL tokenomics is represented in the following way:
VEXEL internal token. It is used since 01.10.2018 to attract the first investors to the project. According to the terms of the program for the first investors, KNL offers up to 36% annually. This token could be purchased in the period up to 01.06.2019.KNL Utility token. Token is sold since 10.07.2019. This token is used in the KNL ecosystem during the IEO stage. The token is also used as an investment asset. The emission is equivalent to $5 000 000.
We are glad to announce the launch of the Bounty and Airdrop campaigns. We announce an open season on tokens! Now everyone can take part in the development of the project and get reward. Hurry up to join!
Do you spend all your time in the social networks? Does your morning start not with a cup of coffee, but with Facebook? Can’t you live without tweets? Now you can get KNL tokens for your activity in the most popular social networks. Write about us, do reposts and get tokens without investment!
Q3-Q4 2018
Concept development, market analysis and analysis of problems connected to the loaning of farmers, team building, platform scheme development, Business Plan creation, provisional transaction approval for the first elevator purchase and partial payment
Q1 2019
Official site launch, work on platform modules that include a digital asset exchange, company incorporation, negotiations with potential advisors, development of the company’s legal papers and a smart token contract, work on the web interface’s first version, marketing campaign planning Pre-IEO start with bonuses, preparation of the crowdfunding platform modules’ launching and digital asset exchange, finalizing of the agreements with cryptocurrency exchanges, partner network creation
Q2 2019
Pre-IEO start with bonuses, preparation of the crowdfunding platform modules’ launching and digital asset exchange, finalizing of the agreements with cryptocurrency exchanges, partner network creation
Q3 2019
IEO realizing and listing on several exchanges, launching of digital assets and crowdfunding platforms, receiving licenses for exchange operations with cryptocurrency in Estonia, project presentation to the private investors and the investment pool creation, hiring of additional team members and advisors, attracting partners to the site, performing the first investment transactions, marketing campaign, company presentation at several events in Russia and the CIS, beginning of marketing expansion in Europe and Asia, Switzerland company office opening
Q4 2019
Hong Kong company office opening, receiving a license for exchange and banking activities in the UK, payment of the remaining sum for the first elevator purchase, presentation of the project at big agricultural exhibitions, international advertising campaign, marketing campaign in the CIS countries, purchase of a second elevator, release of native iOS and Android applications
Token Distribution
5% — Fund
60% — Realization within the IEO
5% — Advisers
10% — Bounty-program
20% — Team
Funds Allocation
6% — Operating expenses
10% — Legal Security
25% — Marketing and advertising
49% — The exchange launch and issuance of the KNL security
10% — Development of our own Stellar
Author: KanekiKov
My ETH: 0xACE2d47039C296a158e6EE1827300e6B098B9B0B

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